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Heather Dale Mordred’s Lullaby

October 31, 2013

Mordred’s Lullaby


Halloween Music – “Souling Song – Samhain Version” – Kristen Lawrence

October 31, 2013

Halloween Music – “Souling Song – Samhain Version” – Kristen Lawrence

Celtic Halloween…0.0…

CAPERCAILLIE – ( Oh Mo Dhuthaich – Oh My Country ) Scotland.

October 31, 2013

CAPERCAILLIE – ( Oh Mo Dhuthaich – Oh My Country ) Scotland.

Beautiful video of Scotland. We are not giving it up. Nor are we giving up the Appalachians. Nor any of our lands. What was fought so hard to win we must not give up in a moment of neglect and complacence. Something like this was said in the 17th century but I have been unable to find the quote.

Some links on CIA connections to the Tsarnaev brothers and Boston bombing

October 12, 2013

Google translation of

April 24, 2013, 00:01 | Politics | Anastasia Kashevarova, Julia Choi
Tamerlane Tsarnaeva recruited via the Georgian Foundation

Читайте далее:

One of the organizers of the terrorist attack in Boston, studied at the workshop held in conjunction with the Georgian special services Americans
Tamerlane Tsarnaeva recruited via the Georgian Foundation

Tamerlane Tsarnaev. Photo: REUTERS / Julia Malakie / The Sun of Lowell, Mass. / Handout

At the disposal of “Izvestia” has documents Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia, confirming that the Georgian organization “Fund of Caucasus”, which cooperates with the U.S. non-profit organization “Jamestown” (the board of directors of NGOs previously entered one of the ideologists of U.S. foreign policy, Zbigniew Brzezinski), was engaged in recruiting residents North Caucasus to work in the interests of the United States and Georgia.

According to the reports of Colonel Chief Directorate Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia Gregory Chanturia to the Minister of Internal Affairs Irakli Garibashvili, “Caucasian fund” in cooperation with the Foundation “Jamestown” in the summer of 2012 conducted workshops and seminars for young people of the Caucasus, including its Russian part. Some of them attended Tsarnaev Tamerlane, who was in Russia from January to July 2012.

“Caucasian fund” writes Tchanturia was established November 7, 2008, just after the Georgian-Ossetian conflict, “to control the processes taking place in the North Caucasus region.” Accordingly, the Department of the Interior Ministry counterintelligence case was brought intelligence operations called “DTV”. Main purpose is to recruit young people and intellectuals of the North Caucasus to enhance instability and extremism in the southern regions of Russia.

“In order to finance the organization was determined monthly amount of $ 33 million lari (660 thousand). Since the establishment of the organization before 1 January 2013 the amount allocated in the end amounted to 4.058 million GEL (81.1 million), “- wrote in a report Tchanturia.

The documents referred to, and the work of the “Caucasian fund” in the three border areas of Azerbaijan and Dagestan – Balacan, Zakatalsky and Kakh.

In addition, Colonel counterintelligence Tbilisi reports that security forces in Chechnya through Georgia “Caucasian fund” and fund “Jamestown” are sympathetic to the Georgian people, who are invited to various events in the republic under the innocent pretexts. In these seminars, the Russians are recruiting and preparing acts of terrorism.

Deputy head of the NGO “Agency of the socio-political initiatives” Tatiev Iles, who oversees the North Caucasus Federal District, said that the activities of the “Caucasian fund” raises too many questions.

– Where in Georgia, which exists on the loans, the extra money for some funds? – Ask the expert. – I do not exclude that this fund is affiliated with the Department of State in the North Caucasus.

The head of the New York office of the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation Andranik Migranyan, who learned about the “Caucasian fund” from the “News”, believes that the activities of the organization, as it is depicted in the documents that fits into the policy of the Georgian authorities.

– Saakashvili administration is conducting an overt anti-Russian line – says the analyst.

Director General of the National Strategy Council Valery Hamsters argues that exaggerated the force of external enemy in Georgia may be beneficial to the management of the North Caucasian republics.

– I think the danger is exaggerated Georgian factor – the expert believes. – Personally, I have no doubt that Georgia only deals with the introduction of its spies and recruit Russian citizens.

A member of the security committee Anatoly Elected even promised according to their ability to connect to the investigation of the “Caucasian fund.”

