Stanley Fischer fed vice chairman and FBI social currency problem

December 12, 2013

There are reports that Obama has offered the position of Fed Vice Chairman to Stanley Fischer. This blog has reported the issues of Fischer’s possible plagiarism at MIT in 1969 and Russia’s use of it since 2006. Yet the FBI has done nothing that the public can see to investigate it. The same applies to Larry Summers.

The FBI doesn’t want to be the complaint department of the country. But when Russia becomes the complaint department, it shows the FBI can’t distinguish what is their job to investigate.

Once the FBI becomes aware that Russia is on top of someone’s problem in America and can use it to influence or pressure people in the US, it is the FBI’s job to investigate it down to the roots and resolve the situation sufficiently that it is no longer available to Russia as a tool. That also includes the cases that graft on to it over time because of prior FBI neglect.

This is the case with Russia Plagiarism Files. Russia studies cases of plagiarism or of academic misconduct and then uses them up to the limit set by the FBI putting pressure back. If the FBI pressure back is zero, Russia will use them more and more.

FBI agents use sports for social currency at the barber shop, school, etc. So whether a baseball player uses steroids or a football player misuses dogs has meaning to FBI agents as social currency. Whether Stanley Fischer plagiarized Nils Hakansson in 1969 and then in his 1980s textbook prevented Hakansson getting recognition has no social currency to FBI agents in their personal lives like sports steroids does.

But it does have social currency in Stanley Fischer’s life and in Larry Summers and Andrei Shleifer. So Russia can use that to pressure IMF loans or in earlier decades to get atomic secrets.

The FBI doesn’t connect that when something bad happens in America and Russia uses it then it becomes the FBI’s problem. Instead, when told about it, the FBI simply regards the person complaining as an irritant trying to use the FBI as a general complaint department. Unless the person’s complaint is about a sports person using steroids or abusing a dog, which have meaning to the FBI, the FBI ignores the person as misusing them as a general complaint department.

What happens in academia, technology companies, banks, derivatives trading, etc. is just noise to FBI agents. Those areas of life are not part of FBI social currency like baseball and football are. So misconduct in those areas is ignored. Even when the person brings in a complaint with substance, the FBI just look at the person’s motive and dismiss it as trying to use the FBI as a general complaint department.

So unless the complaint is about what has social currency in the personal lives of FBI agents, they just dismiss it as based on a motive arising from someone else’s life and some other social networks’s social currency. The social currency of econ profs is unimportant to FBI agents because it is not part of their social currency.

The FBI agents are unable to overcome their own social network’s social currency. This means they can’t do their job. The areas Russia and China are interested in are not baseball players using steroids or a football player abusing dogs. Those people can’t help Russia and China get what they want.

Physics and econ profs can give things to Russia and China they want. So they study the social currency and networks of physics and econ profs. That includes credit for scientific work, recognition, and plagiarism.

But to the FBI, these things don’t matter because their barber or hairstylist never mentions those things. Therefore they are noise. Anyone reporting them to the FBI is misusing them as a general complaint department.

The result is that the field is open for Russia and China. They can publish their comments in scientific journals since 1937 and use them to get atomic secrets and IMF loans and the FBI still ignores it.

The nominations of Larry Summers, Stanley Fischer and Janet Yellen were never investigated properly by the FBI. This is rooted in their inability to see beyond their own social currency which does not include the recognition and academic networks of econ profs. So the FBI ignores what they hear that is actually relevant.


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