Snowden shows Russia and China are becoming the complaint department for America

December 12, 2013

If the FBI did its job properly, then people like Edward Snowden would not leave the country when they have a problem to report. However, the FBI simply ignores the people like Edward Snowden. To them, every Snowden is just complaining about some personal problem and using the FBI as a general complaint department.

So in the Snowden case, President Putin of Russia was interested to hear his complaint, along with the whole world. Prior to that, the violations of the Constitution by the NSA were not a complaint the FBI was interested in.

The problems of Americans are noise to the FBI unless it is linked to their own daily life’s social currency. So steroids use by a baseball player or a football player abusing dogs are meaningful to the FBI.

Even when Russia warns the FBI of a dangerous Chechen terrorist in the Boston area, the FBI quickly drops it. It never occurred to the FBI to investigate what complaints Chechens have against America or former employees of US government, IMF and World Bank because of the policies of those organizations towards Russia and Chechnya in the 1990s. Chechens in fact blame those organizations for genocide of the Chechen people. People involved in those policies live in the Boston area.

If the FBI had understood that its job was to understand these things, it would have worked on understanding why Chechens were important to Russia, Putin, America and to people living in the Boston area. Instead, it forgot the issue quickly.

So Snowden had to go to China and then Russia for his complaint to get proper recognition. Even today, the FBI continues to deny it had any reason to act on the Constitution being violated by NSA or that it should have researched Chechnen complaints on the Internet, which would have taken not very long to do.

How the FBI can be so ignorant of Russia, of recent Russian history, and of the personalities involved shows how their minds are controlled by their daily social currency, baseball, weather, etc. Russia is not part of that so they ignore it.

To the FBI, Russia’s tip about Chechens was another case of someone using the FBI as a general complaint department. They just attributed it to some personal motive and dismissed it. Amazing. They have the same attitude to a warning from Russia as someone calling in about a problem in their personal life.

This is because the FBI can’t get away from the chimp brain that only recognizes its immediate social currency network as important. The FBI lacks higher thinking ability above that level. This means it lacks the imagination to react to Russia or to tips from or about Russia from anyone, even directly from Russia itself.


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