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2013 the Year that Russia was important again

December 30, 2013

How was the FBI supposed to know that Russia was still an important country? Did anyone tell them? The British don’t count, they are just mad because of Putin having people killed in London with radioactive isotopes.

So why didn’t anyone tell the FBI that they were responsible for interpreting warnings from Russia? You mean they were supposed to figure out what the warning about Chechen terrorism meant on their own?

The Russians knew the FBI had stopped thinking about Russia or learning Russian history. FBI and CIA experts were dying off and their books were being sold at used book stores in DC and Virginia, even Maryland. How could the FBI know they were supposed to hang on to those books and even read them?

Or learn something new. Some guy says Russia keeps track of plagiarism about professors at Harvard and MIT. How 20th century. How could the FBI have put together that Russia was warning about Chechens like Tsarnaevs because Chechens resented IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s for funding the genocide of Chechens? Look on the Internet. Ask Harvard prof Shleifer who was writing about stuff?

Russia did this just to prove it was smarter, how unfair. The FBI wasn’t thinking and the Russians knew that. They did this just because the FBI was ignoring them as unimportant. Meanies. The FBI ignored their warning to show the FBI was smarter than Russia about Chechens. Then it turned out they weren’t. So like, Russia could be smarter about Shleifer, Summers and Stanley Fischer than the FBI too? Have gotten IMF loans using academic kompromat under the FBI’s nose?

But how could the FBI know that? No one told them. It was posted on the Internet? That doesn’t count. Russia has been pushing academic kompromat and plagiarism since the 1930s. How could the FBI know that? That was posted on the Internet too? But how to connect that to IMF loans to Chechens? Use the Internet? So the FBI outright lied to Congress when it said it could not have stopped the Boston Bombing?

Did the British try to warn the FBI between Berezvosky’s death and the Boston Bombing? Is that why David Cameron visited FBI HQ after the Boston Bombing? Cameron sure acted and talked like the British and FBI together could have stopped the Boston Bombing. Does the FBI know that?

Do people expect the FBI to watch Russia, China and Muslims? Tsarnaevs were 2 out of 3? Yeah, but the FBI was busy. They had to stop the Tea Party. Didn’t you notice, no terrorism by the Tea Party. The FBI has a perfect record on that one.

Inspector Clouseau


Does Christmas still have any meaning except as an extra New Year’s Day?

December 25, 2013

Christmas has become the other New Year. It is just another day off at the end of the year. Christmas and New Years are not moved to Mondays, yet. Because of this, schools take an extended break. Soon the same folks who brought us Common Core will try to take these days for exam prep.

Government employees especially try to take leave to fill in the week around Christmas. This fits with school holidays. Perhaps one day, they will take leave to tutor their children in Common Core. Perhaps this is going on already.

The meaning of Christmas may become studying for Common Core exams. Christmas gifts will become Common Core Gifts.

The other meaning of Christmas under our Liberal masters is another day to celebrate, you guessed it, Diversity. Diversity Santa and Diversity Jesus usher in another year of Diversity.

Did Jesus really come to force Diversity on White Europe as a sort of revenge for the Roman occupation of Palestine? Not according to what Christian Europe understood when Europe was run by Christians. It did not mark ethnic cleansing of Europeans (aka Whites).

The meaning of Diversity is ethnic cleansing of Whites. Ethnic cleansing Whites is a sin. So the meaning of Christmas is not Diversity.

Diversity in families makes them genetically farther apart than a random person of the same race. Thus Diversity destroys family. Destroying family is not Christian. It is a sin, actually.

So the meanings of Christmas in Lib Theology turn out to be actual sins in Christian Theology. What a surprise that would be in many Diversity Pulpits.

Helene Fischer – Ave Maria (German Version – Franz Schubert)

Winter Solstice 2013 whither wend the Whites?

December 21, 2013

Note that it is not the Whites wither, although this is the desire of some amongst us.

Winter Solstice in Iceland 2010

Icelandic Folk Music – Tröllaslagur

Icelandic folk song – “Móðir Mín í kví kví”

Mother Mine, in the Fold, Fold

A young woman who lived on a farm became pregnant. After giving birth to the child she set it out to die of exposure, not an uncommon act in this country before it became punishable by severe penalties. Now one day it happened that the young woman was invited to a dancing party. However, she had no good clothes, so she stayed at home in a sour mood. That evening, while milking the ewes in the fold, she complained aloud that for the want of a proper dress she could not go to the party. She had scarcely spoken when she heard the following song:

Mother mine, in the fold, fold
You need not be so sad, sad.
You can wear my castoff rags,
So you can dance,
And dance.

