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Hostage Taking Scenario at Harvard or MIT during Sochi

January 31, 2014

This post explores a hypothetical scenario of a hostage taking at Harvard or MIT during the Sochi Winter Olympics.  This would be done by Chechen or Muslim groups who wanted to make a spectacular statement linking Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer to the IMF funding of the Second Chechen War that Chechens and Muslims blame for the genocide of Chechens.

In addition to providing such a linkage, it would also expose the FBI as inept and corrupt in the background checks of Larry Summers in 2009 and again earlier in 2013 and for Stanley Fischer for Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

From the point of view of Chechens or Muslims taking hostages at the MIT or Harvard Economics Department, business schools or a dorm or library would create a spectacular propaganda event.  This would be better than a hostage taking of athletes in Sochi because it would tie the responsibility of Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer to the IMF to IMF loans funding the Second Chechen War and genocide of the Chechens.

Moreover, to these groups, the CIA was responsible for fomenting conflict in Chechnya that led to the war.  They also believe the CIA’s motive was at least partly to get oil and pipelines from that region.  This can create a fever of revenge in their minds as they consider that Chechens died so that CIA linked investors could become millionaires or even billionaires.  Secondary targets could be various companies or investment groups linked to this activity.

Anyone with information on these subjects should report it.  See the bottom of the following post on this subject.


Navigating Resources on Russia Plagiarism Files

January 31, 2014

This post is meant to help in finding information on Russia Plagiarism Files, ie the hypothesis that the Russian government keeps track of plagiarism, or its appearance or post publication efforts to claim credit or deny credit or recognition to rivals or victims.

If you come to a tag page like Klaus Fuchs you will find a stack of articles with the tag Klaus Fuchs with the latest articles first.  You can think of it as a column of articles with the latest article on the top of the column.

The latest article may be tagged Klaus Fuchs because it has some application related to Klaus Fuchs.  However, the latest article is not the one to read if you are starting at the beginning.  It will simply confuse you and seem hopeless.

One thing you can do is go to the bottom of the column which is the oldest article.

The top article currently in the Klaus Fuchs tag column is

This article is mostly about Thomas C. Reed citing the tag column Klaus Fuchs.  It is December 12, 2008.

Note the current link to the Reed article is now

If we go to the bottom of the Klaus Fuchs tag column, we get

This article is from 2006.  The 2006 article is more basic and from the beginning. So you would do better to read that unless you can’t think for yourself, in which case you just want to see that Thomas C. Reed linked to these webpages.  Reed was a former Sec of the Air Force and worked with Teller before that to develop nuclear weapons at Lawrence Livermore.

Another place to start on Russia Plagiarism Files is

This has links to some other articles.

If you come to a random article webpage from a Google link or a link in an email provided by a friend or unfriend, then you may find it confusing or not of much use.  You have to make some effort to find the right articles to read given your background knowledge.

This navigation page will be added to from time to time.  So you may want to come back to it.


As a reminder, See Something Say Something.

If you know something that could be of use in exposing government or academic corruption or in counter-terrorism, speak up.  Chechens or others may have specific resentments against academic, banking, government or international targets.  If you work for one of those or are a student and see something suspicious, speak up.  Report it to someone.  Post a comment on these webpages if you can’t do anything else.

This is currently posted on January 31, 2014.  We are in a fever over Sochi Terrorism.  But the strike may be somewhere else such as Harvard and MIT economics departments or business schools.  If you work or study there, and no one seems to take notice of anything, speak up.  These departments should issue warnings in advance of the Sochi games, really even before this.  They are a special target during Sochi. So are the IMF and World Bank in Washington DC or affiliated locations in Europe.

Russia may also be spreading stories inside Chechen or Muslim groups blaming Andrei Shleifer, Larry Summers, Stanley Fischer or others.  Putin wants to deflect blame for the Chechen genocide and Moscow Apartment Bombings onto the US, British and likely Israel.