– Documents of which you speak, like the truth. Real friendly moves by Georgia and the U.S., we do not see, their goal is to make Russian state, which can be controlled, – the Elected.

Jamestown Foundation has repeatedly demonstrated its interest in Georgia and the state of affairs in Russia’s North Caucasus. In 2007, the Foundation held a seminar “The Future of Ingushetia,” which was attended by former fighters of Aslan Maskhadov.

In March 2010, the Jamestown Foundation asked the IOC to not hold the Olympic Games in Sochi, citing the tragic events of the Caucasian War of XIX century.

In 2011, political scientists Fund predicted that Georgia in the coming year will take a leading role in the Caucasus and Russia will be serious competition as a “regional leader”.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly responded to the ongoing policy of the fund, handing over a protest note to U.S. in Moscow.

Читайте далее:


Russia is pushing the CIA connection to the Tsarnaevs and to oil greed in the Caucasus region. One can discount the spin, but they are still spinning it this way.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013
The CIA Connection to the Boston Bombers
By Kurt Nimmo

Tamerlan Tsarnaev attended a workshop sponsored by the CIA-linked Jamestown Foundation,Izvestia reports today (see English translation here). The Russian newspaper cites documents produced by the Counterintelligence Department Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia confirming that the NGO “Fund of Caucasus” held workshops in the summer of 2012 and Tsarnaev attended.

CIA director William Casey and Russian dissident Arkady Shevchenko were instrumental in creating the organization. Jamestown’s board of directors includes Zbigniew Brzezinski, former National Security Advisor to Jimmy Carter. Brzezinski, a high-level globalist operative, initiated the CIA’s recruitment of the Mujahideen in Afghanistan that ultimately produced al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
The notorious russophobe Brzezinski heads up the foundation’s American Committee for Peace in Chechnya, an NGO based at the Freedom House, the latter funded by the National Endowment for Democracy, the CIA front designed to foment color revolutions and overthrow governments. It also receives funding from Soros Foundations, the CIA’s Ford Foundation, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, the outfit used by the U.S. government to run “humanitarian” NGOs instrumental in running color revolutions in former Russian states.


Note that Brzezinski is also anti-English and anti-WASP. He resents them for being Germanic and Protestant, etc. Brzezinski manifests his dislike of the US on Charlie Rose and Kissinger joked about it on a program they were both on. Brzezinski went into an anti-American tirade. Brzezinski supports ethnic cleansing of the English from America and likely the UK.

What’s so shocking about Brzezinski’s statements is their classist and even Marxist-Leninist nature. They are, to put it bluntly, communist in their thinking.

Watch GPS: Brzezinski “embarrassed as an American” by GOP candidates

Brzezinski imperialism

Brzezinski regularly denounces imperialism. This is part of his antagonism to the Anglo Saxons.

Brzezinski Anglo Saxon domination

IMF history of Russia in 90s and afterwards

October 12, 2013

This is an IMF document that is a long detailed history of Russia in the 1990s.

IMF Azerbaijan loan 1995

October 12, 2013

Press Release No. 95/24
April 19, 1995
International Monetary Fund
700 19th Street, NW
Washington, D.C. 20431 USA
IMF Approves STF Drawing for the Republic of Azerbaijan
The International Monetary Fund (IMF) today approved a drawing by the Republic of Azerbaijan of SDR 29.25 million (about $46 million) under the systemic transformation facility (STF)1 to support the Government’s macroeconomic stabilization and systemic reform program. This drawing is Azerbaijan’s first use of IMF financing.


Economic activity declined sharply in 1993 and 1994, with real GDP falling by more than 20 percent in both years as production was affected, inter alia, by the conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh and the disruption of transportation routes through Georgia and Chechnya, and inflation accelerated. While supply disruptions and corrections of administrative prices, particularly on bread and energy played a role, the principal sources of inflation were inappropriate financial policies. In particular, the fiscal deficit remained large and was fully financed by the central bank, and, because of the lack of effective control by the Azerbaijan National Bank, lending by the two large state banks increased rapidly.

Azerbaijan oil cia

Russia Terminates Azerbaijan Oil Transit Deal | World | RIA Novosti
Russia Terminates Azerbaijan Oil Transit Deal. 19:32 14/05/2013 …. in Russian Cities · US Diplomat Accused of Undercover CIA Work Detained in Moscow …

The story appears to have been wiped from this webpage? It was only in Google?

