NSA has to expose secrets of elites who are our main enemy

December 8, 2013

The main enemy of the American people is not Tsarnaev. Nor is it Edward Snowden. But those are the top two enemies of the NSA. The NSA and the people don’t have the same enemies.

Nor do the people and NSA have the same friends. Larry Summers, billionaires who transfer know-how to China, Stanford with its Chinese students are the friends of NSA. So are the European elites bringing in Muslims and Chechens to their countries.

The NSA does not have the same enemies we have, nor the same friends. In fact, they are reversed. Our main enemy is the elites who push immigration and know-how transfer. Our friends are dissidents like Vdare, Thomas Drake, Judge Napolitano, Snowden and Assange.

The Snowden exposures showed that the transnational elites are welded together in lock step against their own peoples. In fact, they no longer have their own peoples. They are a people to themselves, and one engaged in mortal combat with the traditional Western peoples.

In that conflict, Snowden and Assange are on our side because they are against the iron grip of the elites. In effect, China didn’t want Snowden, because China is in bed with the billionaires giving it our know-how and turning Stanford over to Chinese.

The Russians are more on our side in a sense than the Chinese, because the Chinese are getting everything and taking over while the Russians are not. To the extent that Snowden showed the American people how they are under the grip of an elite acting against them, the Russians win against the American elite and against the Chinese.

Russian’s main enemy is Chinese immigration into Siberia that will take half the territory of Russia. After losing Eastern Europe and the Khanates this will be another huge loss to Russian pride and identity.

NSA has to use its information to bring down the transnational elites not to shore them up against us. This is our real conflict. The transnational elites are our real enemy. If NSA is for them, it is against us.

The Snowden exposures show the transnational elites are together against us without any thought for us. They see their own Tea Party, BNP, etc. as their real enemy. The NSA is their ally against their real enemy, their own people and their own dissident groups. Dissidents to immigration, diversity and PC-MC (Political Correctness and Multiculturalism.)

The chance the NSA would prosecute an oligarch who transferred know-how to China is zero. Or one who brought H-1bs to America to take our know-how and rule over our job markets. Until the NSA DOJ brings down the oligarchs who are pushing down the middle class, they won’t be on our side. The Snowdens will be.

Snowden is on the side of the people even if Snowden was a Russian spy from the beginning. We the traditional peoples of the West don’t have any margin left to let our disloyal elites destroy us with immigration and diversity. Any ally against that is our ally.

We could have a World Trade Center blown up every year and it would not match diversity and immigration in bringing us down. Diversity is doing that with a totality that can’t be matched by acts of terrorism on the scale of a WTC. Even nuclear weapons didn’t harm Japan as much as diversity did Detroit. That is our war.

The NSA doesn’t know what war the people are in. Our war is with diversity, immigration, disloyal elites and their institutions. NSA is one of their institutions against us. The main target of NSA is the Tea Party right which is in revolt against diversity and immigration.

The real war is elites v people and the real weapon is immigration. In that war, NSA is on the side of the elites and its main target is the people who threaten the elites. NSA is not on the side of the people any more than FSB is on the side of the Russian people. In fact, even less so in the dimension of immigration and diversity.


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