Is modern especially asymmetric war a series of cowardly attacks?

September 17, 2013

Are drone strikes cowardly attacks? Cowardly attacks on cowardly attackers?

Are bombing runs cowardly attacks?

Does an occupier try to take the arms of the populace, and the populace responds with cowardly attacks?

Are partisan attacks cowardly attacks?

Is total war a race to cowardly attacks by both sides?

Does each side portray the attacks by the other as cowardly attacks? Perhaps against a mythical standard of knights jousting?

Are WMD, drones, insect warriors and so on inherently warfare by cowardly attack?

Cyber warfare is war by cowardly attack? Or just a large scale Boston Tea Party?

Are strikes by US designed to minimize American casualties but capricious in lives of others, cowardly attacks? Or immoral? A violation of laws of war when done on civilian populations?

Laws of war is a concept within Europe as a Christian society of closely related Whites. In modern wars, between America and Diversity, that doesn’t apply? Is that why Aaron Alexis made a cowardly attack on the Washington Navy Yard?

A Diversity is a society of cowardly attacks. This includes financial fraud by large banks and hedge funds on other investors?

Hedge funds that design trading rules to siphon off the wealth of others are making a cowardly attack? This is what DE Shaw does? What Larry Summers does? What the bank bailout was? Bankers used their positions at top of government to raid the funds of the people and transfer wealth to their own group. So it was a cowardly attack. One far more devastating than the Washington Navy Yard.

Harvard has gone from an institution that taught service and leadership to one that teaches exploiting the population. In that transition it went from a White Christian college to a Diversity University. It now has no sense of loyalty or obligation to the White Christian population. That is transmitted to bankers and financial regulators who go through a revolving door from Harvard to government to Wall Street. This is asymmetric financial warfare. The population are unarmed and unable to respond at all.

Their elected representatives who they elect to represent them, instead are in cahoots with the robbers on Wall Street. They all come out of Harvard and are taught to prey on the people not to protect the people. This is the opposite of the police who risk their lives to protect people.

Congress, bankers, revolving door regulators, Harvard have betrayed a trust to gain an advantage. In that sense, they follow asymmetric warfare on the population. This is a series of cowardly attacks on the people through their finances, job opportunities, and ability to meet hidden inflation and save above their immediate needs.


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