Russia is pushing Berezovsky was in cahoots with British intelligence like Shleifer was CIA

October 12, 2013

Currently, the Russian intelligence service is putting out the story that it is investigating if British intelligence helped Boris Berezovsky fake his death in March 2013.  Why?–newspaper-publishes-bizarre-images-look-disguise.html

Is Boris Berezovsky ALIVE? Russian secret services probe claims oligarch’s death was faked… as newspaper publishes bizarre images of how he might look in disguise

Russia still waiting for Berezovsky death confirmation
by Anna Arutunyan at 17/06/2013 17:14

Boris Berezovsky’s sudden death in March shocked Russians, but now rumors are swirling that the exiled tycoon who once helped bring Vladimir Putin to power may still be alive.

On April 25, 2013, after the Boston bombing on April 15 2013 by Chechen nationalists, President Putin of Russia said that Anatoly Chubais had been the target of CIA agents, meaning Harvard prof Andrei Shleifer.  Putin was telling Chechens to blame Shleifer and the CIA for their problems in the 1990s including the assassination of Dudayev on April 21, 1996 when Clinton was visiting Yeltsin in Russia.

Putin read the file on the Dudayev assassination.  That file said they did it while Clinton was in Russia to link Clinton to the assassination of Dudayev in the minds of Chechens.  That Clinton was in Russia on that day is documented in the Strobe Talbot book, which was published years before the Boston bombing.

The Russians try to link the CIA to the Dudayev assassination to deflect some of Chechen resentment towards Russia onto the US.  Obviously, it can’t be a 100 percent deflection, since Russia was involved, but even a partial reflection helps Russia.  First by reducing Chechen resentment of Russia, second by Chechens attacking the US.

Thus it was Russian policy starting in 1996 by assassinating Dudayev while Clinton was visiting Yeltsin to get Chechens to attack the US.  A third way this helps Russia is to stop the US siding with Chechens against Russia.   Russia did not want IMF loans to be held up if the Chechen war reheated.  That in fact was discussed by the IMF explicitly later.

Russia Chechnya IMF

Stanley Fischer in 2000 addressed Russia Chechnya link while he was still at IMF.

Stanley Fischer:

The Chechnya case is obviously more complicated for our membership. There’s great distaste for the way the war is being fought. There is the fact that Chechnya is part of Russia. So it’s a more complicated situation, and we haven’t had to face that particular choice yet, and there is a lot of technical stuff that needs to be done.

It was after this that Putin offered Stanley Fischer a job after his IMF employment. That was reported as a gibe in the Russian press.  The point was for Putin to take credit for Russia getting IMF loans using kompromat on Fischer.

Russia wants to paint Fischer, Shleifer, Berezovsky as CIA, British agents working against Russia.  They want to paint them as stirring up the Chechnya trouble in Chechen minds so that Chechens will attack targets in the US and in the UK as well as Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Russia remembers the IMF as institutionally taking the Chechen side and it is Russian policy today in 2013 to keep that from happening in the future.  So they continue to promote to Chechens that Shleifer was CIA (and by implication Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer) and that Berezovsky was a British agent.

By Putin saying Shleifer was CIA in the 1990s, Russia is implicitly saying Berezovsky was a British agent in the 1990s.  This includes in 1996 when Dudayev was killed.  So Putin is trying to paint the killing of Dudayev as being a plot by the CIA and British intelligence.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is still on trial and will continue to be a US prisoner for a long time to come. So Russia is going to continue to paint Shleifer as CIA and Berezovsky as a British agent for Chechen consumption.  That is intended to get Chechens to attack British targets and American targets everywhere in the world.

So there are two competing narratives here.

1) Starting in the early 1990s, the CIA and British intelligence plotted to takeover Russia using the oligarchs as CIA and British agents.  This succeeded. The IMF loans were by CIA and British intelligence to fund their own agents acting as oligarchs in taking over Russia and looting it.  This money went to banks in the West thus enriching the British and Americans.  The Chechen conflict was started by the CIA and British intelligence as a plot to stir up trouble for Russia.  Chechens should blame the conflict with Russia as a plot of the Americans and British.  Chechens should blame this as part of the American British war on Islam. Chechens and other Muslims should attack the US and UK and Muslim countries should oppose the US and UK and side with Russia.

2) Russia blackmailed the IMF loans from Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer in the 1990s using long standing academic kompromat files that Russia used on these same profs to pressure the 1975 Nobel Prize nominations from Arrow and Samuelson and others in the 1970s.  Berezovsky had the idea to use these files again in the 1990s because Berezovsky worked at the Institute of Control Sciences in Moscow that studied the same math as in the 1969 Stanley Fischer thesis and the Paul Samuelson paper that plagiarized the Nils Hakansson 1966 thesis that MIT had on site from 1966 onwards as shown by published records.  The IMF loans were made in the 1990s despite Russia’s first war with Chechnya because of use of this kompromat.  Shleifer was not a CIA agent manipulating Chubais. Instead Chubais was using Shleifer as a messenger to Larry Summers that Russia had files on Summers’ two uncles and both his parents, all of whom were involved (potentially) in nominating Kantorovich for the 1975 Nobel Prize.  They also may have told Shleifer that Summers’ family had potential risk of conspiracy charges, not only for this, but as a continuation of linked cases.

