DOJ created Snowden by charging Thomas Drake with Espionage Act

December 9, 2013

The Department of Justice charged Thomas Drake with violating the Espionage Act just for a few emailed comments to a journalist. Compared to what Snowden did, Drake did nothing. But the lesson to Snowden was if you do even the tiniest leak that offends the powerful, you are charged the same as if you took the crown jewels. So Snowden took what he could.

In a certain sense, Snowden is payback for Thomas Drake and other whistleblowers being run over by DOJ arrogance. DOJ feels it can do anything and is invulnerable. This includes torturing people, prosecuting people for bogus charges, withholding evidence, and overcharging to coerce a confession. DOJ act like Stalin’s prosecutors towards the mild leak of Thomas Drake. The result is they get a full blown Mitrokhin in reverse.

The Snowden Archive is payback for treating Thomas Drake to a show trial by DOJ for nothing. This is what happens when a government wages war on its own employees. That is what DOJ did with Thomas Drake, they declared war on government employees who are honorable and do the right thing.

DOJ has never apologized for their treatment of Thomas Drake. The judge admonished them, but DOJ has never admitted it was wrong. They seldom do.

The ones who feel this the most are the employees of DOJ, FBI, NSA, etc. They are the ones most afraid of their own agencies. Snowden showed his fear of NSA.

By acting like Stalin’s prosecutors, DOJ erases the fear that DOJ, FBI, NSA employees have of Russia and China. The DOJ etc employees are so afraid of DOJ prosecutors run amok, that they forget their fear of Russia and China.

We see this in Snowden. Snowden having access to so many files of NSA about Russia and China from the Hawaii station was still more afraid of NSA, DOJ and the FBI than he was of China and Russia. This is a frame of mind that DOJ deliberately inculcates by its excessive prosecution. DOJ management wants its own employees more afraid of them and of whistleblowing than they are of China and Russia doing their worst. They have succeeded. Snowden is the product of their success in creating this fear in their own people.


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