If the FBI is on the side of wrongdoers it gets itself into thickets

December 21, 2013

Once the FBI gets into the mentality of going along with wrongdoers at the top, and of ignoring the complaints of those below them, it has left the path of right and wrong. It will then find itself in a thicket of lies.

This seems to be the FBI situation today with the Stanley Fischer nomination for Fed vice-chairman. The FBI isn’t trying to help the victims of wrongdoing. In fact, the FBI has the goal of not helping the victims of wrongdoing. That makes doing its job impossible. It also gets it into lying for the benefit of the wrongdoers and their bosses.

The Stanley Fischer nomination came after the Larry Summers for Fed chairman discussion. Both of them link to issues relating to Russia, IMF loans, US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay and Putin’s comments about Chubais after the Boston Bombing.

The FBI can’t investigate the linked list of plagiarism cases that Russia is using without talking to the victims. But if it talks to the victims it has a dilemma.

  1. If it talks to the victims, it might get into the position of having to help them,
  2. Of setting the academic record right so that Russia can’t use it for kompromat,
  3. Of the victim knowing the state of the FBI investigation, which is almost nothing,
  4. The victim realizing the FBI won’t help them and will let Russia get away with it, apparently forever.

In 2013, we had

  1. Aaron Swartz suicide,
  2. Stanley Fischer resignation,
  3. Boris Berezovsky suicide,
  4. Boston Bombing,
  5. Putin’s comments after it about CIA agents advising Anatoly Chubais
  6. Putin sending home US Ambassador Stanford Prof Micheal McFaul people as CIA agents
  7. Shooting Todashev
  8. Snowden
  9. Russia meddling Syria
  10. Russia meddling Iran
  11. Larry Summers
  12. Janet Yellen
  13. Stanley Fischer


The FBI has done all it could in each incident to learn as little about the professor dimension and Russia’s manipulation of professors as it could.  However, despite this, it has had to learn a little in several of these.  Finally, with the Stanley Fischer nomination it may have reached the point where it now understands too much to go along willingly.  Or at least, some people in the FBI and possible DOJ are at that stage.

How long can the FBI gamble that people in the media or in Congress will continue to ignore an open public record on these topics?  People are stupid, but not forever.  At least not all of them.  This is already happening inside the FBI and DOJ.  So they can tell from their own experience that people can stop being stupid.  In that case, the FBI and DOJ would be in the situation of running a coverup in plain sight.  The record of this is on webpages.  Comments have been made on media publication webpages as this went along and it is not possible to get rid of them.

So on the Stanley Fischer nomination the FBI has reached the Come to Jesus Moment.  Given what they know now, despite their best efforts not to learn it, they can’t just go on with the coverup.  Given their loss of credibility in the Boston Bombing and Todashev incidents as well as Snowden revelations, if they are caught covering up for Russia to please the powerful, their reputation is deservedly destroyed.

The Stanley Fischer nomination is a make or break one for the FBI. If the FBI just passes it along, then once the public wakes up, the FBI will not be able to recover easily.  With the Stanley Fischer nomination, the FBI now is a knowing and witting co-conspirator to covering up Russia using plagiarism kompromat on professors, unless the FBI draws a line in the sand and refuses to go along.

This also means investigating the topic and stopping Russia using it or at least fighting it openly.  The FBI knows too much now about plagiarism kompromat to just have Stanley Fischer withdraw his nomination and then go on pretending none of this ever happened.

It comes back to whether the FBI is on the side of right or wrong.  If the FBI ignores wrong to protect the powerful and please its bosses, then it is in the briar patch of lies.  Its reputation with the public will continue to go down.  It will seem more and more alien.  Covering up for Russia is beyond the pale.  The public will never accept that.   Nor from DOJ or NSA neither.

Honest ones inside FBI and DOJ have to speak up louder.  They are not just the isolated few.  It is the ones at the top who are isolated.  Now is the time to push for what is right.  To expose Russia using plagiarism kompromat to get atomic secrets and IMF loans.  To expose the wrong doers not put them in control of the money supply while still under foreign influence.

Is Snowden the hero?  Are the heroes all outside the FBI?  In any case,  they simply have to write down in their reports the truth and refuse to write down lies.  They don’t have to run off to Moscow to do that.

Non nobis domine

Snowden shows Russia and China are becoming the complaint department for America

December 12, 2013

If the FBI did its job properly, then people like Edward Snowden would not leave the country when they have a problem to report. However, the FBI simply ignores the people like Edward Snowden. To them, every Snowden is just complaining about some personal problem and using the FBI as a general complaint department.

