Russia FSB doesn’t want American security at Sochi Winter Olympics because it smears it with Chechens

January 19, 2014

The FSB can’t have a lot of American security at the Winter Olympics at Sochi because the FSB has double agents spreading smears and lies against the CIA and NSA in Chechen groups.

Russia has implicated CIA in following

  1. It created a rumor that the CIA helped target Dudayev in 1996 when Clinton was in Moscow. Rumor.
  2. It blamed the CIA for the 1999 Moscow Apartment bombings.  CIA Moscow Apartment bombings.
  3. Putin said that CIA agents ie Harvard prof Shleifer and also Hay were advising Anatoly Chubais. Putin Shleifer Chubais CIA

Note that during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay from 1997 to 2005, Steklov Mathematical Institute  granted Hay a Ph.D. in math with a dissertation on differential equations.

This was in case Jonathan Hay lost his law license, he could fall back on the math Ph.D.  This was so he would keep quiet about Russia using kompromat to get IMF loans and passing messages through Shleifer most likely.

Compared to the Snowden case, what could be more obvious?  While a defendant in US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, Russia gives Harvard JD a math Ph.D.? (Also I think it was in differential equations, an unlikely topic for a lawyer.)  The FBI has to be brain dead to think that isn’t circumstantial evidence of further wrong doing.

us v harvard shleifer hay

Prior heads of Steklov Bogolyubov and Vladimirov were involved in pushing Edge of the Wedge Theorem dispute against Reinhard Oehme, Princeton Institute of Advanced Studies while Oppenheimer was still head of it and University of Chicago.  This was a continuation of their pressure to use such methods to get atomic secrets.

Putin in days after Boston Bombing April 15 2013 said that Anatoly Chubais was advised by CIA agents meaning Shleifer and Hay in order to blame the IMF loans that funded the Chechen wars on the CIA.  This was to misdirect from Chubais passing on pressure to Shleifer to pass to Summers and or Stanley Fischer.

The FSB is spreading rumors about this among Chechen groups to get Chechens to attack American and British targets.  They also are saying British intelligence helped Berezovsky fake his death.  Again Putin transfers blame for the second Chechen war to Berezovsky and the British and thus America as well.

Russia can’t have American and British agents at Sochi while it is telling Chechens that all the bad things in the 1990s that hurt Chechens were British CIA plots.

Berezovsky also had his own special links to Chechens as hit men.

Klebnikov Chechens Berezovsky

If Snowden or Wikileaks did hand files over to Russia, they will mine them to try to pass false rumors among Chechen groups blaming the CIA, NSA and British intelligence for everything bad that has happened to Chechnya and Chechens.  Even if Snowden or Wikileaks did no such thing, the FSB/SVR/GRU will pretend they did.

2013 was quite a year for Russia.  So many things happened.

  1. Aaron Swartz commits suicide causing uproar at FBI/DOJ.
  2. Stanley Fischer resigns after a request is sent to MIT in January 2013 to investigate his plagiarism as part of Swartz investigation.
  3. Berezovsky commits suicide just before he was supposed to fly to Israel to meet his Russian girl friend there.
  4. Boston Bombing.
  5. Putin’s statement that Chubais was advised by CIA agents meaning Harvard’s Shleifer and Hay who were close to Larry Summers and through him to Stanley Fischer in control of IMF loans to Russia that funded Chechen wars in Chechen telling of it.
  6. Sending Stanford Prof Michael McFaul reports home as CIA agents.
  7. Snowden.
  8. US forces down head of state aircraft based on false information.
  9. Games with Syria.
  10. Games with Iran.
  11. Larry Summers almost appointed Fed chairman.
  12. Janet Yellen who is part of the group going along with this in academia and at Fed.
  13. Stanley Fischer is nominated to be Fed vice chairman.

The FBI have been played as fools in every single case it would appear.

Russia doesn’t want the FBI or other agents from US around at Sochi because it is hoping to deflect Chechens on to American, British and other NATO country targets instead.   That includes universities, IMF and World Bank and other international or banking targets in Europe and US.

