Does Christmas still have any meaning except as an extra New Year’s Day?

December 25, 2013

Christmas has become the other New Year. It is just another day off at the end of the year. Christmas and New Years are not moved to Mondays, yet. Because of this, schools take an extended break. Soon the same folks who brought us Common Core will try to take these days for exam prep.

Government employees especially try to take leave to fill in the week around Christmas. This fits with school holidays. Perhaps one day, they will take leave to tutor their children in Common Core. Perhaps this is going on already.

The meaning of Christmas may become studying for Common Core exams. Christmas gifts will become Common Core Gifts.

The other meaning of Christmas under our Liberal masters is another day to celebrate, you guessed it, Diversity. Diversity Santa and Diversity Jesus usher in another year of Diversity.

Did Jesus really come to force Diversity on White Europe as a sort of revenge for the Roman occupation of Palestine? Not according to what Christian Europe understood when Europe was run by Christians. It did not mark ethnic cleansing of Europeans (aka Whites).

The meaning of Diversity is ethnic cleansing of Whites. Ethnic cleansing Whites is a sin. So the meaning of Christmas is not Diversity.

Diversity in families makes them genetically farther apart than a random person of the same race. Thus Diversity destroys family. Destroying family is not Christian. It is a sin, actually.

So the meanings of Christmas in Lib Theology turn out to be actual sins in Christian Theology. What a surprise that would be in many Diversity Pulpits.

Helene Fischer – Ave Maria (German Version – Franz Schubert)


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