If the FBI is on the side of wrongdoers it gets itself into thickets

December 21, 2013

Once the FBI gets into the mentality of going along with wrongdoers at the top, and of ignoring the complaints of those below them, it has left the path of right and wrong. It will then find itself in a thicket of lies.

This seems to be the FBI situation today with the Stanley Fischer nomination for Fed vice-chairman. The FBI isn’t trying to help the victims of wrongdoing. In fact, the FBI has the goal of not helping the victims of wrongdoing. That makes doing its job impossible. It also gets it into lying for the benefit of the wrongdoers and their bosses.

The Stanley Fischer nomination came after the Larry Summers for Fed chairman discussion. Both of them link to issues relating to Russia, IMF loans, US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay and Putin’s comments about Chubais after the Boston Bombing.

The FBI can’t investigate the linked list of plagiarism cases that Russia is using without talking to the victims. But if it talks to the victims it has a dilemma.

  1. If it talks to the victims, it might get into the position of having to help them,
  2. Of setting the academic record right so that Russia can’t use it for kompromat,
  3. Of the victim knowing the state of the FBI investigation, which is almost nothing,
  4. The victim realizing the FBI won’t help them and will let Russia get away with it, apparently forever.

In 2013, we had

  1. Aaron Swartz suicide,
  2. Stanley Fischer resignation,
  3. Boris Berezovsky suicide,
  4. Boston Bombing,
  5. Putin’s comments after it about CIA agents advising Anatoly Chubais
  6. Putin sending home US Ambassador Stanford Prof Micheal McFaul people as CIA agents
  7. Shooting Todashev
  8. Snowden
  9. Russia meddling Syria
  10. Russia meddling Iran
  11. Larry Summers
  12. Janet Yellen
  13. Stanley Fischer


The FBI has done all it could in each incident to learn as little about the professor dimension and Russia’s manipulation of professors as it could.  However, despite this, it has had to learn a little in several of these.  Finally, with the Stanley Fischer nomination it may have reached the point where it now understands too much to go along willingly.  Or at least, some people in the FBI and possible DOJ are at that stage.

How long can the FBI gamble that people in the media or in Congress will continue to ignore an open public record on these topics?  People are stupid, but not forever.  At least not all of them.  This is already happening inside the FBI and DOJ.  So they can tell from their own experience that people can stop being stupid.  In that case, the FBI and DOJ would be in the situation of running a coverup in plain sight.  The record of this is on webpages.  Comments have been made on media publication webpages as this went along and it is not possible to get rid of them.

So on the Stanley Fischer nomination the FBI has reached the Come to Jesus Moment.  Given what they know now, despite their best efforts not to learn it, they can’t just go on with the coverup.  Given their loss of credibility in the Boston Bombing and Todashev incidents as well as Snowden revelations, if they are caught covering up for Russia to please the powerful, their reputation is deservedly destroyed.

The Stanley Fischer nomination is a make or break one for the FBI. If the FBI just passes it along, then once the public wakes up, the FBI will not be able to recover easily.  With the Stanley Fischer nomination, the FBI now is a knowing and witting co-conspirator to covering up Russia using plagiarism kompromat on professors, unless the FBI draws a line in the sand and refuses to go along.

This also means investigating the topic and stopping Russia using it or at least fighting it openly.  The FBI knows too much now about plagiarism kompromat to just have Stanley Fischer withdraw his nomination and then go on pretending none of this ever happened.

It comes back to whether the FBI is on the side of right or wrong.  If the FBI ignores wrong to protect the powerful and please its bosses, then it is in the briar patch of lies.  Its reputation with the public will continue to go down.  It will seem more and more alien.  Covering up for Russia is beyond the pale.  The public will never accept that.   Nor from DOJ or NSA neither.

Honest ones inside FBI and DOJ have to speak up louder.  They are not just the isolated few.  It is the ones at the top who are isolated.  Now is the time to push for what is right.  To expose Russia using plagiarism kompromat to get atomic secrets and IMF loans.  To expose the wrong doers not put them in control of the money supply while still under foreign influence.

Is Snowden the hero?  Are the heroes all outside the FBI?  In any case,  they simply have to write down in their reports the truth and refuse to write down lies.  They don’t have to run off to Moscow to do that.

Non nobis domine


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