Happy Thanksgiving 2013

November 28, 2013

Still here another year. America’s legal system is so disturbing I feel lucky to have avoided the crime of resisting or speaking up or asking a question of an elected person in a public meeting.


Thanksgiving is a day that reeks of Whiteness, Christianity and more particularly White Anglo Saxon Protestants without end. This is disturbing to modern liberalism. They need to contain and divert Thanksgiving into thanks for diversity. But diversity is not a blessing, it is a curse. This was known in the Bible. Biblical people knew that you needed your own land and a leader from your own people, not a traveling migrant.

The worst punishment was diversity in the Bible. Losing your land or having foreign people settled there. A foreign ruler was a curse and worse than the worst native born despot.

Kings who got foreign support were not just suspect but known tyrants and mass killers.

But that is the Bible, a book considered to be anti-liberal and therefore false by today’s lib pharisees. These are a curse.

Many people are losing their health insurance. Others are paying more and having to give up what they considered necessities. America is cursed with a foreign despot upheld and supported by alien billionaires who openly despise the Founding Stock Americans of Thanksgiving in America’s first century, the 17th century.

In many ways, America’s best century was the 18th century. Fertility was at its highest. The danger of being pushed into the sea was over. Institute of higher learning were entering second centuries in some cases. Cities were safe and congenial. This was the time of Ben Franklin the man of business and of science. These were model days.

How much better if we were ruled by retired businessman who spent their youth as independent merchants and inventors? That would be a blessing. That would be very different than the America of creeping rule of unsafety.

We are to be content with things not being worse. Our families have not dwindled eve further than they have is what we are to give thanks for. Not for burgeoning multigenerational families whose increase showed the wisdom of our rulers. That evidence of wise management was in the 17th and 18th century but then it dropped quickly in the 19th.

For a brief period during immigration restriction, fertility rose and peaked in the 1950s. It then fell as the new immigration and the chaos of civil rights laws were unleashed. America’s prosperity and sense of purpose dropped quickly. We still had it in 1976. But it fell quickly after that.

Now it can barely be remembered. We live in a time of deep angst because we know that the real America is dying and will take a miracle to be saved. That miracle is widespread courage among Whites to speak openly. Let no one speak against this.


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