America in 2013 can barely understand the America of the Civil War era

September 18, 2013

The America today of 2013 has now crossed over a divide and no longer can understand the America of 1861. At the time of the Ken Burns Civil War docuganda, there was still an ability to connect to and understand that country.

Ken Burns Civil War was broadcast in 1990.

It of course, was developed in idea in prior years. So it represents a closer connection. The pre-Civil Rights South was connected to the America of 1861 and also much of the North was as well. This still lived on in understanding in 1990.

But since then, that America has been shattered. It has no identity now, except a place where people gather after terrorism incidents. Victim of terrorism is the new identity. It is a pseudo-identity. It still implicitly relies on the White Christian identity and is a pale ghost of it.

Younger generations can not fathom pre-Civil Rights America which was a country of blood and soil, race and faith. Now those are gone.

The latest killer was given privileges in the new America to kill at the Navy Yard precisely because he had an anti-identity to the old White Christian America especially the old English Protestant American. Major Hasan was the same looking the other way. In each case, those who knew ran from their identity as White Christians to allow these alien predators to kill without opposition.

Young people actually accept this non-identity identity as if it meant something. Especially at centers of non-American identity such as Harvard, Berkeley and Stanford. These universities furnish an unusual number of those in control of the off course ship of state that is American government.

America of 2013 can not understand America of 1776 or 1861 or 1961. These are completely alien peoples to the younger generation. They connect to them as little as do the latest plane or trunk load of new Americans.

The doctor at Washington Medical Center who said the Navy Yard Shootings were not America was in her late 50s. She grew up in a country still connected to its past. America in 1976 could identify with 1776 and America in 1990 could identify with 1861 still some. But today, almost not at all.

The film 1776 from 1972 would be impossible to make today.

Today it would be Black focused and alienated at its core. This would be unmistakeable. It would shriek out that it was not about us, where us is White Christians of Founding Stock.

The actor singer John Cullum was the most authentically American in the film. He was born in 1930 in Tennessee.

America today is identified with its alien killers on our own soil. The 911 19. Tsarnaevs. Major Hasan. Aaron Alexis. Countless others. The official establishment glorifies their races and ethnic stocks and religions while denigrating ours. It can’t make a film or song that is of old America. That connection has been broken.

In the 1930s, this was quite easy and the bond was living. Many films from that era seem almost as documentaries of the American past, as opposed to docu-diatribes against it.


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