After the Boston Bombings in 2013, Putin blamed the CIA for manipulating Anatoly Chubais, this fingered Harvard prof Andrei Shleifer.  If something happens in the US or Europe, Putin will blame the CIA.  If someone is killed, Putin will say they were the next Snowden and were going to expose the CIA.    Russia will have a twisted story to explain whatever happens.  Thus you can’t exclude any target or any scenario because it is too absurd or stupid.

Stanley Fischer’s appointment as Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve before the Sochi Olympics was waiving a red flag in the face of Chechens and Muslims. They blame the IMF loans under Fischer and Summers for funding the Chechen genocide in 1999 during the Second Chechen War.  The Kavkaz Center in Sweden pushes this line.  Thus the Federal Reserve is a target and groups or individuals linked to it.  If you know something about any of this, you should pass that on.  This includes Russia’s use of academic misconduct kompromat, pre or post publication.

The universities, the IMF and World Bank, Federal Reserve, banks and other related financial institutions have not passed on what they know to the FBI or JTTF or even within their own organization to their own security people.  They have to take blame for not doing so.  If you have information or academic misconduct, Russia’s use of it, an interest in this subject by Chechens and Muslims, Chinese, or Russians, then pass it on.

Countries like Pakistan and India and likely Iran try to piggy back on this information and use it. So report people from these countries if you know they are involved in such matters.  You can link to this page in a written report or tip as providing background on these subjects.

Don’t be a victim.  These people manipulate not just terrorism but academic misconduct and recognition to advance their national or group interests.  You don’t have to protect them because they are colleagues or leader figures, even if they have important titles or recognition.

Vanishing American Time to Go

January 21, 2014

A very sad day in blogging that Vanishing American is going to stop blogging and pull her blog from the Internet.

I somehow feel as if my blogging over the last several years (I first began in 2006) has amounted to nothing after all, but I gave it my all while I could. Now it’s time.

Again, thanks to those of you who made thoughtful posts and input over the years.

Long time commenter at VA, CabbageRoll has left a comment at this blog.

cabbageroll Says:
January 21, 2014 at 3:58 am e

Hey OA, I just read Vanishing American’s post. I haven’t commented on her blog because it wouldn’t allow me to comment without some type of account, and also I’ve been busy working on a big project (still working on it unfortunately).

So…if VA reads this blog…here are my comments…

You should be blogging not to make a difference but to make yourself happy :) The only opinion that matters in life is yours. :) If you’re a good person, doing the above will make a difference.

VA changed my life for the better. I have a real true blue friends now who I don’t have to walk around eggshells with all the time (still single though :( but getting warmer!) I understand the world better and can make better decisions.

That is only two sentences…but what more does one person need? Once you have real friends, and you pull back the lies…Haven’t you pretty much won?

VA you’d be proud of me and what I’ve accomplished in the last few years, and none of that would have happened without your blog. You’re blog was what I needed to launch Cabbageroll Inc.

And now Cabbageroll Inc. is going to take over the world!!!

Thank you :)

January 21, 2014 at 10:12 am e

Thanks for commenting. I am glad her blog helped you, as it has me. It has a valuable contribution to spirit for Whites. It helps give us something of thrasos, as you indicate.

The development of one’s own thinking is valuable, especially when one sees and hears so many who have not made the transition in mindset from apology to victory.

I find that for me, it also has helped promote action. This applies to her blog and my own efforts. Even debates at newspaper websites that are now long forgotten were valuable.

It takes a lot of time to expel liberalism from your mind. VA made a similarly worded statement about how difficult it is to get out of that web.

Thanks for the humor, spirit, and music over the years.

Best luck in your other endeavors, VA.

Karen Matheson and Capercaillie is one of your favorites that you introduced us to.

Who Will Raise their Voice?

When the smoke clears
And the truth comes shining through.
I will watch the sparks fly
From deadlines overdue
Make no mistake now
Time will hunt them down
Till the language of reason
Runs them to (the) ground.

Who will raise their voice, as the cruel winds blow
And who will call a truce, and who can break our fall
Whisper words of reason to those without a song
Who will raise their voice, and carry us along.

