Does FSB tell Chechen groups that CIA was behind Moscow apartment bombings?

January 1, 2014

The 1999 Moscow Apartment Bombings triggered the 1999 Chechen War, which Chechens consider a genocide of the Chechen people funded by the IMF.  Putin is blamed for these by some.

Does the FSB tell Chechen groups that the CIA was behind the bombings?  Putin says that Harvard prof Andrei Shleifer was a CIA agent advising Anatoly Chubais.  Chubais was involved in handling the IMF loans for Russia in the 1990s.

The reality is likely that Chubais passed on threats to Andrei Shleifer to pass to Larry Summers about kompromat Russia had on the family of Summers.  But in Putin’s version, the entire IMF loan episode was a CIA plot and Shleifer was pressuring Chubais or fooling him.  Putin pushes this line.

Does the FSB then follow this up by blaming the entire Moscow apartment bombings on the CIA now?  Telling Chechens that the bombings were a CIA plot to trigger the war?  A war the CIA was funding through the IMF?  To break off Chechnya and Dagestan from Russia as part of a CIA plot to get the oil in the region?


Court ruling on events in Volgodonsk

According to Dekkushev’s confession he, together with Krymshamkhalov and Batchayev, prepared the explosives, transported them to Volgodonsk, and randomly picked the apartment building on Octyabrskoye Shosse to blow up. Abu Omar had promised to pay him for the job, but Dekkushev never got a single kopeck. According to Dekkushev, it wasn’t the FSB that ordered the bombing, as Boris Berezovsky later claimed, but the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).[25]

It appears this is already the official Russian line.  Putin’s comments on Shleifer being CIA are thus part of blaming the bombings on the CIA as well as saying the IMF loans to Russia were part of the CIA plot.

Russia also killed Dudayev when Clinton was in Russia meeting with Yeltsin.  So the Russians were planning the pin the tail on the CIA the whole time.  In fact, all through the 1990s, they were intending to blame things on the CIA including manipulations related to the IMF loans.

Putin wants the Chechens to blame the CIA, IMF, Harvard prof Andrei Shleifer and by extension Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer for the Chechen genocide.  The Boston Bombing of 2013 fits such a revenge.  Putin then immediately came up peddling the CIA line about Harvard prof Shleifer.  Then he deported US personnel out of Russia saying they were CIA agents.

Putin is spinning everything as CIA.  In September 2013, he floated the idea that Boris Berezovsky’s death was faked by the British. This was to tie Berezovsky in as a CIA, British agent.  Thus the whole 1990s corruption of oligarchs can be blamed on Berezovsky, CIA and British intelligence as well as Harvard profs like Shleifer and presumably also on Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.


Given the Moscow Apartment Bombings of 1999 that triggered the Second Chechen War were officially blamed on the CIA by Russia, one would think the FBI would have realized that Russia’s warning about Tsarnaev was linked to Russia’s overall plan to blame all bad events in Russia on the CIA and on Harvard prof Shleifer and by extension Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer.  So why did the FBI drop the ball?  Why did NSA?

This also makes it more likely that British intelligence tried to pass some warning to the FBI after Boris Berezovsky died that the Russian warning about Tsarnaev was linked to these matters and that Boston could be the spot for targets by Chechens whether on their own or programmed by entities in Russia, whether FSB or legitimate resistance groups, if there are any.

What makes sense is that high level people in the US government at DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and the White House ordered the FBI and NSA and CIA not to pursue this type of analysis and investigation.  If a British warning came after Berezovsky’s death, it was stopped by this high level order, if it exists.  That order then prevented the FBI and other agencies from pursuing more about the Tsarnaevs.  They wanted to protect Larry Summers, Stanley Fischer and the presidents and officials who had protected them.


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