Is the talk of Stanley Fischer a head fake to get Yellen past confirmation?

January 2, 2014

Is the talk of Stanley Fischer being nominated so that those opposed will hold back until he is formally nominated?  Meanwhile, Janet Yellen, who is part of the same conspiracy gets confirmed?

The case against Stanley Fischer and the evidence against him are far stronger than against Yellen. So as long as Stanley Fischer is on the table as a possible nomination, we will hold back to file a complaint until he is officially nominated.  But that is put off until after Yellen is confirmed.  So Yellen sails through without her issues being brought up.

Once Yellen is confirmed, Fischer is yanked off the table. Same as Larry Summers.  So Yellen is in, and the evidence against her was never submitted, because the opponents were waiting for Fischer.

Is Obama that smart?  Or someone?

Nominating Fischer would be stupid.  There is no way Fischer can go 4 years on the Fed without a wider public catching on to his plagiarism problem and that Russia has made use of such problems on a consistent basis since the 1920s.


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