Tsarnaev sits in jail in the US for the attack by Chechen nationalists against the Boston Marathon which included faculty and students from Harvard and MIT as well as US gov employees in the Boston area, all of whom participate disproportionately in the Boston Marathon.  Russia is pushing that Shleifer, Berezovsky were all CIA, British agents and that Chechens should blame the killing of Dudayev in 1996 and the IMF funding of the Russian war on Chechnya as an American British plot from the start of the 1990s.

The Russians are likely telling the Chechens this is about oil.  The Americans and British were trying to get oil from the region and this is why they plotted the war between Russia and Chechnya.  The Americans and British were trying to turn Muslims in the area and others against Russia so that American and Britain could get the oil in that region for themselves.  Berezovsky and Yeltsin were the tools of the CIA and British intelligence in 1996 and killed Dudayev as part of the plot.  Even if Russia did it in 1996, the CIA and British controlled Russia because they controlled Berezovsky and Yeltsin.  Shleifer was the go to man in pressuring Chubais, who was in charge of IMF relations for Russia.

Putin has to reconcile that Chubais is still part of ruling Russia and was involved in the IMF loans in the 1990s.  This is why Putin brought up Chubais by name after the Boston bombing and said Chubais was target of the CIA.  Chubais is still working for Putin so Putin has to say Chubais was being threatened and pressured by the CIA in the 1990s.  This is so Chechens will blame the CIA and British intelligence for the assassination of Dudayev in 1996 when Berezovsky was running Russia.

Russia has been pushing the Berezovksy still alive idea in July 2013 and again in September 2013. This is to push the idea in Chechen minds that Berezovsky was a British agent all along including in the 1990s. This fits with Putin saying Shleifer was CIA in April. All this was likely planned when Russia gave the tip on Tsarnaev to the FBI years ago. They were hoping at that time that the FBI would arrest or deport Tsarnaev and then they would say this was because the FBI knew the CIA had been behind the Dudayev assassination in 1996 when Clinton was in Moscow visiting Yetsin and funding Yeltsin and Berezovsky with IMF loans.

If the US had deported the Tsaranevs before 2013, Russia would have used that for propaganda to paint the US as the enemy of Chechnya going back to killing Dudayev and funding Yeltsin’s wars against Chechnya. (Despite Putin playing a role in 1999. Putin now wants to paint himself as allied with the current puppet government of Chechnya now part of Russia. Russia can simply airbrush out parts of history including Putin being the one pushing the 1999 Chechen war.)

It is precisely because Putin was behind the 1999 Chechen war that today Putin is trying so hard to blame the CIA and British intelligence for the death of Dudayev and of conflict in Chechnya in the 1990s. Putin feels this personally and will continue to act on this for years to come. This will be long after the current FBI director has retired and the next one.

The FBI, CIA and NSA will continue to fail to predict or even understand what the Russians are doing or why. This is because they won’t focus on the role of Russian academic kompromat to get the IMF loans in the 1990s despite Russia being the one attacking the Chechens. It was the Russian intelligence service manipulating the IMF to get the loans to fund their Chechen wars, not the IMF manipulating Russia. The Russian intel service is determined to paint it as the CIA and British behind Berezovsky, Yeltsin, and the wars against Chechnya in the 1990s. This is the Big Lie method of Russian intelligence. They use it for internal manipulation. Their main target is Chechens to believe this.

The Russians are also feeding info to Chechen groups through double agents and plants. This is the same twisted story of the British and Americans behind the killing of Dudayev and trying to steal the oil in the region.

This will result in further future attacks by Chechens in the UK and US as well as Canada, Australia, New Zealand and NATO and other Western countries.

The way to counter this is to expose Shleifer and Summers and Fischer as having given into Russian blackmail in the 1990s to get the IMF loans based on their academic misconduct.

Instead, Obama put Summers back in power in 2009 and was going to make him Fed chairman until stopped. This feeds into Russia’s narrative. This is being used behind the scenes already to convince Chechen terrorist groups that the CIA plot was behind the killing of Dudayev in 1996 when Clinton was in Moscow.

Janet Yellen is part of the same academic groups that are intimidating Hakansson into silence at Berkeley. Russia will use this behind the scenes as well. Yellen and Akerlof are part of the corrupt academic clique that has intimidated Hakansson and others in academic to go along with the plagiarism by Samuelson and Fischer. The Russians will use this the entire time Yellen is fed chairman. Akerlof got the Nobel Prize for his role in the coverup is what the Russians will tell the Chechens. Because Yellen has such an important job this will stick.

The result of Obama’s actions in covering up for Shleifer and Summers and Stanley Fischer is that Russia will succeed to paint this group including Berezovsky as British and American spies and manipulators. The result will be more Chechen attacks inside the US and UK as well as other Western countries or targets in the world.

Obama and Eric Holder are culpable for their role in covering this up. But the DOJ and FBI can’t shirk their responsibility for going along with this. They are trading future lives in the US and UK of innocents to protect their bosses and promote their careers.

The above is speculation and hypothesis on a subject of public discussion. Restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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