Chechen terrorism risk in Sweden

September 20, 2013

Sweden is allowing people to come from Syria as refugees on an automatic basis. There are Chechens in Syria

Chechen Syria

Search Chechen Sweden

Kavkaz Center in Sweden

imf loans Kavkaz Center

Kavkaz Center Finland


After the Boston bombings on April 15, 2015, Putin brought up the Shleifer case but mentioning Chubais not Shleifer directly. Nonetheless, Putin fingered Shleifer as CIA. Chechens blame CIA for helping the Russians kill Dzhokhar Dudayev after whom Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is named.

Was Putin fingering Shleifer as a target for Chechens? Putin has a KGB hangup on proving he is smarter than anybody else. This especially applies to professors starting with Berezovsky who gave Putin his break to become president of Russia.

What will Chechens from Syria do in Sweden? They can’t get at Shleifer or Harvard and MIT, so what will they pick as a substitute?

If the Chechens blame IMF loans from profs from Harvard and MIT for funding Russia in the Second Chechen war, who in Sweden closely matches that?

Swedes who worked at international agencies? Central Bank of Sweden. Swedish econ profs. Nobel Prize related targets. Swedish Academy of Sciences. These are are all potential targets as the closest match to Shleifer, Summers, IMF in Sweden.

Warnings from Russia to Sweden about Chechens.

It is likely that Russia has given warnings to Sweden in private about specific Chechens. However, these warnings likely remove any information that would reveal Russia puts pressure on profs to get Nobel Prize nominations and the linkage of that to IMF loans or atomic secrets or credit ratings currently.

The FBI was unable to figure out much from Russia’s warning to it about Tsarnaev. The FBI did not show the warning note to Andrei Shleifer of Harvard (most likely). If they had, Shleifer could have warned them about Chechen resentments over IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s funding the second Chechen war against Chechnya.

In the case of Sweden, the Swedish security services should take any warnings they get from Russia and show them to profs in Sweden who may know some of this history and also know Russia. This includes people from the above list of possible targets of Chechens in Sweden.Prior winners of the Nobel Prize and other academics in other countries may also have some insights on these matters.

Russia may have its intel services work with its profs to find out specific targets in Sweden of Chechen resentment but then not tell that to Sweden. This is because it would expose Russian operations to get Nobel Prize nominations by plagiarism kompromat. So to figure that part out, Sweden needs to show the warnings to its own profs. Some profs in the US also could help, as well as in the UK, Germany, and France.

Some sources of information

Inria mathematical finance Moscow

Muslim profs and students at University of Paris form a network that has spread all over and which has sophisticated knowledge of these matters.


Putin may have his profs and intel service work at possible targets in detail in Sweden but not tell the Swedes. They might then leak this information to Chechens. This is because Putin hates profs, has to prove he is smarter than profs (he is ex KGB colonel), to show he is important and because Putin is evil. Also Putin blames the Swedes for hosting Kavkaz Center and he has to do something to get even in his mind.

Sweden should stop anyone coming from Syria. It can’t deal with the threat. The Swedish security services can’t protect potential targets in Sweden against refugees from Syria. Putin can use those refugees, Chechen or others, to prove he is smarter and to get back at Sweden for hosting the Kavkaz Center.

Putin showed he could have someone killed in London. Putin tried to make Shleifer a target for Chechen resentments after the Boston bombing. So using Syria refugees in Sweden to get back at Sweden for hosting Kavkaz Center is within Putin’s profile.


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