La Madeleine Bowl Old Town Alexandria

February 2, 2014

Ainsley the academic activist is eating brunch at La Madeleine a French bakery cafe in Old Town Alexandria.

Fred the FBI agent sits down.

Ainsley looks up

Fred: So you think there will be terrorism in the Super Bowl today?

Ainsley: Does that mean pre-season is over?

Fred: Am I supposed to take that seriously?

Ainsley: I don’t follow football.

Fred: Everyone is talking about it.  It is on the cover of the newspaper you are reading.

Ainsley: You mean it is published that the Super Bowl is today?

Fred: Published right there, pulls the front page of the paper and shows him.

Ainsley: And I’m supposed to believe that?

Fred: Why wouldn’t you?

Ainsley: So if Russia publishes comments about plagiarism that are linked to their spies, is that the same thing?

Fred: Same how?

Ainsley pulls a folder from under the pile of papers. He pulls out

A Note on the Paper “Second Quantization and Representation Theory”

Phys. Rev. 72, 737–737 (1947)

V. Fock
Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., Moscow, U.S.S.R.

E. M. Corson
The Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, New Jersey, June 26, 1947

Received 10 April 1947; published in the issue dated October 1947

Ainsley:  The Russians sent this letter to the American scientists about plagiarism by Corson against Fock a top Soviet scientist.

Fred: So?

Ainsley pulls up a printed Google search

Edward Corson Klaus Fuchs…9218.10127.0.10371.….0…1c.1.32.serp..

REFERRAL RESPONSES EMIL KLAUS FUCHS 65 … – The Vault – FBI…/klaus-fuchs/klaus-fuchs-p…‎
Federal Bureau of Investi…
Blclnner and Dr. K. Fuchs were cleared to visit the Chicago Operations Office …… Edward Corson was born June 27, 1921 at Long Island, New. York, the eon.
Categories( click to retract ) – The Vault – FBI…/klaus-fuchs/klaus-fuchs-p…‎
Federal Bureau of Investi…
in 1936 and 1938-in England and that his next contact with Fuchs came ….. having had any communication with Corson, records at the BowStreet Jail ….. father of Edward Michael Ce:-son, to Secretary oi State Dean …. Klaus Fuchs from.

Fred: So?

Ainsley: Corson was a friend of Fuchs.  Corson’s passport was revoked when Fuchs was arrested.

edward corson klaus fuchs passport…781.6714.0.6832.….0…1c.1.32.hp..19.21.1691.xakFqCKGVYU

Passport Revoked . – Google News…‎
Google News
… YORK — The US State Department revoked the passport of Edward Corson, … Corson had been a re search worker with Dr. Klaus Fuchs, top British atomist, …
Atom Sel Passport . – Google News…id…‎
Google News
NEW YORK, friday)— May 5 The State Department.stopped Edward Corson, … one co-worker ,with Dr. Klaus Fuchs, convicted Soviet spy, said in New York early …

Fred: So?

Ainsley: Corson was a student of Max Born and Klaus Fuchs an assistant. They both knew Max Born was plagiarized by Paul Dirac and that the Soviets had Kapitza as a witness to what happened when Rutherford found out, he handed out Fellowships in the Royal Society to institute directors in Europe that helped them get Rockefeller Foundation funding like Niels Bohr and Arnold Sommerfeld.

Fred: What does this have to do with the Super Bowl?

Ainsley: It has to do with published information.  This is all a matter of historical record. Even the FBI knew something was wrong with Corson.  But the universities never told the FBI about this Fock Letter.

Fred: What difference would that have made?

Ainsley: That would have led to the Soviets knowing about plagiarism by the scientists and it being covered up by Rutherford using Rockefeller Foundation money to buy silence. His son in law, Fowler, was involved in the plagiarism against Max Born.  The other scientists knew it.

Fred: So?

Ainsley: Max Born was a flaming communist.  His assistants were full of communists and fellow travelers.  Klaus Fuchs, Cheng Kaijia, Huanwu Peng, Kun Huang, Leopold Infeld at a minimum and likely Oppenheimer Weisskopf who plotted to kill Werner Heisenberg before the war ended and he could expose them.

Fred: That’s just your theory.

Ainsley: These are published events. I just link them together.

Fred: You expect the FBI to do anything about this?

Ainsley: The 1950s FBI investigated Corson and Fuchs and the scientists in depth.

Fred: They’re dead.

Ainsley: Stanley Fischer isn’t dead.  Larry  Summers and Andrei Shleifer aren’t dead.  Putin is taunting them on a regular basis. After the Boston Bombing.  After the IMF loans, Putin taunted Stanley Fischer with getting him a job in Moscow.  Seems like he gets jobs everywhere. Washington, Jerusalem, New York, Boston, Chicago, and now Washington again.

Fred: So what do we investigate?

Ainsley: Investigate the plagiarism.  It connects the scientists like a thread.  You follow that thread and you find the fellow travelers, disloyal, the don’t cares and the ones who piggy back on it.

Fred: We can’t investigate plagiarism, where is the crime?

Ainsley: Russia used the plagiarism kompromat to pressure Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers to get IMF loans in the 1990s.

Fred: You say that.

Ainsley: Shleifer might say it if you asked him.  That is why Putin said Shleifer was a CIA agent pressuring Anatoly Chubais after the Boston Bombing. The reality is the opposite. Chubais was pressuing Shleifer to pressure Summers and Fischer over the plagiarism by Stanley Fischer in his 1969 MIT thesis and Paul Samuelson the uncle of Summers who did plagiarism in an NSF funded paper.

Fred: So what do we go after?

Ainsley: The Russian oligarchs led by Berezovsky whose idea this was converted the IMF loans into personal wealth as part of loans for shares in the 1990s.  Those oligarchs are in the West, and their fortunes can be confiscated as proceeds of an illegal act.

Fred: That would take a lot of argument.

Ainsley: DOJ prosecutors have argued more from less.

Fred: What else?

Ainsley: The oligarchs hired Putin and then in 1999 they started the Second Chechen War.  The IMF rolled over their loans at that time instead of insisting on payment.  That in effect funded the Second Chechen War, ie funded genocide.

Fred: So how does that relate to Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers?

Ainsley: If they had recused themselves in the first place on Russia IMF loans, then Russia could not have played these games. Therefore no Second Chechen War and no genocide.  Therefore no Boston Bombing.

Fred: Maybe in the 1950s, the FBI would have investigated that.

Ainsley: If the universities had told them, which they didn’t.

Fred:  I’m not going to worry about history, 1950s or 1990s.  Today’s the Super Bowl. I’m going to enjoy that.

Ainsley: On Russia Plagiarism Files, you are still in pre-season.

Fred laughs.

Fred: I don’t think the FBI is ever going to get to the Super Bowl in plagiarism kompromat.

Ainsley: So it is between Russia and China who wins?

Fred:  Maybe India will come from behind and win.

Fred: Enjoy your newspaper and your FBI files. I’m glad someone reads them.

Fred gets up and leaves.  Ainsley goes back to his papers.


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