Edward Snowden Propaganda of the Deed

December 8, 2013

Edward Snowden has done propaganda of the deed. This was performance art. But who can follow it?

Snowden seems to have lucked into his safe landing in Russia by a set of fortuitous circumstances that no would be Snowden could count on happening for him. So who can imitate Snowden? As pointed out in the prior post, federal judges and Congress could imitate Snowden by simply doing their job without acting with deference to the NSA and DOJ.

Either the federal judges and Congress will imitate Snowden, or a new generation of dissidents will on a larger scale. The NSA is too out of control and too out of compliance with the Constitution for the people to tolerate it. One way or another it is going to be reined in.

The reining in will either be done by the current government system or by the people acting as the real system in control over the government system. Voting out the Congressoids who go along with the NSA and DOJ is a first step to taking back the government from NSA secret rule. That rule is intolerable to a free people.

We don’t want to be Snowden like prisoners of the NSA-FSB-DOJ complex. They protect each other’s secrets more than they do ours. They are the ultimate colleagues. China and the US elites are in bed with each other against the American people and the Chinese people. They are practicing industrial and scientific divide and rule to benefit elites and harm the rest. We will find a way out of this situation.

Dissidents in China and the US and Russia will show an alternative that people will follow. They can do this in America by electing a new Congress committed to transparency and limiting the NSA’s power to go around federal judges and the Constitution.

Snowden and Assange may be flawed and egotistical, but so are Clinton, Bush, Obama, Eric Holder, and the NSAcrats who go into the Chertoff Group and Booz Allen for million dollar payoffs. Those controllers are despicable to the people. We don’t want the rule of Chertoff Group and Booz Allen. In that sense, we will take Snowden dumps over Michael Hayden living in his Dacha reading our emails and listening to our phone calls while paid millions to do it. If Snowden could read them, Hayden could and did.

NSA is said to be dispirited. What did they do with this information they had? Did they expose spying by one Chinese spy in America? Did they stop the transfer of factories and know-how to China? Was one billionaire who gave our know-how to China prosecuted with their information? One politician who sold us out to the moneyed interests on H-1b, student visas and know-how transfer?

Has any Hayden type spoken out about letting Chinese students have free run over our universities? Then our corporations? The NSA has not used the information to expose disloyal politicians, business people or corporations. They appear to simply target dissidents like the Tea Party. So they use the information to defend the apparatchiks from the people, not the people from the international apparatchiks. So NSA didn’t choose us, they chose the powerful and wealthy to follow.


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