The case against Janet Yellen for Fed chairmanship

January 1, 2014

Although not directly involved in plagiarism herself, Yellen has played important institutional roles during the coverup.  She and George Akerlof have benefited from going along with the coverup.  This disqualifies Yellen to lead the Fed.

Issues or possible charges against Janet Yellen

  1. Janet Yellen has benefited from a career of promotion despite a mediocre academic record.
  2. Yellen was unable to respond to the Tobin related question in her confirmation hearings and was befuddled by it.  This relates to Tobin’s Q as a means of monetary policy.
  3. Tobin’s Q and monetary policy.
  4. Tobin’s Q is currently 1  This means there is little reincentive to issue stock to invest in capital, ie Fed low rates and QE are not working to stoke investment.
  5. Yellen was unfamiliar with this during her confirmation and didn’t discuss it or the current value of q.
  6. Yellen has been part of the MIT linked group at Berkeley who have taken promotions and advancement for mediocre work while Nils Hakansson is not recognized even to be a Fellow of the Econometric Society.
  7. Akerlof himself got a Nobel Prize for going along and his prize work is trivial in comparison to Hakanson’s work which is a core part of econ and finance under uncertainty.
  8. Yellen’s going along has caused Federal reserve and possibly other econ Ph.D.s at DOJ Antitrust and FTC to keep quiet about what they knew.
  9. This will only get worse with Yellen as chairman.
  10. Yellen was part of the coverup and career advancement by keeping Hakansson in a state of fear to speak up prior to the 1990s and thus prior to Russia using this to get IMF loans.
  11. Russia knew that Akerlof and Yellen were part of keeping Hakansson quiet and thus they relied on it to get IMF loans by kompromat and divert the funds to genocide of Chechens.
  12. Yellen has continued to keep quiet all through US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, and other incidents.
  13. Putin has repeatedly made his remark about Anatoly Chubais advised by CIA agents to throw blame for IMF loans and Chechen genocide onto the US.  This included Russia killing Dzhokhar Dudayev on a day that Clinton was in Moscow.
  14. Yellen has apparently not explained any of this to the FBI even after the Boston Bombing.
  15. Yellen as Vice chair of the Fed should have organized Fed employees to provide education to the FBI on these topics before and definitely after the Boston Bombing.  This hasn’t happened, for if it had, Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer would not have been possible candidates for high level Fed jobs.
  16. Yellen has not shown loyalty to the United States or the American people but to her career and her fellow mediocrities at Berkeley who advanced while Hakansson got no recognition for work far superior to hers or theirs.
  17. Whether Yellen can be charged for obstruction or as an accessory or not, her conduct disqualifies her from a position of management over employees who could assist the FBI in its investigations and of moral leadership of the economics and finance professions both in academia and in Wall Street.
  18. Yellen is part of the corruption of international institutions such as IMF and World Bank.  This harms mankind and is a type of crime against humanity in a literal sense, since these institutions literally represent humanity.
  19. Yellen is seen by Russia as part of a corrupt circle of academics and government regulators who are as bad as their own oligarchs in the 1990s.  This produces contempt from Putin and his circle towards them and the US.
  20. This translates into hampering US negotiations on Iran, Syria,  and North Korea.
  21. Pakistan, India, and China also follow this and the US appears corrupt and weak because of it.




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