Edward Corson monographs Max Born endorsement

February 23, 2014

Edward Corson wrote 2 important scientific monographs published in 1951 and 1953.

“Perturbation Methods in the Quantum Mechanics of n-Electron Systems”

Edward M. Corson Ph.D. Member, Institute for Advanced Study, 1946-1949; Consultant, Brookhaven National Laboratory; Research Physicist, Union Carbide and Carbon Research Laboratories.

Forward by Max Born, Edinburgh August 1950.

The author who spent almost a complete academic year in my department, is known to me as a scientific enthusiast of high purpose, great erudition and acute mind.

Author’s preface is dated Princeton, New Jersey March 1948.

“Perturbation methods in the quantum mechanics of n-electron systems.” Edward M Corson

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Edward Corson “Perturbation methods in the quantum mechanics”

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Perturbation Methods in the Quantum Mechanics of N-Electron Systems
Front Cover
Edward Michael Corson
Blackie & Son, 1951 – Quantum theory – 308 pages


Max Born, “My Life Reflections of a Nobel Laureate” page 293. Published in German in 1975. Published in English in 1978. Born died in 1970. Neville Mott write the scientific preface.

One, Edward Corson, was an American who excelled as much by his eccentricity as by his scientific enthusiasm. In the space of less than a year while he was in my department, he published a considerable book on an abstract aspect of quantum mechanics and wrote the greater part of another book which appeared soon after (both with Blackie and Sons, Glasgow). He kept my secretary busy and all members of the department in a permanent state of tension through his eccentricities. When the news of Fuchs’s arrest came he sent a telegram to the authorities vouching for Fuchs’s honesty. Later I heard that he had a hard time in the U.S.A., but he has now a decent teaching position.

“Introduction to Tensors, Spinors, and Relativistic Wave Equations”


E. M. Corson Ph.D. Adjunct Professor in Theoretical Physics, Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University. Senior Scientist in Mathematical Physics, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University. Research Associate in Psychiatry, New York State Psychiatric Institute. Formerly Fulbright Exchange Professor, Department of Mathematical Physics, University of Edinburgh.

Note that Klaus Fuchs was arrested in January 1950. Corson was then at Edinburgh and wrote in support of Fuchs. That got him questioned by MI-5 in Britain and then later in the US.


Edward Corson site:fbi.gov

Edward Corson “Introduction to tensors, spinors”


Introduction to tensors, spinors, and relativistic wave-equations (relation structure)
Front Cover
Edward Michael Corson
Hafner Pub. Co., 1953 – Calculus of tensors – 221 pages

Corson’s books as indicated by Max Born are substantial works. They contradict the impression of someone so unstable that he was unable to do serious work. However, Max Born indicates he was eccentric and this consumed energy and time.

How did Edward Corson get to Edinburgh with a Fulbright exchange professorship? Albert Einstein is thanked by Corson in the preface to the second book. Einstein and Born were friends and exchanged letters. However, no letter on Corson survives among their correspondence? Some of the letters are in a published book.

Corson was in New York during WWII with Fuchs and Peierls working on processing uranium calculations for Oak Ridge. Both of them had relations with Max Born as well. So they may have helped arrange it.

Max Born had a large number of Communist assistants. They include Klaus Fuchs, Leopold Infeld, Cheng Kaijia, Kun Huang, Huanwu Peng and another Chinese I think. All of these were after he went to Edinburgh. Thus the chance that Corson was a Communist is made much higher by this year with Max Born in Edinburgh.

Assuming Max Born was a Communist, and Oppenheimer as well, those saying Corson were eccentric or deranged after the Fock Letter plagiarism incident include these two. Also someone at Union Carbide and Carbon. Could this be arranged to cover up that Corson’s plagiarism of Fock was part of a plot by the Soviets?

Corson’s action and the Fock Letter forced people to be more careful to cite Fock. The Dancoff duplication of Igor Tamm in 1950 did the same thing.

Dancoff’s paper was published May 15 1950.