So in the Snowden case, President Putin of Russia was interested to hear his complaint, along with the whole world. Prior to that, the violations of the Constitution by the NSA were not a complaint the FBI was interested in.

The problems of Americans are noise to the FBI unless it is linked to their own daily life’s social currency. So steroids use by a baseball player or a football player abusing dogs are meaningful to the FBI.

Even when Russia warns the FBI of a dangerous Chechen terrorist in the Boston area, the FBI quickly drops it. It never occurred to the FBI to investigate what complaints Chechens have against America or former employees of US government, IMF and World Bank because of the policies of those organizations towards Russia and Chechnya in the 1990s. Chechens in fact blame those organizations for genocide of the Chechen people. People involved in those policies live in the Boston area.

If the FBI had understood that its job was to understand these things, it would have worked on understanding why Chechens were important to Russia, Putin, America and to people living in the Boston area. Instead, it forgot the issue quickly.

So Snowden had to go to China and then Russia for his complaint to get proper recognition. Even today, the FBI continues to deny it had any reason to act on the Constitution being violated by NSA or that it should have researched Chechnen complaints on the Internet, which would have taken not very long to do.

How the FBI can be so ignorant of Russia, of recent Russian history, and of the personalities involved shows how their minds are controlled by their daily social currency, baseball, weather, etc. Russia is not part of that so they ignore it.

To the FBI, Russia’s tip about Chechens was another case of someone using the FBI as a general complaint department. They just attributed it to some personal motive and dismissed it. Amazing. They have the same attitude to a warning from Russia as someone calling in about a problem in their personal life.

This is because the FBI can’t get away from the chimp brain that only recognizes its immediate social currency network as important. The FBI lacks higher thinking ability above that level. This means it lacks the imagination to react to Russia or to tips from or about Russia from anyone, even directly from Russia itself.

Stanley Fischer fed vice chairman and FBI social currency problem

December 12, 2013

There are reports that Obama has offered the position of Fed Vice Chairman to Stanley Fischer. This blog has reported the issues of Fischer’s possible plagiarism at MIT in 1969 and Russia’s use of it since 2006. Yet the FBI has done nothing that the public can see to investigate it. The same applies to Larry Summers.

The FBI doesn’t want to be the complaint department of the country. But when Russia becomes the complaint department, it shows the FBI can’t distinguish what is their job to investigate.

Once the FBI becomes aware that Russia is on top of someone’s problem in America and can use it to influence or pressure people in the US, it is the FBI’s job to investigate it down to the roots and resolve the situation sufficiently that it is no longer available to Russia as a tool. That also includes the cases that graft on to it over time because of prior FBI neglect.

This is the case with Russia Plagiarism Files. Russia studies cases of plagiarism or of academic misconduct and then uses them up to the limit set by the FBI putting pressure back. If the FBI pressure back is zero, Russia will use them more and more.

FBI agents use sports for social currency at the barber shop, school, etc. So whether a baseball player uses steroids or a football player misuses dogs has meaning to FBI agents as social currency. Whether Stanley Fischer plagiarized Nils Hakansson in 1969 and then in his 1980s textbook prevented Hakansson getting recognition has no social currency to FBI agents in their personal lives like sports steroids does.

But it does have social currency in Stanley Fischer’s life and in Larry Summers and Andrei Shleifer. So Russia can use that to pressure IMF loans or in earlier decades to get atomic secrets.

The FBI doesn’t connect that when something bad happens in America and Russia uses it then it becomes the FBI’s problem. Instead, when told about it, the FBI simply regards the person complaining as an irritant trying to use the FBI as a general complaint department. Unless the person’s complaint is about a sports person using steroids or abusing a dog, which have meaning to the FBI, the FBI ignores the person as misusing them as a general complaint department.

What happens in academia, technology companies, banks, derivatives trading, etc. is just noise to FBI agents. Those areas of life are not part of FBI social currency like baseball and football are. So misconduct in those areas is ignored. Even when the person brings in a complaint with substance, the FBI just look at the person’s motive and dismiss it as trying to use the FBI as a general complaint department.

So unless the complaint is about what has social currency in the personal lives of FBI agents, they just dismiss it as based on a motive arising from someone else’s life and some other social networks’s social currency. The social currency of econ profs is unimportant to FBI agents because it is not part of their social currency.

