Is DOJ too politicizied to help Sweden with Chechen terrorism risk?

September 21, 2013

Is the US Depart of Justice heavily politicized over anything to do with Chechens as a source of terror risk in the US, Sweden or Europe? Does this go back before the Boston bombing of April 15, 2013?

Chechen terrorism risk is linked to Chechen resentment over the IMF loans in the 1990s that the Chechens blame for funding the Second Chechen war. The Chechens believe the US through the IMF funded the enormous number of deaths of the Chechen people in the Second Chechen War that Putin started in 1999 with Berezovsky and as Berezovsky’s hand picked successor to Yeltsin.

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US Shares Responsibility For Russia’s Genocidal War On Chechnya

Released November 14, 1999
The Wisdom Fund, P. O. Box 2723, Arlington, VA 22202
Website: — Press Contact: Enver Masud
U.S. Shares Responsibility For Russia’s Genocidal War On Chechnya

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The United States set the example, is providing billions in aid to Russia, and so it must share responsibility for Russia’s genocidal war on Chechnya.

Eric Holder was Deputy Attorney General from 1997 to 2001 and briefly acting under Attorney General under Bush until Ashcroft was confirmed.

Eric Holder was Deputy AG while Janet Reno had Parkinson’s Disease.

Reno revealed in 1995 she had Parkinson’s.

Attorney General Janet Reno revealed Thursday that she has Parkinson’s disease, an incurable degenerative illness that causes muscular stiffness and involuntary trembling. Volume 115 >> Issue 57 : Friday, November 17, 1995 The Tech (MIT)

Later, thinking and behavioral problems may arise, with dementia commonly occurring in the advanced stages of the disease, whereas depression is the most common psychiatric symptom. Other symptoms include sensory, sleep and emotional problems. Parkinson’s disease is more common in older people, with most cases occurring after the age of 50.

Reno was born in 1938, and turned 60 in 1998. So Eric Holder was likely playing a large role in running DOJ by 1998. This was the period of the IMF loans to Russia and of Russia having kompromat over Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer who were in charge of the loans. Shleifer was already under investigation and being protected according to David Warsh, as was Summers. All this in effect by Eric Holder.

Eric Holder may have been involved in ignoring a British tip that may have come in prior to the Boston bombing arising from their investigating Berezovsky’s death and his linkage to Chechens and to the IMF loans. The history of Russia using kompromat on profs started in Britain in the 1920s so they were likely
well aware of it by 2013. That ignored warning may have prompted the David Cameron trip to FBI HQ in DC and then Boston.

Eric Holder may be putting pressure on DOJ and FBI and USAO Mass and USAO Eastern District of Virginia to keep quiet about the linkage of Chechen terrorism to Chechen resentments against the US over the IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s. This then creates risks in every Western country with Chechens, but especially the US, UK and Sweden. Sweden because Sweden is taking in anyone from Syria which includes Chechen fighters.

(Nation has links to several other major journalism pieces on Chechens in Syria.

Apparently, few of the Chechens fighting in Syria have come directly from Chechnya. Instead, many seem to have assembled from among veterans of the Russia-Chechnya wars of the 1990s who fed to Europe and the Middle East. Says RFE/RL, citing the Chechen president, Ramzan Kadyrov:

In today’s New York Times, there’s a snippet that suggests why Russia is so concerned about events in Syria. The amalgam of Islamists that is assembling to fight Assad appears to include a healthy contingent of radical-right Islamists from Chechnya, and they’re reportedly among the toughest fighters in the anti-Assad coalition. Their contingent, according to the Times, led the assault that took control of a Syrian air force base in the country’s northern sector:

The base was first besieged by a Free Syrian Army brigade called North Storm, and joined by fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham and a group calling itself Jaish al-Muhajireen wal Ansar. Muhajireen means emigrants, and the group, which carried out several suicide attacks at the base, is led by Russian speakers from Chechnya and other parts of the Caucasus.

Mr. Farzat said Chechen Islamist fighters near the airport had refused to let the defecting government soldiers flee, so he helped them escape by another route. “I give the Islamic fighters credit for the liberation,” he said. The seizure of the base could have an impact on the stalemated fight for Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, by freeing up rebel fighters and antiaircraft weapons to put pressure on Aleppo’s airport, which rebels have been unable to take despite months of trying. It could also dampen the morale of government troops in other remote outposts.