The Stanley Fischer nomination and Larry Summers re-emergence are both going to make it easy for the FSB/SVR to inflame Chechen and Muslim groups against the US as being behind Berezovsky and the Chechen wars.

The universities and their partners still bear liability for failing to tell the FBI, Congress and public what they know.


The Russians have been planning this since at least 2007 when they were awarded the Sochi Olympics.  Everything that they could influence of the above events in 2013 they likely viewed as part of their plan to shift the Chechens off of Sochi and onto the Americans and British as targets.  This gives them motive for the Boston Bombings.  It also gives them motive to use their Wikileaks connections to try to recruit a Snowden type figure.

(It is interesting to speculate if somehow Aaron Swartz were being manipulated by some human rights group or a math prof from
Russia who was telling Swartz he would help him analyze the JSTOR files.  This type of angle, although with not this Sochi angle, was part of the basis for the request made in January 2013 to MIT to investigate these matters and Stanley Fischer possible plagiarism as part of the Swartz investigation.)


Obviously, spreading such rumors in Chechen groups as Putin did himself by saying Chubais was advised by CIA agents and the appointment of Stanley Fischer to the Fed will make the American team and spectators prime targets of Chechens at the Sochi Olympics.

If there is terrorism against Americans at Sochi, the FSB can’t afford to have FBI agents there to question survivors or others about their motives.  They can’t afford to have the FBI hear that Chechens resent IMF loans and Stanley Fischer straight from the mouths of a prisoner.  That would be something that could not be covered up from the press or the Congress.  That would then lead to the information on this subject on the Internet since 2006 and the FBI’s incompetence not to follow it up and to continue to allow the universities to deceive and lie about these topics to the public.


Kavkaz Center on FBI paranoia over Sochi Olympics attacks on Americans at Sochi.

(Don’t trust the Kavkaz website.  Certainly don’t give them money.)

IMF loans

 Stanley Fischer IMF loans Chechens

The universities are going to have a lot to explain about their Stanley Fischer plagiarism coverup and Russia’s use of plagiarism kompromat.  But the FBI/JTTF may finally have run out of excuses if there is any act of terrorism, especially as they fail to do the Stanley Fischer background check.  This will be the FBI’s problem, as it should be.


3 Responses to “Russia FSB doesn’t want American security at Sochi Winter Olympics because it smears it with Chechens”

  1. cabbageroll Says:

    Hey OA, I just read Vanishing American’s post. I haven’t commented on her blog because it wouldn’t allow me to comment without some type of account, and also I’ve been busy working on a big project (still working on it unfortunately).

    So…if VA reads this blog…here are my comments…

    You should be blogging not to make a difference but to make yourself happy 🙂 The only opinion that matters in life is yours. 🙂 If you’re a good person, doing the above will make a difference.

    VA changed my life for the better. I have a real true blue friends now who I don’t have to walk around eggshells with all the time (still single though 😦 but getting warmer!) I understand the world better and can make better decisions.

    That is only two sentences…but what more does one person need? Once you have real friends, and you pull back the lies…Haven’t you pretty much won?

    VA you’d be proud of me and what I’ve accomplished in the last few years, and none of that would have happened without your blog. You’re blog was what I needed to launch Cabbageroll Inc.

    And now Cabbageroll Inc. is going to take over the world!!!

    Thank you 🙂

    • oldatlantic Says:

      Thanks for commenting. I am glad her blog helped you, as it has me. It has a valuable contribution to spirit for Whites. It helps give us something of thrasos, as you indicate.

      The development of one’s own thinking is valuable, especially when one sees and hears so many who have not made the transition in mindset from apology to victory.

      I find that for me, it also has helped promote action. This applies to her blog and my own efforts. Even debates at newspaper websites that are now long forgotten were valuable.

      It takes a lot of time to expel liberalism from your mind. VA made a similarly worded statement about how difficult it is to get out of that web.

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