Winter Solstice 2013 whither wend the Whites?

December 21, 2013

Note that it is not the Whites wither, although this is the desire of some amongst us.

Winter Solstice in Iceland 2010

Icelandic Folk Music – Tröllaslagur

Icelandic folk song – “Móðir Mín í kví kví”

Mother Mine, in the Fold, Fold

A young woman who lived on a farm became pregnant. After giving birth to the child she set it out to die of exposure, not an uncommon act in this country before it became punishable by severe penalties. Now one day it happened that the young woman was invited to a dancing party. However, she had no good clothes, so she stayed at home in a sour mood. That evening, while milking the ewes in the fold, she complained aloud that for the want of a proper dress she could not go to the party. She had scarcely spoken when she heard the following song:

Mother mine, in the fold, fold
You need not be so sad, sad.
You can wear my castoff rags,
So you can dance,
And dance.


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