The FBI agents are unable to overcome their own social network’s social currency. This means they can’t do their job. The areas Russia and China are interested in are not baseball players using steroids or a football player abusing dogs. Those people can’t help Russia and China get what they want.

Physics and econ profs can give things to Russia and China they want. So they study the social currency and networks of physics and econ profs. That includes credit for scientific work, recognition, and plagiarism.

But to the FBI, these things don’t matter because their barber or hairstylist never mentions those things. Therefore they are noise. Anyone reporting them to the FBI is misusing them as a general complaint department.

The result is that the field is open for Russia and China. They can publish their comments in scientific journals since 1937 and use them to get atomic secrets and IMF loans and the FBI still ignores it.

The nominations of Larry Summers, Stanley Fischer and Janet Yellen were never investigated properly by the FBI. This is rooted in their inability to see beyond their own social currency which does not include the recognition and academic networks of econ profs. So the FBI ignores what they hear that is actually relevant.

Story that Snowden spent 2 days in Russian consultate another diversion?

December 9, 2013

Assuming that the Russians put out the story that Snowden spent 2 days in their consulate in Hong Kong in June 2013 as a diversion, what was the diversion for?

If they had prior contact with Snowden or Wikileaks or someone to arrange their taking him, then they could use the consulate overstay story to divert attention from that prior agreement.

Russia might not have known who the person was. They might have expelled Americans as CIA agents from Moscow without knowing who they would get as a whistleblower guest.

Wikipedia or someone could have arranged that.

DOJ created Snowden by charging Thomas Drake with Espionage Act

December 9, 2013

The Department of Justice charged Thomas Drake with violating the Espionage Act just for a few emailed comments to a journalist. Compared to what Snowden did, Drake did nothing. But the lesson to Snowden was if you do even the tiniest leak that offends the powerful, you are charged the same as if you took the crown jewels. So Snowden took what he could.

In a certain sense, Snowden is payback for Thomas Drake and other whistleblowers being run over by DOJ arrogance. DOJ feels it can do anything and is invulnerable. This includes torturing people, prosecuting people for bogus charges, withholding evidence, and overcharging to coerce a confession. DOJ act like Stalin’s prosecutors towards the mild leak of Thomas Drake. The result is they get a full blown Mitrokhin in reverse.

The Snowden Archive is payback for treating Thomas Drake to a show trial by DOJ for nothing. This is what happens when a government wages war on its own employees. That is what DOJ did with Thomas Drake, they declared war on government employees who are honorable and do the right thing.

DOJ has never apologized for their treatment of Thomas Drake. The judge admonished them, but DOJ has never admitted it was wrong. They seldom do.

The ones who feel this the most are the employees of DOJ, FBI, NSA, etc. They are the ones most afraid of their own agencies. Snowden showed his fear of NSA.

By acting like Stalin’s prosecutors, DOJ erases the fear that DOJ, FBI, NSA employees have of Russia and China. The DOJ etc employees are so afraid of DOJ prosecutors run amok, that they forget their fear of Russia and China.

We see this in Snowden. Snowden having access to so many files of NSA about Russia and China from the Hawaii station was still more afraid of NSA, DOJ and the FBI than he was of China and Russia. This is a frame of mind that DOJ deliberately inculcates by its excessive prosecution. DOJ management wants its own employees more afraid of them and of whistleblowing than they are of China and Russia doing their worst. They have succeeded. Snowden is the product of their success in creating this fear in their own people.

NSA has to expose secrets of elites who are our main enemy

December 8, 2013

The main enemy of the American people is not Tsarnaev. Nor is it Edward Snowden. But those are the top two enemies of the NSA. The NSA and the people don’t have the same enemies.

Nor do the people and NSA have the same friends. Larry Summers, billionaires who transfer know-how to China, Stanford with its Chinese students are the friends of NSA. So are the European elites bringing in Muslims and Chechens to their countries.

The NSA does not have the same enemies we have, nor the same friends. In fact, they are reversed. Our main enemy is the elites who push immigration and know-how transfer. Our friends are dissidents like Vdare, Thomas Drake, Judge Napolitano, Snowden and Assange.

The Snowden exposures showed that the transnational elites are welded together in lock step against their own peoples. In fact, they no longer have their own peoples. They are a people to themselves, and one engaged in mortal combat with the traditional Western peoples.

In that conflict, Snowden and Assange are on our side because they are against the iron grip of the elites. In effect, China didn’t want Snowden, because China is in bed with the billionaires giving it our know-how and turning Stanford over to Chinese.