Those images are everywhere, like sand in your hair
From the beaches of childhood they slip through my fingers they’re
Like years of our lives, tormenting and cruel
Will the world look that way again, silent and true?

So when the smoke clears
And the truth comes shining through
Those prophecies they made
Will crumble in two, like a dark horse riding, graceful through the night
You’re the language of reason
The language of life.

Sean Connery described Karen Matheson as having “a throat surely touched by the hand of God.

This describes your writing VA. I hope that one day your blog is republished somewhere in some form, but it has influenced many and had the power to move men’s (and women’s) minds.

Russia FSB doesn’t want American security at Sochi Winter Olympics because it smears it with Chechens

January 19, 2014

The FSB can’t have a lot of American security at the Winter Olympics at Sochi because the FSB has double agents spreading smears and lies against the CIA and NSA in Chechen groups.

Russia has implicated CIA in following

  1. It created a rumor that the CIA helped target Dudayev in 1996 when Clinton was in Moscow. Rumor.
  2. It blamed the CIA for the 1999 Moscow Apartment bombings.  CIA Moscow Apartment bombings.
  3. Putin said that CIA agents ie Harvard prof Shleifer and also Hay were advising Anatoly Chubais. Putin Shleifer Chubais CIA

Note that during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay from 1997 to 2005, Steklov Mathematical Institute  granted Hay a Ph.D. in math with a dissertation on differential equations.

This was in case Jonathan Hay lost his law license, he could fall back on the math Ph.D.  This was so he would keep quiet about Russia using kompromat to get IMF loans and passing messages through Shleifer most likely.

Compared to the Snowden case, what could be more obvious?  While a defendant in US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, Russia gives Harvard JD a math Ph.D.? (Also I think it was in differential equations, an unlikely topic for a lawyer.)  The FBI has to be brain dead to think that isn’t circumstantial evidence of further wrong doing.

us v harvard shleifer hay

Prior heads of Steklov Bogolyubov and Vladimirov were involved in pushing Edge of the Wedge Theorem dispute against Reinhard Oehme, Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies while Oppenheimer was still head of it and University of Chicago.  This was a continuation of their pressure to use such methods to get atomic secrets.

Putin in days after Boston Bombing April 15 2013 said that Anatoly Chubais was advised by CIA agents meaning Shleifer and Hay in order to blame the IMF loans that funded the Chechen wars on the CIA.  This was to misdirect from Chubais passing on pressure to Shleifer to pass to Summers and or Stanley Fischer.

The FSB is spreading rumors about this among Chechen groups to get Chechens to attack American and British targets.  They also are saying British intelligence helped Berezovsky fake his death.  Again Putin transfers blame for the second Chechen war to Berezovsky and the British and thus America as well.

Russia can’t have American and British agents at Sochi while it is telling Chechens that all the bad things in the 1990s that hurt Chechens were British CIA plots.

Berezovsky also had his own special links to Chechens as hit men.

Klebnikov Chechens Berezovsky

If Snowden or Wikileaks did hand files over to Russia, they will mine them to try to pass false rumors among Chechen groups blaming the CIA, NSA and British intelligence for everything bad that has happened to Chechnya and Chechens.  Even if Snowden or Wikileaks did no such thing, the FSB/SVR/GRU will pretend they did.

2013 was quite a year for Russia.  So many things happened.

  1. Aaron Swartz commits suicide causing uproar at FBI/DOJ.
  2. Stanley Fischer resigns after a request is sent to MIT in January 2013 to investigate his plagiarism as part of Swartz investigation.
  3. Berezovsky commits suicide just before he was supposed to fly to Israel to meet his Russian girl friend there.
  4. Boston Bombing.
  5. Putin’s statement that Chubais was advised by CIA agents meaning Harvard’s Shleifer and Hay who were close to Larry Summers and through him to Stanley Fischer in control of IMF loans to Russia that funded Chechen wars in Chechen telling of it.
  6. Sending Stanford Prof Michael McFaul reports home as CIA agents.
  7. Snowden.
  8. US forces down head of state aircraft based on false information.
  9. Games with Syria.
  10. Games with Iran.
  11. Larry Summers almost appointed Fed chairman.
  12. Janet Yellen who is part of the group going along with this in academia and at Fed.
  13. Stanley Fischer is nominated to be Fed vice chairman.