Baku expands role in Turkish economy
26.03.13 17:38 f.USSR
By Vladimir Socor

On March 22 in Copenhagen, the Danish and Turkish prime ministers, Helle Thorning-Schmidt and Recep Tayyp Erdogan, witnessed the signing of agreements between subsidiaries of Danish Moeller-Maersk and Azerbaijans State Oil Company (SOCAR) to develop a giant port near Izmir in Turkey.

Vladimir Socor is a Senior Fellow of the Washington-based Jamestown Foundation and its flagship publication, Eurasia Daily Monitor (1995 to date), where he writes analytical articles on a daily basis. Mr Socor covers Russian and Western policies, focusing on energy, regional security issues, Russian foreign affairs, secessionist conflicts, and NATO policies and programs. He is a regular guest lecturer at the NATO Defense College and at Harvard University’s National Security Program’s Black Sea Program. He is a Romanian-born citizen of the United States based in Munich, Germany.

Jamestown Foundation was linked to the prof at UMass Dartmouth helping Tsarnaev study Chechen history (and who was Welsh with resentments against British and Americans same as Chechens against Russia.) Also linked to Uncle Ruslan Tsarni.

Jamestown foundation Ruslan Tsarni

Brian Glyn Williams is the UMass Dartmouth prof who is Welsh.

Michael Heseltine who is Welsh recently denounced the UKIP for being pro-British.

Even Welsh in the Conservative Party are anti-British to this day. Heseltine was a former Deputy Prime Minister and he still hates the British.

Michael Heseltine was born in Swansea in Wales and is a distant descendant of Charles Dibdin (from whom one of his middle names was taken). His mother, Eileen Ray (Pridmore), originated in West Wales. His father’s ancestors were farm labourers in Pembrey. His maternal great-grandfather worked at the Swansea docks[1] (as a result, Heseltine was latterly made an honorary member of the Swansea Dockers Club). His maternal grandfather, James Pridmore, founded West Glamorgan Collieries Ltd, a short-lived company that briefly worked two small mines on the outskirts of Swansea (1919–21).

Welsh have played a role in aid to Chechens and Chechen situation out of a shared resentment of the British (and Americans at times.)

Friar’s Middle School. Bangor, Wales (United Kingdom).

Jamestown foundation Brian Glyn Williams

“The CIA Dagestan, Chechnya, Tsarnaev Nexus”

Ethno-Nationalism, Islam and the State in the Caucasus: …
Moshe Gammer – 2007 – ‎Political Science
40 Brian Glyn Williams, ‘The Chechen Arabs. An Introduction to the Real Al Qaeda Threat from Chechnya.’ Jamestown Foundation Terrorism Monitor, Vol.

Azerbaijan oil CIA Jamestown Foundation

It is clear that Russia’s arrest and expulsion of two CIA agents who were trying to recruit members of the Russian intelligence service fighting against Salafist separatists in the Caucasus is part of a Russian mopping-up operation directed at the CIA’s decades-long covert support for terrorists operating in the Northern and Southern Caucasus.

Russia’s Federal Security Bureau (FSB) recently arrested Ryan Christopher Fogle, a CIA «official cover» U.S. embassy Third Secretary, who was trying to recruit an FSB counter-terrorism officer for the CIA. A Russian phone intercept of Fogle’s conversation with the targeted counter-terrorism officer revealed the following offer by the CIA agent: “You can earn up to $1 million per year and I’ll give you $100,000 up front, but only if we meet right now. Yes or no?» Earlier this year, the FSB nabbed another CIA agent, yet unnamed, and quietly deported him.

According to Turkish sources, the Jamestown Foundation’s operations in the Caucasus are tied in directly with those of the CIA. Accused Boston Marathion bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev, according to documents from the Georgian Interior Ministry, attended training sessions in Tbilisi, Georgia last year sponsored by Jamestown. The foundation was set up as an anti-Soviet organization by CIA director William Casey in the early 1980s. Its board of directors have included the author Tom Clancy who gained fame by penning thrillers that pitted the United States against the Soviet Union in Cold War skirmishes.