Chechens Syria

Assume Eric Holder learned in the 1990s that Russia had kompromat on Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer and that he covered that up and also helped block the FBI and USAO Mass investigation in US v Harvard, Shleifer from getting into that area. That included protecting Larry Summers.

It appears that Eric Holder protected Larry Summers from a real FBI background check on Fed Chairman. That should have included extensive investigation of prof plagiarism leading to public statements by the universities involved and contacting the victims. None of that appears to have happened from the lack of public reports.

So it appears Eric Holder is sitting on this from the 1990s to now. Moreover, Eric Holder’s blocking this prevented the FBI developing expertise on the IMF loans and the Chechen war funding from investigating the IMF loans and academic kompromat. That would have led the FBI to act differently to a warning from Russia about a Chechen activist in Boston where MIT and Harvard are with so many profs linked to the IMF.

So Eric Holder is suppressing the investigation before and after the Boston bombing of 2013. That makes him morally culpable if this is accurate.

Given the information available now, and his suppressing the investigation, how can he not be? We know he is suppressing the investigation of academic kompromat used on Larry Summers to get the IMF loans in the 1990s.

Moreover, Summers giving IMF loans to Russia to fund its war of ethnic cleansing in Chechnya while under kompromat pressure suggests the possibility of criminal charges. Summers in effect gave Russia loans it would not have except for the kompromat and knowing it would be used for ethnic cleansing. That then makes Summers’ guilty. But if Eric Holder knew that then, then he had an obligation to prosecute it then. But instead, in this scenario, he covered it up and himself became an accomplice and co-conspirator to the crime of genocide in Chechnya.

Estimates of casualties in the Second Chechen War vary wildly, from 25,000 to 200,000 civilian dead plus 8,000 to 40,000 Russian military.

Despite the lack of evidence against the Chechens, Russia launched massive, indiscriminate attacks on Chechnya.

The BBC reports that refugees arriving at the border with the neighboring republic of Ingushetia have been giving “consistent accounts of death and destruction caused by Russian troops.” Refugees say people are being killed as they try to flee the Russian bombardment.

An estimated 200,000 refugees have fled to Ingushetia. About 3000 have been killed, and 10,000 wounded. Chechnya’s president Aslan Maskhadov has appealed to President Clinton to halt the “genocide of the Chechen people.”

Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin cites the U.S. example to justify the attack on Chechnya. Says Mr. Putin, “Exactly the same tactics were deployed during Operation Desert Storm, in the bombing of the former Yugoslavia and in the various United States attempts to strike back at the world’s most wanted terrorist — Osama bin Laden.”

Meanwhile billions in U.S. dollars continue to flow to Russia through the International Monetary Fund.

Contrast this with President Clinton’s threat to delay a $42 billion IMF loan package to get Indonesia to agree to the UN intervention in East Timor. And now reports have emerged that the recent killings in East Timor were greatly exagerrated — presumably to justify UN intervention.

Contrast this also with the UN sanctions initiated today against Afghanistan for its refusal to surrender Osama bin Laden to the U.S. The U.S. accuses bin Laden of masterminding the bombing of U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, but refuses to provide evidence to back its claim.

“The Chechen people are now standing on the threshold of total destruction,” says foreign minister Iyas Akhmadov. They have suffered for 250 years under Russian colonial rule, and are mere pawns caught up in the superpower’s scramble for Caspian Sea oil.

Is Eric Holder complicit both times? In the 1990s and in 2013? Didn’t Eric Holder block a proper FBI investigation of Larry Summers in 2009 when he returned to government after working for DE Shaw? DE Shaw traded Russian government bonds in the 1990s likely on the knowledge that Russia had kompromat on Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.

Now it appears Eric Holder is blocking the investigation of Larry Summers, the Boston Bombing, and Chechen terrorism. If there was a British tip before the Boston bombing that was blocked, Eric Holder would seem to be the one responsible.

It is reasonable to conclude that Sweden is not getting the help it expects from US, NSA, DOJ on Chechen terrorist risk inside their country. Chechens can also use Sweden as a base to go into other European countries. Targets can include whatever seems closest to the IMF or linked to it. These can include central banks, large banks, econ profs, bankers, government officials, former international officials or international organizations in Europe including the UN in Geneva or organizations in Vienna, Austria. Perhaps Eric Holder wants this terrorism as revenge for historic grievances he feels as well as to cover up his own complicity in this entire matter.


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