The FBI have been played as fools in every single case it would appear.

Russia doesn’t want the FBI or other agents from US around at Sochi because it is hoping to deflect Chechens on to American, British and other NATO country targets instead.   That includes universities, IMF and World Bank and other international or banking targets in Europe and US.

The Stanley Fischer nomination and Larry Summers re-emergence are both going to make it easy for the FSB/SVR to inflame Chechen and Muslim groups against the US as being behind Berezovsky and the Chechen wars.

The universities and their partners still bear liability for failing to tell the FBI, Congress and public what they know.


The Russians have been planning this since at least 2007 when they were awarded the Sochi Olympics.  Everything that they could influence of the above events in 2013 they likely viewed as part of their plan to shift the Chechens off of Sochi and onto the Americans and British as targets.  This gives them motive for the Boston Bombings.  It also gives them motive to use their Wikileaks connections to try to recruit a Snowden type figure.

(It is interesting to speculate if somehow Aaron Swartz were being manipulated by some human rights group or a math prof from
Russia who was telling Swartz he would help him analyze the JSTOR files.  This type of angle, although with not this Sochi angle, was part of the basis for the request made in January 2013 to MIT to investigate these matters and Stanley Fischer possible plagiarism as part of the Swartz investigation.)


Obviously, spreading such rumors in Chechen groups as Putin did himself by saying Chubais was advised by CIA agents and the appointment of Stanley Fischer to the Fed will make the American team and spectators prime targets of Chechens at the Sochi Olympics.

If there is terrorism against Americans at Sochi, the FSB can’t afford to have FBI agents there to question survivors or others about their motives.  They can’t afford to have the FBI hear that Chechens resent IMF loans and Stanley Fischer straight from the mouths of a prisoner.  That would be something that could not be covered up from the press or the Congress.  That would then lead to the information on this subject on the Internet since 2006 and the FBI’s incompetence not to follow it up and to continue to allow the universities to deceive and lie about these topics to the public.


Kavkaz Center on FBI paranoia over Sochi Olympics attacks on Americans at Sochi.

(Don’t trust the Kavkaz website.  Certainly don’t give them money.)

IMF loans

 Stanley Fischer IMF loans Chechens

The universities are going to have a lot to explain about their Stanley Fischer plagiarism coverup and Russia’s use of plagiarism kompromat.  But the FBI/JTTF may finally have run out of excuses if there is any act of terrorism, especially as they fail to do the Stanley Fischer background check.  This will be the FBI’s problem, as it should be.

FBI agent and academic activist meet at French bakery Paul near FBI building

January 17, 2014

Frederico the FBI agent and Ainsley the academic activist run into each other at the Paul bakery on Pennsylvania Avenue near the FBI HQ in DC. They are next to each other in line to order.

Fred: So what do you think of the Stanley Fischer nomination for Fed vice chairman?

Ainsley: If you guys did your job you would expose him for Russia using kompromat on him to get IMF loans in the 1990s.

Fred: That isn’t our job.

Ainsley: How is it not your job?

Fred: That is egg head stuff.

Ainsley: Egg head stuff is what changes the world. Atom bomb secrets. IMF loans. Those change things for the ordinary man.

Fred: That might be but my bosses don’t think that.

Ainsley: You just deal with the Todashev types.

Fred: Well you don’t want to, do you?

Ainsley: (To counter clerk) I’ll have the sandwich Atlantique and an iced Americano.

Fred: It’s January and you are having an iced Americano? You academic types have no sense.

(To counter clerk) I’ll have the ham and cheese and a real coffee.

Ainsley: I can’t believe you guys did a background check on Stanley Fischer and ignored the plagiarism in his Ph.D. thesis.

Fred: That’s for the universities to investigate.

Ainsley: Yeah, the universities in Russia. They did the investigation and Russia got IMF loans in the 1990s as a reward.