Jamestown president Glen E. Howard is fluent in Turkish and Azerbaijani. Tamerlan’s uncle, Ruslan Tsarni (aka Tsarnaev) had been a business associate of former CIA Turkish specialist Graham Fuller, who has participated in a number of Jamestown events.

Jamestown has two major missions on behalf of the CIA: 1) to ensure the flow of energy, including oil and natural gas, from the Caspian through pipelines in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Turkey and 2) prop up or topple governments in the region to ensure U.S. predominance. The latter is accomplished through organizing the political opposition, setting up conferences, and gaining influence in universities through non-governmental organizations established to veil the CIA’s financing of the operations. The NGOs ensure the CIA has a cadre of academics, politicians, former bureaucrats and diplomats, and intelligence agents to support its efforts through participation in «joint studies,» many of which are conducted by Jamestown. In return, the CIA provides its interlocutors with secret cash payments through the electronic transfer of funds to their bank accounts.

Whether one agrees with the spin here or not, the Russians certainly view the CIA and British as trying to do the above one way or another. They are trying to win Chechen hearts and minds by portraying Shleifer as CIA and Berezovsky as British intelligence and the cause of Chechen problems is CIA oil greed.

Jamestown, through its links with Fuller, and through, him, with Tsarni, had two Chechen organizations circling its orbit: the Congress of Chechen International Organizations, located at Fuller’s home in Maryland, and the United States-Chechen Republic Alliance Inc., located at the home of Alavi Tsarnaev, Ruslan Tsarni’s brother. Jamestown is also linked, according to Turkish sources, with the Cerkes Society of New Jersey, the New Jersey Circassian Association, and the Circassian Cultural Institute (CCI), all, like their Chechen counterparts, taking full advantage of the Internal Revenue Service’s 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt provisions.

Jamestown’s Howard was also in attendance, as was, more interestingly, Professor Brian Glyn Williams, professor of Islamic History at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Williams said he received an email from Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in May 2011, asking about Chechnya and that he helped him with a high school paper on his home country. Turkish sources reports that Williams has consulted for the CIA and Scotland Yard and is an expert on Turkish Volunteers in Chechnya and «Al-Qaeda Turka.» The Chechen-Ichkeria Republic separatist flag was on clear display at the Ilia-Jamestown seminar in Tbilisi on May 24, 2012.

Jamestown has rightly been referred to by the Russian Foreign Ministry as “singing the services of supporters of terrorists and pseudo-experts.” The ministry charged that Jamestown seminar speakers were “given carte blanche to spread extremist propaganda, incite ethnic and inter-religious discord.” Based on the circumstantial but important links between the organization and Fuller, Uncle Ruslan Tsarni and Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Jamestown has always skirted the edges of aiding and abetting terrorists, from its “Chechen Project” and its liaison with Chechen guerrillas from the Pankisi Gorge who would later turn up fighting American and NATO troops in Afghanistan and Iraq to Caucasus Emirate terrorists who constantly commit attacks on Russian military, police, and civilian personnel. ANTI-STATE•ANTI-WAR•PRO-MARKET
The Boston Bombing, the CIA, and the US Empire
Sibel Edmonds talks to Lew Rockwell about what’s really happening in Central Asia and the Caucasus.

August 8, 2013

EDMONDS: We talked about, and I was emphasizing the importance of Central Asia and Caucasus in my case and how the gag orders and the state secrets privilege, they were designed to basically quash that part of my case, what I blew the whistle on, which never saw the light of day because I talked about the CIA/NATO covert operations in Central Asia/Caucasus, both directly but also via our ally and NATO partner, Turkey. This was the extension of this operation known as Operation Gladio.

A lot of people are familiar with Operation Gladio as the NATO/U.S. covert false-flag operations around the world during the Soviet Union era, during the Communism. You know, basically we went all over Europe, Eastern Europe, in Central and South America, and we created terror attacks and basically blamed that on the Communists and on the Soviet Union. Now, people — and the documents surfaced, and this was after the fall of the Soviet Union. There were some trials and some parliamentary hearings in Italy because Italy, of course, also was and is a NATO ally, and they played a role, not the major role, in these false terror attacks under Operation Gladio. And based on the declassified documents, it’s already a confirmed — it’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s not one of those, you know, unconfirmed reports. It is an operation that, after the fall of the Soviet Union, became known through all these documents that, yes, in fact, for several decades, we carried out — and especially in the 1980s, as this was the height of it, late ’70s until mid ’80s — these false terror attacks under Operation Gladio under the U.S. and NATO.