Fuchs was arrested in January 1950. Could these be connected? This was meant to remind the physicists of Russia’s leverage? So they would say as little as possible to MI-5 and the FBI in the Klaus Fuchs investigation. Or if more were found, the Russians could use this with a Tamm Letter?

Klaus Fuchs site:fbi.gov

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This was a massive FBI investigation. Russia wanted to stop its people telling things, or others who knew things but were not spies themselves. It also wanted something to use if larger parts of their networks were rolled up.

As it was, the scientists who left the US and UK were not stopped and the others left were also able to weather out the storm.

Many of the Max Born assistants who did leave, left after the Fuchs arrest. Some Chinese had already left.

The last person mentioned in the Max Born book is Herbert S. Green who also left England after the Fuchs arrest.


Born in Ipswich, England, he graduated with a PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 1947 with a thesis entitled A Unitary Quantum Electrodynamics.

From 1951 till his death in 1999, Green lectured mathematical physics at the University of Adelaide, Australia.

H.S. Green helped Max Born continue work started with Klaus Fuchs. This is the last paragraph in Max Born’s autobiography.

Max Born himself went back to Germany after Fuchs arrest as well. Escaping to the Eastern Bloc or Switzerland would be much easier from Germany than from Edinburgh. Also, the Germans would find it harder to arrest Born than would MI-5.

Overall, it would appear likely that Edward M. Corson was a Communist and spy for Russia. He was likely part of the same spy ring as Klaus Fuchs. This makes it more likely that Rudolf Peierls was also a Communist and spy.

Peierls site:fbi.gov


Rudolf Peierls communist


The Corson plagiarism of Fock and the Fock Letter were not told to MI-5 or the FBI it appears during the investigation of Peierls. Nor was Dirac’s plagiarism of Born and Jordan and Kapitsa’s comments on it in the Rutherford obit, indirectly that is.

In 1957 the Americans asked the British to revoke his security clearance, which they did. As a result Peierls resigned from his consultancy role at Harwell.

By withholding information about the plagiarism and Russia’s knowledge of it and published comments on it, the universities hampered the FBI and MI-5 investigations. This apparently continues to the present day.

The use of plagiarism by Russia to manipulate academics is an important part of Russian and Chinese tradecraft in dealing with academics. Keeping this knowledge from the FBI and MI-5 is an ongoing hampering of their work by the universities.

In addition, the FBI thought the first Corson book was possibly releasing atomic secrets or about atomic physics. It is in fact a highly theoretical book which has no atomic secrets in it or anything close. This shows how the FBI and MI-5 need help from the universities. Instead the universities use this to confuse and obstruct FBI and MI-5 investigations.

This includes obstruction of the FBI background check of Stanley Fischer. Russia was in possession of 40 years of plagiarism kompromat in the 1960s when Stanley Fischer started at MIT in 1967. Miguel Sidrauski was a leftist and his wife Martha knew people on the left in Argentina who would later disappear. It is likely that Sidrauski and Fischer were the ones who hatched the plagiarism of the Hakansson thesis, as appears likely is what happened. The Sidrauskis may have been acting for Russia in this or passed it back to Russia.

Many of the atomic scientists were still alive in 1994 when the Sudoplatov book was published. This is when Russia appears to have put pressure on the econ profs by provoking a reaction in the atomic scientists. The FBI and MI-5 are being deceived by the universities on these matters it appears. This is an ongoing conspiracy by the universities. Their investment banking partners are also involved and apparently benefit by their knowledge of this because econ profs in the US government may have some relation to this.

The universities including MIT and Harvard are setting up the Senate and FBI to look like fools in the confirmation hearings for Stanley Fischer as Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Subsequent investigations including possibly at some universities may expose this and show that the universities including MIT have corrupted the confirmation background check process and made a mockery of Senate confirmations that rely on them.

This undermines the role of the Senate, and thus undermines the Constitution and constitutional government in the US. This materially assists Russia and China not only in spying in the US but in their showing parts of this to other countries like Iran to influence them to treat the US with disdain or not negotiate in good faith on atomic arms controls or other matters.

The above is speculation and hypotheses. All other disclaimers apply. Please restate as questions.


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