Fred: Says you.

Ainsley: Why do you think Long Term Capital bought Russian government bonds like they had inside information.

Fred: I don’t know why some egghead hedge fund does anything.

Ainsley: Because they knew that Fischer had plagiarized Nils Hakansson and they knew Russia knew about it and they knew Russia used in the 1970s to pressure Nobel Prize nominations for Kantorovich.

Fred: Maybe, but that is just academic gossip.

Ainsely: He’s nominated for Fed Vice Chairman. What does the FBI think a background check is? It isn’t like he runs drugs.

Fred: If he did, we’d find it.

Ainsely: But you are told what is real problem is and you don’t investigate it.

Fred: That’s for the universities to do.

Ainsley: They are in on it. They snow you every time you do a background check on one of these econ profs.

Fred: That really isn’t the problem of the FBI.

Ainsley: You didn’t do so well on the Boston Bombing.

Fred: Because the academics didn’t tell us what we needed to know.

Ainsley: Because they were covering up. If you had investigated them before on the Russia IMF loans you would have understood why Russia gave a warning on Chechens in Boston. Chechens resent the IMF loans and want revenge.

Fred: How are we supposed to know that?

Ainsley: Read the Internet.

Fred: That is analyst work.

(They sit down at a table and eat their sandwiches.)

Ainsley: If you started with where the complaints were, you would make progress. The complaint about Stanley Fischer is that he plagiarized Nils Hakansson and then Russia learned that and used it as kompromat to get IMF loans. You are supposed to do a background check on him. Well that is the complaint so investigate that.

Fred: That’s for the universities.

Ainsley: So what do you do?

Fred: These academic background checks are just a soft gig between tough assignments.

Ainsley: So you admit you do nothing.

Fred: That complaint was out there on the Internet for years and the universities did nothing. That proves there was nothing to it. So the FBI had nothing to investigate.

Ainsley: Do you use this method with the Mafia?

Fred: Exposing the universities is not our job.

Ainsley: So it’s Russia’s job.

Fred: No, it’s your job.

Ainsley: I’ve exposed it for you. You just need to ask them the same questions. Ask MIT to investigate. I’ve already submitted formal requests in writing to MIT to investigate, two times. Once in January 2013 and once this week.

Fred: Well, maybe they will investigate it this time.

Ainsley: Not much chance of that.

Fred: Then he gets confirmed. He’s supposed to be really good from what I hear.

Ainsley: He has ruined entire countries and enriched himself. Same MO as he used on Hakansson.

Fred: That is egghead business.

Ainsley: Russia used the same methods to get the atom bomb secrets. Is that just egghead business?

Fred: That is the past.

(At this point they have finished their sandwiches.)

Ainsley: It’s insane, I am in an insane asylum. You are told exactly what the Russians did and how they did it and you ignore it. What do you do?

Fred: We investigate those who are a threat to the security of those in power.

Ainsley: Praetorian guard.

Fred: Call it what you want, but our bosses are pleased.

Ainsley: While the country runs down.

Fred: If the country doesn’t like being run down, they should speak up.

(They get up and head out separate doors, Fred back towards FBI, Ainsley to do research at the National Archives.)

Ainsley: Well I hope your friends have a chuckle over this.

Fred: We will.

Þórun Antonia Maístjarnan

January 6, 2014

Þórun Antonia Maístjarnan

Wonderful voice and music.

Arnór Svarfdal
3 years ago

@Kajiuzu Part two: These times are tough, We are struggling for work, I have nothing to offer, not a thing I can give, except my hope and my life whether I wake or sleep, This one thing you gave me is all that I have. But tonight ends the winter for every working man, and tomorrow shines the May-sun, It is his May-sun, It is our May-sun, Sun of our unity! For you I will carry the flag of tomorrows land.

Is the talk of Stanley Fischer a head fake to get Yellen past confirmation?

January 2, 2014

Is the talk of Stanley Fischer being nominated so that those opposed will hold back until he is formally nominated?  Meanwhile, Janet Yellen, who is part of the same conspiracy gets confirmed?

