Were the anthrax letters written to implicate Israel?

September 22, 2013

An innovative analysis of the Anthrax letters presents the idea that the formation of the A’s and T’s was done intentionally or by accident to appear to be by a writer of Hebrew or someone familiar with Hebrew.


Could this have been done by al Qaeda to try to fix the anthrax letters on Israel?


For several months after the 9/11 attacks, no one, nor any group, claimed responsibility for the attacks, so the primary responsibility fell solely upon the hijackers, all of whom were killed and all of whom left no message or any claim of responsibility behind at explaining why they had carried the attacks out.

Perhaps the anthrax attacks were intended to cloud the picture, if done by al Qaeda?

The St. Petersburg anthrax letters still have not been released?


Note the anthrax Quantico letter was released.

A quirk of the Quantico Letter allows a potential id of the authors.


The following Fox News page has been altered to remove the clue it appears.


It had the text of the letter including the phrase “Crystal Mall II Building”.

A Google search on that phrase shows it is rarely used.


Asbestos in Our Workplace Ceiling tiles in the Crystal Mall II Building were found in 1990 to contain asbestos, and so were targeted for removal. But the …
PR Notice 98-5 – US Environmental Protection Agency
Jun 12, 1998 – Crystal Mall II Building. 1921 Jefferson Davis Highway – Room 119. Arlington, Virginia 22202. (703) 305-5805. /s/. James J. Jones, Director.




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