Now, the false belief is that that operation stopped in 1990, 1991, and that the U.S. and NATO, they shut down the older cells that they had placed in various countries, including Italy, and because the Soviet regime fell and the Communism was gone. And that is not the case. And that has to do with my case, with my whistleblowing because one of the most important partners during the initial phases of Operation Gladio was Turkey; again, a NATO member. And of course, you can see the importance of Turkey strategically where it’s located.

R. James Woolsey, Jr. – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Jr.‎
Never once in his two-year tenure did CIA director James Woolsey ever have a … has been a Board Member and Vice-Chairman of The Jamestown Foundation. … Friedman’s Discovery Channel documentary Addicted to Oil, and in the 2006 …

Again, one can disagree with the spin or interpretation of these authors or not. However, Russia sees itself in active conflict with the CIA and British intelligence in this region. Russia sees itself as threatened by Chechen violence. Russia wants the US and UK to be the target of Chechen terrorism so we will ally with Russia against Chechens and Muslim radicals in Central Asia and not put sanctions on Russia over Russia cracking down at some future date.

Thus Russia will continue to tie Berezovsky to British intelligence and Shleifer to the CIA and to imply that Berezovsky was an American British agent the whole time in the 1990s. Russia will say the CIA and Brits wanted the oil in the 1990s and were manipulating the Chechen conflict with Russia to break Chechnya away to help the CIA and Brits take the oil in the region.

This will include planting twisted stories in Chechen terrorist groups through plants. It will continue public propaganda bringing up Berezovsky. It will include more manipulation through academics.

Obama promoting Summers and even Yellen will continue to promote this manipulation by Russia of these academic connections and links. That will in turn continue to promote Chechen terrorism in the US and UK or against American and British targets world wide.

Russia is pushing Berezovsky was in cahoots with British intelligence like Shleifer was CIA

October 12, 2013

Currently, the Russian intelligence service is putting out the story that it is investigating if British intelligence helped Boris Berezovsky fake his death in March 2013.  Why?–newspaper-publishes-bizarre-images-look-disguise.html

Is Boris Berezovsky ALIVE? Russian secret services probe claims oligarch’s death was faked… as newspaper publishes bizarre images of how he might look in disguise

Russia still waiting for Berezovsky death confirmation
by Anna Arutunyan at 17/06/2013 17:14

Boris Berezovsky’s sudden death in March shocked Russians, but now rumors are swirling that the exiled tycoon who once helped bring Vladimir Putin to power may still be alive.

On April 25, 2013, after the Boston bombing on April 15 2013 by Chechen nationalists, President Putin of Russia said that Anatoly Chubais had been the target of CIA agents, meaning Harvard prof Andrei Shleifer.  Putin was telling Chechens to blame Shleifer and the CIA for their problems in the 1990s including the assassination of Dudayev on April 21, 1996 when Clinton was visiting Yeltsin in Russia.

Putin read the file on the Dudayev assassination.  That file said they did it while Clinton was in Russia to link Clinton to the assassination of Dudayev in the minds of Chechens.  That Clinton was in Russia on that day is documented in the Strobe Talbot book, which was published years before the Boston bombing.

The Russians try to link the CIA to the Dudayev assassination to deflect some of Chechen resentment towards Russia onto the US.  Obviously, it can’t be a 100 percent deflection, since Russia was involved, but even a partial reflection helps Russia.  First by reducing Chechen resentment of Russia, second by Chechens attacking the US.

Thus it was Russian policy starting in 1996 by assassinating Dudayev while Clinton was visiting Yeltsin to get Chechens to attack the US.  A third way this helps Russia is to stop the US siding with Chechens against Russia.   Russia did not want IMF loans to be held up if the Chechen war reheated.  That in fact was discussed by the IMF explicitly later.

Russia Chechnya IMF

Stanley Fischer in 2000 addressed Russia Chechnya link while he was still at IMF.

Stanley Fischer:

The Chechnya case is obviously more complicated for our membership. There’s great distaste for the way the war is being fought. There is the fact that Chechnya is part of Russia. So it’s a more complicated situation, and we haven’t had to face that particular choice yet, and there is a lot of technical stuff that needs to be done.