The case against Stanley Fischer and the evidence against him are far stronger than against Yellen. So as long as Stanley Fischer is on the table as a possible nomination, we will hold back to file a complaint until he is officially nominated.  But that is put off until after Yellen is confirmed.  So Yellen sails through without her issues being brought up.

Once Yellen is confirmed, Fischer is yanked off the table. Same as Larry Summers.  So Yellen is in, and the evidence against her was never submitted, because the opponents were waiting for Fischer.

Is Obama that smart?  Or someone?

Nominating Fischer would be stupid.  There is no way Fischer can go 4 years on the Fed without a wider public catching on to his plagiarism problem and that Russia has made use of such problems on a consistent basis since the 1920s.

Does FSB tell Chechen groups that CIA was behind Moscow apartment bombings?

January 1, 2014

The 1999 Moscow Apartment Bombings triggered the 1999 Chechen War, which Chechens consider a genocide of the Chechen people funded by the IMF.  Putin is blamed for these by some.

Does the FSB tell Chechen groups that the CIA was behind the bombings?  Putin says that Harvard prof Andrei Shleifer was a CIA agent advising Anatoly Chubais.  Chubais was involved in handling the IMF loans for Russia in the 1990s.

The reality is likely that Chubais passed on threats to Andrei Shleifer to pass to Larry Summers about kompromat Russia had on the family of Summers.  But in Putin’s version, the entire IMF loan episode was a CIA plot and Shleifer was pressuring Chubais or fooling him.  Putin pushes this line.

Does the FSB then follow this up by blaming the entire Moscow apartment bombings on the CIA now?  Telling Chechens that the bombings were a CIA plot to trigger the war?  A war the CIA was funding through the IMF?  To break off Chechnya and Dagestan from Russia as part of a CIA plot to get the oil in the region?


Court ruling on events in Volgodonsk

According to Dekkushev’s confession he, together with Krymshamkhalov and Batchayev, prepared the explosives, transported them to Volgodonsk, and randomly picked the apartment building on Octyabrskoye Shosse to blow up. Abu Omar had promised to pay him for the job, but Dekkushev never got a single kopeck. According to Dekkushev, it wasn’t the FSB that ordered the bombing, as Boris Berezovsky later claimed, but the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).[25]

It appears this is already the official Russian line.  Putin’s comments on Shleifer being CIA are thus part of blaming the bombings on the CIA as well as saying the IMF loans to Russia were part of the CIA plot.

Russia also killed Dudayev when Clinton was in Russia meeting with Yeltsin.  So the Russians were planning the pin the tail on the CIA the whole time.  In fact, all through the 1990s, they were intending to blame things on the CIA including manipulations related to the IMF loans.

Putin wants the Chechens to blame the CIA, IMF, Harvard prof Andrei Shleifer and by extension Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer for the Chechen genocide.  The Boston Bombing of 2013 fits such a revenge.  Putin then immediately came up peddling the CIA line about Harvard prof Shleifer.  Then he deported US personnel out of Russia saying they were CIA agents.

Putin is spinning everything as CIA.  In September 2013, he floated the idea that Boris Berezovsky’s death was faked by the British. This was to tie Berezovsky in as a CIA, British agent.  Thus the whole 1990s corruption of oligarchs can be blamed on Berezovsky, CIA and British intelligence as well as Harvard profs like Shleifer and presumably also on Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.


Given the Moscow Apartment Bombings of 1999 that triggered the Second Chechen War were officially blamed on the CIA by Russia, one would think the FBI would have realized that Russia’s warning about Tsarnaev was linked to Russia’s overall plan to blame all bad events in Russia on the CIA and on Harvard prof Shleifer and by extension Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.  So why did the FBI drop the ball?  Why did NSA?

This also makes it more likely that British intelligence tried to pass some warning to the FBI after Boris Berezovsky died that the Russian warning about Tsarnaev was linked to these matters and that Boston could be the spot for targets by Chechens whether on their own or programmed by entities in Russia, whether FSB or legitimate resistance groups, if there are any.

