Putin spin is that IMF and Harvard boys knowingly funded oligarch corruption in 1990s in Russia

October 9, 2013

Putin is trying to control the narrative on what happened in the 1990s in Russia. In Putin’s version, the IMF, Americans, Harvard Boys all corruptly joined with Russian oligarchs to take over Russia and Yeltsin government against the Russian people.

In Putin’s version, he Putin chased out the CIA agents, aka Shleifer, Harvard Boys, and IMF. This includes in effect Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer and the rest.

What is the opposite narrative? The Russian oligarchs used academic kompromat from the Soviet Union and KGB files to repeat same pressure on Summers and Stanley Fischer to get IMF loans as they used in 1970s to get Samuelson and possibly Arrow to nominate Kantorovich for the Nobel Prize in economics.

In the latter narrative, Russia was simply using the same methods and extorting the money. In that narrative, Bereozvsky was using his know how from the Institute of Control Sciences about the earlier kompromat action in the 1970s to repeat it against the same group of corrupt academics at MIT and Harvard and which had spread to Berkeley.

Should Akerlof and Yellen be included in this corrupt group? That should be investigated.

Are federal reserve board phds afraid to speak out? Investigate that too. Are they involved? Investigate that as well.

Chechens are being fed the story by Putin that Shleifer was CIA corrupting Chubais. Putin is telling Chechens that Harvard Boys, Shleifer, Summers, Fischer were all in on the corruption as venal co-conspirators. This will tend to push the Chechens to go after Western targets in revenge.

If Russia blackmailed the IMF loans against the profs, then Chechens would turn back resentment towards Russia. In particular to the corrupt methods of the KGB that were re-used almost identically in the 1990s to get IMF loans as to get the 1975 Nobel Prize nomination for Kantorovich.

So there is a big difference on terrorism on which narrative the Chechens and other Muslims believe. Right now, only Putin is giving them a narrative. The US is ignoring the whole issue. Can they be that stupid? Or they want to cover up for Larry Summers, Harvard, DE Shaw, Yellen and others?

The above is speculation on a public issue. Restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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