It was after this that Putin offered Stanley Fischer a job after his IMF employment. That was reported as a gibe in the Russian press.  The point was for Putin to take credit for Russia getting IMF loans using kompromat on Fischer.

Russia wants to paint Fischer, Shleifer, Berezovsky as CIA, British agents working against Russia.  They want to paint them as stirring up the Chechnya trouble in Chechen minds so that Chechens will attack targets in the US and in the UK as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Russia remembers the IMF as institutionally taking the Chechen side and it is Russian policy today in 2013 to keep that from happening in the future.  So they continue to promote to Chechens that Shleifer was CIA (and by implication Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer) and that Berezovsky was a British agent.

By Putin saying Shleifer was CIA in the 1990s, Russia is implicitly saying Berezovsky was a British agent in the 1990s.  This includes in 1996 when Dudayev was killed.  So Putin is trying to paint the killing of Dudayev as being a plot by the CIA and British intelligence.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is still on trial and will continue to be a US prisoner for a long time to come. So Russia is going to continue to paint Shleifer as CIA and Berezovsky as a British agent for Chechen consumption.  That is intended to get Chechens to attack British targets and American targets everywhere in the world.

So there are two competing narratives here.

1) Starting in the early 1990s, the CIA and British intelligence plotted to takeover Russia using the oligarchs as CIA and British agents.  This succeeded. The IMF loans were by CIA and British intelligence to fund their own agents acting as oligarchs in taking over Russia and looting it.  This money went to banks in the West thus enriching the British and Americans.  The Chechen conflict was started by the CIA and British intelligence as a plot to stir up trouble for Russia.  Chechens should blame the conflict with Russia as a plot of the Americans and British.  Chechens should blame this as part of the American British war on Islam. Chechens and other Muslims should attack the US and UK and Muslim countries should oppose the US and UK and side with Russia.

2) Russia blackmailed the IMF loans from Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer in the 1990s using long standing academic kompromat files that Russia used on these same profs to pressure the 1975 Nobel Prize nominations from Arrow and Samuelson and others in the 1970s.  Berezovsky had the idea to use these files again in the 1990s because Berezovsky worked at the Institute of Control Sciences in Moscow that studied the same math as in the 1969 Stanley Fischer thesis and the Paul Samuelson paper that plagiarized the Nils Hakansson 1966 thesis that MIT had on site from 1966 onwards as shown by published records.  The IMF loans were made in the 1990s despite Russia’s first war with Chechnya because of use of this kompromat.  Shleifer was not a CIA agent manipulating Chubais. Instead Chubais was using Shleifer as a messenger to Larry Summers that Russia had files on Summers’ two uncles and both his parents, all of whom were involved (potentially) in nominating Kantorovich for the 1975 Nobel Prize.  They also may have told Shleifer that Summers’ family had potential risk of conspiracy charges, not only for this, but as a continuation of linked cases.

Tsarnaev sits in jail in the US for the attack by Chechen nationalists against the Boston Marathon which included faculty and students from Harvard and MIT as well as US gov employees in the Boston area, all of whom participate disproportionately in the Boston Marathon.  Russia is pushing that Shleifer, Berezovsky were all CIA, British agents and that Chechens should blame the killing of Dudayev in 1996 and the IMF funding of the Russian war on Chechnya as an American British plot from the start of the 1990s.

The Russians are likely telling the Chechens this is about oil.  The Americans and British were trying to get oil from the region and this is why they plotted the war between Russia and Chechnya.  The Americans and British were trying to turn Muslims in the area and others against Russia so that American and Britain could get the oil in that region for themselves.  Berezovsky and Yeltsin were the tools of the CIA and British intelligence in 1996 and killed Dudayev as part of the plot.  Even if Russia did it in 1996, the CIA and British controlled Russia because they controlled Berezovsky and Yeltsin.  Shleifer was the go to man in pressuring Chubais, who was in charge of IMF relations for Russia.

Putin has to reconcile that Chubais is still part of ruling Russia and was involved in the IMF loans in the 1990s.  This is why Putin brought up Chubais by name after the Boston bombing and said Chubais was target of the CIA.  Chubais is still working for Putin so Putin has to say Chubais was being threatened and pressured by the CIA in the 1990s.  This is so Chechens will blame the CIA and British intelligence for the assassination of Dudayev in 1996 when Berezovsky was running Russia.

