2013 the Year that Russia was important again

December 30, 2013

How was the FBI supposed to know that Russia was still an important country? Did anyone tell them? The British don’t count, they are just mad because of Putin having people killed in London with radioactive isotopes.

So why didn’t anyone tell the FBI that they were responsible for interpreting warnings from Russia? You mean they were supposed to figure out what the warning about Chechen terrorism meant on their own?

The Russians knew the FBI had stopped thinking about Russia or learning Russian history. FBI and CIA experts were dying off and their books were being sold at used book stores in DC and Virginia, even Maryland. How could the FBI know they were supposed to hang on to those books and even read them?

Or learn something new. Some guy says Russia keeps track of plagiarism about professors at Harvard and MIT. How 20th century. How could the FBI have put together that Russia was warning about Chechens like Tsarnaevs because Chechens resented IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s for funding the genocide of Chechens? Look on the Internet. Ask Harvard prof Shleifer who was writing about stuff?

Russia did this just to prove it was smarter, how unfair. The FBI wasn’t thinking and the Russians knew that. They did this just because the FBI was ignoring them as unimportant. Meanies. The FBI ignored their warning to show the FBI was smarter than Russia about Chechens. Then it turned out they weren’t. So like, Russia could be smarter about Shleifer, Summers and Stanley Fischer than the FBI too? Have gotten IMF loans using academic kompromat under the FBI’s nose?

But how could the FBI know that? No one told them. It was posted on the Internet? That doesn’t count. Russia has been pushing academic kompromat and plagiarism since the 1930s. How could the FBI know that? That was posted on the Internet too? But how to connect that to IMF loans to Chechens? Use the Internet? So the FBI outright lied to Congress when it said it could not have stopped the Boston Bombing?

Did the British try to warn the FBI between Berezvosky’s death and the Boston Bombing? Is that why David Cameron visited FBI HQ after the Boston Bombing? Cameron sure acted and talked like the British and FBI together could have stopped the Boston Bombing. Does the FBI know that?

Do people expect the FBI to watch Russia, China and Muslims? Tsarnaevs were 2 out of 3? Yeah, but the FBI was busy. They had to stop the Tea Party. Didn’t you notice, no terrorism by the Tea Party. The FBI has a perfect record on that one.

Inspector Clouseau


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