What makes sense is that high level people in the US government at DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and the White House ordered the FBI and NSA and CIA not to pursue this type of analysis and investigation.  If a British warning came after Berezovsky’s death, it was stopped by this high level order, if it exists.  That order then prevented the FBI and other agencies from pursuing more about the Tsarnaevs.  They wanted to protect Larry Summers, Stanley Fischer and the presidents and officials who had protected them.

The case against Janet Yellen for Fed chairmanship

January 1, 2014

Although not directly involved in plagiarism herself, Yellen has played important institutional roles during the coverup.  She and George Akerlof have benefited from going along with the coverup.  This disqualifies Yellen to lead the Fed.

Issues or possible charges against Janet Yellen

  1. Janet Yellen has benefited from a career of promotion despite a mediocre academic record.
  2. Yellen was unable to respond to the Tobin related question in her confirmation hearings and was befuddled by it.  This relates to Tobin’s Q as a means of monetary policy.
  3. Tobin’s Q and monetary policy.
  4. Tobin’s Q is currently 1  This means there is little reincentive to issue stock to invest in capital, ie Fed low rates and QE are not working to stoke investment.
  5. Yellen was unfamiliar with this during her confirmation and didn’t discuss it or the current value of q.
  6. Yellen has been part of the MIT linked group at Berkeley who have taken promotions and advancement for mediocre work while Nils Hakansson is not recognized even to be a Fellow of the Econometric Society.
  7. Akerlof himself got a Nobel Prize for going along and his prize work is trivial in comparison to Hakanson’s work which is a core part of econ and finance under uncertainty.
  8. Yellen’s going along has caused Federal reserve and possibly other econ Ph.D.s at DOJ Antitrust and FTC to keep quiet about what they knew.
  9. This will only get worse with Yellen as chairman.
  10. Yellen was part of the coverup and career advancement by keeping Hakansson in a state of fear to speak up prior to the 1990s and thus prior to Russia using this to get IMF loans.
  11. Russia knew that Akerlof and Yellen were part of keeping Hakansson quiet and thus they relied on it to get IMF loans by kompromat and divert the funds to genocide of Chechens.
  12. Yellen has continued to keep quiet all through US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, and other incidents.
  13. Putin has repeatedly made his remark about Anatoly Chubais advised by CIA agents to throw blame for IMF loans and Chechen genocide onto the US.  This included Russia killing Dzhokhar Dudayev on a day that Clinton was in Moscow.
  14. Yellen has apparently not explained any of this to the FBI even after the Boston Bombing.
  15. Yellen as Vice chair of the Fed should have organized Fed employees to provide education to the FBI on these topics before and definitely after the Boston Bombing.  This hasn’t happened, for if it had, Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer would not have been possible candidates for high level Fed jobs.
  16. Yellen has not shown loyalty to the United States or the American people but to her career and her fellow mediocrities at Berkeley who advanced while Hakansson got no recognition for work far superior to hers or theirs.
  17. Whether Yellen can be charged for obstruction or as an accessory or not, her conduct disqualifies her from a position of management over employees who could assist the FBI in its investigations and of moral leadership of the economics and finance professions both in academia and in Wall Street.
  18. Yellen is part of the corruption of international institutions such as IMF and World Bank.  This harms mankind and is a type of crime against humanity in a literal sense, since these institutions literally represent humanity.
  19. Yellen is seen by Russia as part of a corrupt circle of academics and government regulators who are as bad as their own oligarchs in the 1990s.  This produces contempt from Putin and his circle towards them and the US.
  20. This translates into hampering US negotiations on Iran, Syria,  and North Korea.
  21. Pakistan, India, and China also follow this and the US appears corrupt and weak because of it.



The case against Stanley Fischer for the Federal Reserve vice-chairman job

January 1, 2014

Stanley Fischer has not yet been nominated, but we can consider the case now against him.


There is evidence tending towards some of the following possible charges.