Russia has been pushing the Berezovksy still alive idea in July 2013 and again in September 2013. This is to push the idea in Chechen minds that Berezovsky was a British agent all along including in the 1990s. This fits with Putin saying Shleifer was CIA in April. All this was likely planned when Russia gave the tip on Tsarnaev to the FBI years ago. They were hoping at that time that the FBI would arrest or deport Tsarnaev and then they would say this was because the FBI knew the CIA had been behind the Dudayev assassination in 1996 when Clinton was in Moscow visiting Yetsin and funding Yeltsin and Berezovsky with IMF loans.

If the US had deported the Tsaranevs before 2013, Russia would have used that for propaganda to paint the US as the enemy of Chechnya going back to killing Dudayev and funding Yeltsin’s wars against Chechnya. (Despite Putin playing a role in 1999. Putin now wants to paint himself as allied with the current puppet government of Chechnya now part of Russia. Russia can simply airbrush out parts of history including Putin being the one pushing the 1999 Chechen war.)

It is precisely because Putin was behind the 1999 Chechen war that today Putin is trying so hard to blame the CIA and British intelligence for the death of Dudayev and of conflict in Chechnya in the 1990s. Putin feels this personally and will continue to act on this for years to come. This will be long after the current FBI director has retired and the next one.

The FBI, CIA and NSA will continue to fail to predict or even understand what the Russians are doing or why. This is because they won’t focus on the role of Russian academic kompromat to get the IMF loans in the 1990s despite Russia being the one attacking the Chechens. It was the Russian intelligence service manipulating the IMF to get the loans to fund their Chechen wars, not the IMF manipulating Russia. The Russian intel service is determined to paint it as the CIA and British behind Berezovsky, Yeltsin, and the wars against Chechnya in the 1990s. This is the Big Lie method of Russian intelligence. They use it for internal manipulation. Their main target is Chechens to believe this.

The Russians are also feeding info to Chechen groups through double agents and plants. This is the same twisted story of the British and Americans behind the killing of Dudayev and trying to steal the oil in the region.

This will result in further future attacks by Chechens in the UK and US as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and NATO and other Western countries.

The way to counter this is to expose Shleifer and Summers and Fischer as having given into Russian blackmail in the 1990s to get the IMF loans based on their academic misconduct.

Instead, Obama put Summers back in power in 2009 and was going to make him Fed chairman until stopped. This feeds into Russia’s narrative. This is being used behind the scenes already to convince Chechen terrorist groups that the CIA plot was behind the killing of Dudayev in 1996 when Clinton was in Moscow.

Janet Yellen is part of the same academic groups that are intimidating Hakansson into silence at Berkeley. Russia will use this behind the scenes as well. Yellen and Akerlof are part of the corrupt academic clique that has intimidated Hakansson and others in academic to go along with the plagiarism by Samuelson and Fischer. The Russians will use this the entire time Yellen is fed chairman. Akerlof got the Nobel Prize for his role in the coverup is what the Russians will tell the Chechens. Because Yellen has such an important job this will stick.

The result of Obama’s actions in covering up for Shleifer and Summers and Stanley Fischer is that Russia will succeed to paint this group including Berezovsky as British and American spies and manipulators. The result will be more Chechen attacks inside the US and UK as well as other Western countries or targets in the world.

Obama and Eric Holder are culpable for their role in covering this up. But the DOJ and FBI can’t shirk their responsibility for going along with this. They are trading future lives in the US and UK of innocents to protect their bosses and promote their careers.

The above is speculation and hypothesis on a subject of public discussion. Restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Putin spin is that IMF and Harvard boys knowingly funded oligarch corruption in 1990s in Russia

October 9, 2013

Putin is trying to control the narrative on what happened in the 1990s in Russia. In Putin’s version, the IMF, Americans, Harvard Boys all corruptly joined with Russian oligarchs to take over Russia and Yeltsin government against the Russian people.

In Putin’s version, he Putin chased out the CIA agents, aka Shleifer, Harvard Boys, and IMF. This includes in effect Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer and the rest.

What is the opposite narrative? The Russian oligarchs used academic kompromat from the Soviet Union and KGB files to repeat same pressure on Summers and Stanley Fischer to get IMF loans as they used in 1970s to get Samuelson and possibly Arrow to nominate Kantorovich for the Nobel Prize in economics.

