The case against Stanley Fischer for the Federal Reserve vice-chairman job

January 1, 2014

Stanley Fischer has not yet been nominated, but we can consider the case now against him.


There is evidence tending towards some of the following possible charges.

  1. There is good evidence that Stanley Fischer plagiarized Nils Hakansson in Fischer’s MIT 1969 Ph.D. thesis.
  2. Further there is evidence that Fischer was part of a conspiracy against Nils Hakansson that was led by Paul Samuelson.
  3. The conspiracy against Nils Hakansson continued from 1969 to the present.
  4. Fischer’s book with Blanchard on Lectures on Macroeconomics is an act in furtherance of that conspiracy.
  5. This conspiracy involved obtaining federal benefits.  These included a government grant for Paul Samuelson in 1969 and US citizenship for Fischer c. 1975.
  6. Russia was aware of the conspiracy and obtained benefits of nominations for the Nobel Prize for Kantorovich.
  7. Russia reused the same material against Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer in the 1990s to get IMF loans.
  8. Russia diverted the IMF loans in loans for shares and in wars against Chechnya.
  9. Russia’s diversion of IMF funds was permitted by Summers and Fischer as part of the corrupt bargain to keep their secrets.
  10. Summers and Fischer thereby became accessories to these illegal diversions of funds.
  11. In particular, Summers and Fischer became accessories to the genocide of the Chechen people.
  12. Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama could likely be charged as accessories.
  13. The same may apply to high level officials in DOJ and possibly NSA and other agencies.
  14. The actions in the above conspiracy can also be seen as actions to coverup the prior use by Russia of these methods against the same universities to gain atomic secrets.  Victor Weisskopf didn’t die until 2002.  Weisskopf plotted the killing of Werner Heisenberg during WWII likely as an act to stop him providing info on such matters to the US after the war. Hans Bethe didn’t die until 2005.
  15. The Sudoplatov book Special Tasks in 1994 was intended to put pressure on the econ profs to come across with the IMF loans by rattling the cage of the physics profs.  This appears to have succeeded.
  16. Putin’s comments about Anatoly Chubais advised by CIA agents ties the Harvard and MIT profs such as Andrei Shleifer and Summers and Fischer to the Chechen genocide.  This is likely part of Putin’s efforts to turn Chechen resentments to these econ profs and away from himself.
  17. The Boston Bombing was part of that diversion effort.   Given Putin was saying it before the Boston Bombing and afterwards, Russian operatives were likely pushing it to Chechen groups as well, before and since.
  18. By withholding info from the FBI in the 1990s in background checks for Shleifer and Summers and others, during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, during other confirmations including Peter Diamond, the universities kept the FBI from developing sufficient know-how and neural connections to figure out the importance of Russia’s warning about Chechen terrorism in Boston.
  19. Even if there is high level opposition in the US government, as the FBI builds up more know-how at the bottom and middle, high level officials are less able to block or divert investigations.
  20. There may have been a warning by the British government based on their heightened vigilance after the death of Boris Berezovsky and information about professors and IMF loans that there could be Chechen terrorism in Boston directed at Harvard, MIT or prestige targets like the Boston Marathon.   Boston Marathon has many participants from Harvard, MIT, government center, etc. who Chechens can link to their resentments.
  21. Stanley Fischer is part of this coverup and this prevention of the FBI building up sufficient know-how to react better to the Russian warning and possible British warning.
  22. Stanley Fischer’s appointment will send a signal of weakness and corruption to Russia.  This will hamper getting Iran to agree to dismantle parts of its nuclear program and to adhere to any such agreement going forward.
  23. China, India and Pakistan are also following and possibly using some of this sequence of events going back to WWII to gain atomic secrets or get atomic benefits from other partners.
  24. The FBI will itself appear weak and corrupt to other country’s spy and law enforcement agencies.
  25. This will make other countries less willing to share information with the FBI on terrorist and spying threats.
  26. Other countries will also see the US as weak and corrupt and overly under the influence of Russia and corrupt centers especially related to the nexus of academia and Wall Street and government regulation staffed by econ profs such as Federal Reserve, DOJ Antitrust Division, FTC, US Treasury, etc.
  27. Law profs increasingly have Ph.D.s in econ and federal judges take law students who are joint econ Ph.D. JD as clerks.  Several of them may already know or have heard of some of this. Thus the circle of corruption expands.





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