Be a good businessman or employee

October 7, 2013

Vanishing American, whose blog expresses the real life force of Founding Stock Americans has some excellent recent posts.

We need to do more to reach out to our own folk in need; plenty of our neighbors have lost their jobs and are in dire straits financially. There is need all around us, if we look for it. Golden Dawn, whatever anyone thinks of them, made it a point to try to help their Greek brethren who are jobless and hungry. Immigrants were recipients of aid, while native Greeks were excluded. We could do worse than to emulate that outreach, to take care of neglected kinsmen, and show them that we are motivated by loyalty and the bonds of kinship, not ”hate”, so-called.

We must be a river to our people as Anthony Quinn says in a movie. If you have a business, work it smartly and use it to advantage to help others. Every business is a node in the network of commerce.

Try to get the elderly who are able back into work even a little. Retirement dollars have to be stretched.

If you have a business, try to get elderly relatives to help even a little. Except in some cases, most can help some up to almost the very end. We have to do better to mobilize our elderly.

If we do this smartly, we can construct our own business networks to help our people as they become older. Also, our young can use such help in so many cases.


One Response to “Be a good businessman or employee”

  1. The only thing that will wake our people up in significant numbers is a complete economic and civil collapse. Even then, most of them will be too busy trying to stay alive to mobilize themselves into a force that will take their countries back. While that hasn’t been a major problem for white revolutionaries, who made up only 5% of the population, in the past, it is now because millions of non-whites have settled in white countries. Not only do we have to contend with all the traitors in our midst but we also must contend with the third world hordes who want our lands for themselves.

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