The Russians are more on our side in a sense than the Chinese, because the Chinese are getting everything and taking over while the Russians are not. To the extent that Snowden showed the American people how they are under the grip of an elite acting against them, the Russians win against the American elite and against the Chinese.

Russian’s main enemy is Chinese immigration into Siberia that will take half the territory of Russia. After losing Eastern Europe and the Khanates this will be another huge loss to Russian pride and identity.

NSA has to use its information to bring down the transnational elites not to shore them up against us. This is our real conflict. The transnational elites are our real enemy. If NSA is for them, it is against us.

The Snowden exposures show the transnational elites are together against us without any thought for us. They see their own Tea Party, BNP, etc. as their real enemy. The NSA is their ally against their real enemy, their own people and their own dissident groups. Dissidents to immigration, diversity and PC-MC (Political Correctness and Multiculturalism.)

The chance the NSA would prosecute an oligarch who transferred know-how to China is zero. Or one who brought H-1bs to America to take our know-how and rule over our job markets. Until the NSA DOJ brings down the oligarchs who are pushing down the middle class, they won’t be on our side. The Snowdens will be.

Snowden is on the side of the people even if Snowden was a Russian spy from the beginning. We the traditional peoples of the West don’t have any margin left to let our disloyal elites destroy us with immigration and diversity. Any ally against that is our ally.

We could have a World Trade Center blown up every year and it would not match diversity and immigration in bringing us down. Diversity is doing that with a totality that can’t be matched by acts of terrorism on the scale of a WTC. Even nuclear weapons didn’t harm Japan as much as diversity did Detroit. That is our war.

The NSA doesn’t know what war the people are in. Our war is with diversity, immigration, disloyal elites and their institutions. NSA is one of their institutions against us. The main target of NSA is the Tea Party right which is in revolt against diversity and immigration.

The real war is elites v people and the real weapon is immigration. In that war, NSA is on the side of the elites and its main target is the people who threaten the elites. NSA is not on the side of the people any more than FSB is on the side of the Russian people. In fact, even less so in the dimension of immigration and diversity.

Edward Snowden Propaganda of the Deed

December 8, 2013

Edward Snowden has done propaganda of the deed. This was performance art. But who can follow it?

Snowden seems to have lucked into his safe landing in Russia by a set of fortuitous circumstances that no would be Snowden could count on happening for him. So who can imitate Snowden? As pointed out in the prior post, federal judges and Congress could imitate Snowden by simply doing their job without acting with deference to the NSA and DOJ.

Either the federal judges and Congress will imitate Snowden, or a new generation of dissidents will on a larger scale. The NSA is too out of control and too out of compliance with the Constitution for the people to tolerate it. One way or another it is going to be reined in.

The reining in will either be done by the current government system or by the people acting as the real system in control over the government system. Voting out the Congressoids who go along with the NSA and DOJ is a first step to taking back the government from NSA secret rule. That rule is intolerable to a free people.

We don’t want to be Snowden like prisoners of the NSA-FSB-DOJ complex. They protect each other’s secrets more than they do ours. They are the ultimate colleagues. China and the US elites are in bed with each other against the American people and the Chinese people. They are practicing industrial and scientific divide and rule to benefit elites and harm the rest. We will find a way out of this situation.

Dissidents in China and the US and Russia will show an alternative that people will follow. They can do this in America by electing a new Congress committed to transparency and limiting the NSA’s power to go around federal judges and the Constitution.

Snowden and Assange may be flawed and egotistical, but so are Clinton, Bush, Obama, Eric Holder, and the NSAcrats who go into the Chertoff Group and Booz Allen for million dollar payoffs. Those controllers are despicable to the people. We don’t want the rule of Chertoff Group and Booz Allen. In that sense, we will take Snowden dumps over Michael Hayden living in his Dacha reading our emails and listening to our phone calls while paid millions to do it. If Snowden could read them, Hayden could and did.

NSA is said to be dispirited. What did they do with this information they had? Did they expose spying by one Chinese spy in America? Did they stop the transfer of factories and know-how to China? Was one billionaire who gave our know-how to China prosecuted with their information? One politician who sold us out to the moneyed interests on H-1b, student visas and know-how transfer?

Has any Hayden type spoken out about letting Chinese students have free run over our universities? Then our corporations? The NSA has not used the information to expose disloyal politicians, business people or corporations. They appear to simply target dissidents like the Tea Party. So they use the information to defend the apparatchiks from the people, not the people from the international apparatchiks. So NSA didn’t choose us, they chose the powerful and wealthy to follow.

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