American identity a definition

September 28, 2013

Americans are the people of kin and faith who settled America in the 17th century and became a people.
They are White Christians of North Western Europe who are British or close kin to the British in Europe and present
here in America in the 17th century and Christian. They do not include Blacks or Indians.

The Declaration of Independence lacks a statement of who we were.

“One people” One people who?

So does the Constitution. This opening was an opportunity for those who wished to say We The People means whoever is around at the time.

How does saying “We The People means anyone” differ from saying We The non-People? Or differ from, “What those in charge at the time say we the people means, which is just them.”

The only way American is a people is if part of the definition of American is of British ancestry or of those so close that over time the difference is tolerable. That includes those with a shared history with people of British ancestry in America going back to the 17th century, i.e. Founding Stock Americans centered on British ancestry and British history in America.

Not just includes, but is limited to.

American is limited to those who are of British ancestry or White Christians with shared history with those of British ancestry in America since the 17th century.

An America is someone of British ancestry in America tracing back to the 17th century or of White Christian
ancestry whose history is intertwined with those of British ancestry back to the 17th century in America.

America was founded in the 17th century not in 1776. There was a WE prior to 1776, and that same WE existed in the 17th century and was recognized as such in 1776.

The DofI was about a pre-existing people ie one that existed prior to July 4, 1776. The DofI did not create American identity.

This means American can’t mean just universalism or a set of principles in the DofI, since the DofI did not exist when the identity American was created before 1776.

American was an identity before they adopted DofI principles. So American was an identify of folk and faith, i.e. British and other White Christians who came in the 17th century. That was when American as an identity was both created and fixed for all time.

American was created as an identity prior to the idea of a universalist people was created after 1776.

Americans adopted the DofI, the DofI did not create Americans nor alter them nor abolish them. Same with Constitution. American as an identity can only mean the people who existed here prior to July 4, 1776 and not any other people.

Universalism as practiced today is a doctrine that the current generation of those present abolishes the identify of the prior generations and in fact makes its identity to hate them.

This is from comments posted at Vanishing American.


After the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the legal system applied British Common Law going back centuries without any hesitation. Nor did they admit French law, German law, Italian law or some other law.  British law going back to the Norman conquest of Britain was held to be American law, because the identity American was British in 1776 and everyone knew it.



The American identity is British and British is Christian.  American is Christian.

I Will Glory In My Redeemer

Americans will always Glory in their Redeemer and in their creation as a British Christian people whose history is from the 17th century in America.

Without Christ, there is no 17th Century America. And that is American identity. That is the crucible that British people passed through together with close kin in neighboring European lands who came here in the 17th century. That created American. It can never be changed, only destroyed.

That in fact is exactly what the enemies of the American people are doing right now. The contemporary rulers do not love the American people of the 17th century, but they hate them and loathe them. That is the identity of our rulers and that is the ruling spirit of their non-White and non-Christian immigration intended to abolish the British Christian people of America.

Americans are not an anybody people, which is a contradiction of the idea of a people. Americans are a distinct type of British Christian people. We are of the family of British Christian people in Britain, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The people of the Falklands and Gibraltar and other spots are also of that family of people.

This is recognized in our history and even the NSA knows it is true. The NSA considers the British Christian nations as the same family of people as which Americans belong to. Everyone knows it too. In each British Christian country, the rulers are attempting to kill the British Christian nation in that land. Once this is done, the new rulers can substitute their own concept of who their family is over ours. We are already seeing who that is in their continued series of wars since 2001.


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  1. VA Says:

    OA, good post on a topic that is too infrequently discussed.

    Thanks, too, for the link.

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