In the latter narrative, Russia was simply using the same methods and extorting the money. In that narrative, Bereozvsky was using his know how from the Institute of Control Sciences about the earlier kompromat action in the 1970s to repeat it against the same group of corrupt academics at MIT and Harvard and which had spread to Berkeley.

Should Akerlof and Yellen be included in this corrupt group? That should be investigated.

Are federal reserve board phds afraid to speak out? Investigate that too. Are they involved? Investigate that as well.

Chechens are being fed the story by Putin that Shleifer was CIA corrupting Chubais. Putin is telling Chechens that Harvard Boys, Shleifer, Summers, Fischer were all in on the corruption as venal co-conspirators. This will tend to push the Chechens to go after Western targets in revenge.

If Russia blackmailed the IMF loans against the profs, then Chechens would turn back resentment towards Russia. In particular to the corrupt methods of the KGB that were re-used almost identically in the 1990s to get IMF loans as to get the 1975 Nobel Prize nomination for Kantorovich.

So there is a big difference on terrorism on which narrative the Chechens and other Muslims believe. Right now, only Putin is giving them a narrative. The US is ignoring the whole issue. Can they be that stupid? Or they want to cover up for Larry Summers, Harvard, DE Shaw, Yellen and others?

The above is speculation on a public issue. Restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

Democracy requires a single ethnic religious group for the population

October 9, 2013

An insightful article on ethnic identity is at Vanishing American.

My comment

The article linked says that the petitioners are arguing that having ethnic identity is against democracy. However, one could argue the opposite.

A democracy requires that the rulers are of the same ethnicity and religion as the ruled. If this condition is violated, there is no real democracy. This is because the rulers won’t make decisions the same way the people would, so they don’t represent them if they are different.

This requires a single ethnic religious group as the population of a country.

A second requirement for democracy is a limit on income inequality. This also is needed for those who run institutions to make decisions the same way that the people impacted would make the decisions. For example, in setting tuition.

What we have in the US is more like a hostile ethnic plutocracy over a White Christian population being pushed down.

Income inequality was lowest around 1776 and fell to a local minimum around 1970 before immigration raised it again.

Tommy Robinson leaves EDL English Defence League

October 8, 2013

Tommy Robinson was worked over by the British police and prosecution service multiple times and still is under their aegis.

Tommy was in prison and held in solitary confinement by the UK authorities to make him crack and turn him. Apparently, this worked.

MI-5 may have infiltrated the BNP as well and cracked them is a theory out there.

So the British establishment is determined to exterminate the British people and use any means necessary. They are already a dictatorship and deep into genocide of the British people.

Who will raise their voice?

Despite this, I am sure that the British people will prevail. We are made of sterner stuff than the Camerons, Milibands know. We are not as beaten as they think.


Methinks I am a prophet new inspired
And thus expiring do foretell of him:
His rash fierce blaze of riot cannot last,
For violent fires soon burn out themselves;
Small showers last long, but sudden storms are short;
He tires betimes that spurs too fast betimes;
With eager feeding food doth choke the feeder:
Light vanity, insatiate cormorant,
Consuming means, soon preys upon itself.
This royal throne of kings, this scepter’d isle,
This earth of majesty, this seat of Mars,
This other Eden, demi-paradise,
This fortress built by Nature for herself
Against infection and the hand of war,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious stone set in the silver sea,
Which serves it in the office of a wall,
Or as a moat defensive to a house,
Against the envy of less happier lands,
This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England,
This nurse, this teeming womb of royal kings,
Fear’d by their breed and famous by their birth,
Renowned for their deeds as far from home,
For Christian service and true chivalry,
As is the sepulchre in stubborn Jewry,
Of the world’s ransom, blessed Mary’s Son,
This land of such dear souls, this dear dear land,
Dear for her reputation through the world,
Is now leased out, I die pronouncing it,
Like to a tenement or pelting farm:
England, bound in with the triumphant sea
Whose rocky shore beats back the envious siege
Of watery Neptune, is now bound in with shame,
With inky blots and rotten parchment bonds:
That England, that was wont to conquer others,
Hath made a shameful conquest of itself.
Ah, would the scandal vanish with my life,
How happy then were my ensuing death!

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