  1. There is good evidence that Stanley Fischer plagiarized Nils Hakansson in Fischer’s MIT 1969 Ph.D. thesis.
  2. Further there is evidence that Fischer was part of a conspiracy against Nils Hakansson that was led by Paul Samuelson.
  3. The conspiracy against Nils Hakansson continued from 1969 to the present.
  4. Fischer’s book with Blanchard on Lectures on Macroeconomics is an act in furtherance of that conspiracy.
  5. This conspiracy involved obtaining federal benefits.  These included a government grant for Paul Samuelson in 1969 and US citizenship for Fischer c. 1975.
  6. Russia was aware of the conspiracy and obtained benefits of nominations for the Nobel Prize for Kantorovich.
  7. Russia reused the same material against Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer in the 1990s to get IMF loans.
  8. Russia diverted the IMF loans in loans for shares and in wars against Chechnya.
  9. Russia’s diversion of IMF funds was permitted by Summers and Fischer as part of the corrupt bargain to keep their secrets.
  10. Summers and Fischer thereby became accessories to these illegal diversions of funds.
  11. In particular, Summers and Fischer became accessories to the genocide of the Chechen people.
  12. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama could likely be charged as accessories.
  13. The same may apply to high level officials in DOJ and possibly NSA and other agencies.
  14. The actions in the above conspiracy can also be seen as actions to coverup the prior use by Russia of these methods against the same universities to gain atomic secrets.  Victor Weisskopf didn’t die until 2002.  Weisskopf plotted the killing of Werner Heisenberg during WWII likely as an act to stop him providing info on such matters to the US after the war. Hans Bethe didn’t die until 2005.
  15. The Sudoplatov book Special Tasks in 1994 was intended to put pressure on the econ profs to come across with the IMF loans by rattling the cage of the physics profs.  This appears to have succeeded.
  16. Putin’s comments about Anatoly Chubais advised by CIA agents ties the Harvard and MIT profs such as Andrei Shleifer and Summers and Fischer to the Chechen genocide.  This is likely part of Putin’s efforts to turn Chechen resentments to these econ profs and away from himself.
  17. The Boston Bombing was part of that diversion effort.   Given Putin was saying it before the Boston Bombing and afterwards, Russian operatives were likely pushing it to Chechen groups as well, before and since.
  18. By withholding info from the FBI in the 1990s in background checks for Shleifer and Summers and others, during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, during other confirmations including Peter Diamond, the universities kept the FBI from developing sufficient know-how and neural connections to figure out the importance of Russia’s warning about Chechen terrorism in Boston.
  19. Even if there is high level opposition in the US government, as the FBI builds up more know-how at the bottom and middle, high level officials are less able to block or divert investigations.
  20. There may have been a warning by the British government based on their heightened vigilance after the death of Boris Berezovsky and information about professors and IMF loans that there could be Chechen terrorism in Boston directed at Harvard, MIT or prestige targets like the Boston Marathon.   Boston Marathon has many participants from Harvard, MIT, government center, etc. who Chechens can link to their resentments.
  21. Stanley Fischer is part of this coverup and this prevention of the FBI building up sufficient know-how to react better to the Russian warning and possible British warning.
  22. Stanley Fischer’s appointment will send a signal of weakness and corruption to Russia.  This will hamper getting Iran to agree to dismantle parts of its nuclear program and to adhere to any such agreement going forward.
  23. China, India and Pakistan are also following and possibly using some of this sequence of events going back to WWII to gain atomic secrets or get atomic benefits from other partners.
  24. The FBI will itself appear weak and corrupt to other country’s spy and law enforcement agencies.
  25. This will make other countries less willing to share information with the FBI on terrorist and spying threats.
  26. Other countries will also see the US as weak and corrupt and overly under the influence of Russia and corrupt centers especially related to the nexus of academia and Wall Street and government regulation staffed by econ profs such as Federal Reserve, DOJ Antitrust Division, FTC, US Treasury, etc.
  27. Law profs increasingly have Ph.D.s in econ and federal judges take law students who are joint econ Ph.D. JD as clerks.  Several of them may already know or have heard of some of this. Thus the circle of corruption expands.




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