Possible timeline in the Stanley Fischer plagiarism case

February 27, 2014

This is draft and preliminary and considers a scenario in which Stanley Fischer plagiarized Nils Hakansson in Fischer’s 1969 MIT thesis.

  1. Karl Shell chairs the session in 1966 at which Hakansson presents his groundbreaking thesis results.
  2. Miguel Sidrauski and Stanley Fischer bond together as immigrants and as Zionists (Which Duncan Foley tells us for Sidrauski and Fischer in the Blanchard 2004 interview.)
  3. Sidrauski chairs Fischer’s thesis up to his death in second half of 1968.  Fischer starts the plagiarism.
  4. Robert C. Merton and Stanley Fischer share the same office and work together with RCM doing the continuous time version of the discrete time version that Fischer is doing.
  5. Duncan Foley becomes chairman and he or someone provides a copy of the Hakansson Yale working paper on uncertain lifetime extension of the 1966 Hakansson thesis.
  6. Foley stops being chairman (goes on sabbatical) and Franklin Fisher becomes chairman.
  7. Fisher is editor of Econometrica where Hakansson’s paper has been delayed by an anonymous (to us) referee since 1966.
  8. Franklin Fisher now makes Fischer insert citations to Hakansson and Leland but the footnote claims (falsely) that Fischer had not seen these prior to writing these parts.  (However, they mirror so closely we can infer he did see them.)
  9. Samuelson learns of the situation and greatly admires Robert K. Merton the father of Robert C. Merton.  They share similar bios to some extent.
  10. Samuelson decides he will publish a discrete time paper that basically claims many of the results of the Stanley Fischer as his own with Robert C. Merton as a companion paper to Samuelson’s discrete time purportedly.
  11. However, the RCM continuous time paper still mirrors the Fischer thesis and neither the Fischer thesis or Merton thesis resemble the Samuelson paper.  They were written earlier and their template is Hakansson which they mirror more than Samuelson.
  12. Samuelson’s paper provides cover for Stanley Fischer and Robert C. Merton.
  13. Chicago hires Stanley Fischer to help out MIT.  They know what has happened.
  14. Stanley Fischer publishes two papers based on his thesis. Both acknowledge Hakansson as prior in those papers.
  15. Fischer doesn’t cite his own two papers after that nor do others, except rarely at MIT or anywhere.  Bernanke doesn’t even as a Ph.D. student of Fischer.
  16. Hakansson is intimidated into silence.
  17. Russia learns of this and puts pressure onto Samuelson and Arrow to nominate Kantorovich for the Nobel Prize in econ.  This happens.  Partly the pressures is applied at econ conferences in Poland in the early 1970s attended by some from MIT.
  18. Going forward, Hakansson is denied recognition by most.
  19. Everyone involved at MIT are showered with honors including a Nobel Prize for Peter Diamond.
  20. Others involved in covering up at other schools or ignoring it get honors including Nobel Prizes.  This includes those at Berkeley where Hakansson is a prof.  That includes Akerlof Nobel Prize and Yellen advancement.
  21. Boris Berezovsky works at the Institute of Control Sciences in the 1980s in Moscow which does the same math as in the papers above. He learns of this.
  22. In 1994, the Sudoplatov book is published to put pressure on physics profs to frighten the econ profs.
  23. In 1995, Summers and Fischer come across with large IMF loans to Russia.
  24. Berezovsky and other oligarchs get loans for shares as a reward for his thinking of this.
  25. LTCM and DE Shaw buy Russian government bonds knowing this history.
  26. Robert C. Merton, part of LTCM, writes false statements in his Nobel Prize autobiography in 1997 to conceal this.
  27. Russia defaults after giving the money to the oligarchs and in part because they want DE Shaw and LTCM to lose money.
  28. This is covered up in the LTCM cleanup.
  29. Russia continues to drop hints or write about misconduct in science.
  30. Harvard and MIT conceal this from USAO Mass during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay.  Shleifer was a conduit from Chubais, who handled the IMF contacts for Russia, to Summers, Fischer.
  31. Hay gets a math Ph.D. from Steklov Institute in Moscow in 2003 while a defendant in case he loses his law license.
  32. Summers makes his statement that women are not good at math to frighten some women profs including one at Harvard law with an MIT econ Ph.D. to keep quiet while US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay is pending.
  33. Other people piggy back on this to engage in plagiarism and possibly sexual harassment of female junior faculty or grad students.
  34. Dominique Strauss Kahn uses this history to get away with sexual harassment at the IMF.
  35. This is concealed during the Larry Summers, Peter Diamond, Bernanke, Yellen, Fischer appointments.
  36. Putin makes his statement following the Boston Bombing that Anatoly Chubais was advised by CIA agents. This is to put the blame for 1990s on the CIA and these profs.
  37. Russia leaks that it is investigating of Berezovsky’s death was faked by MI-5 to also put blame for 1990s onto CIA and MI-5 as a plot.
  38. Putin becomes increasingly bold as the Obama administration sinks itself deeper into the coverup.  This includes in Iran, Syria and Ukraine.  It also includes possibly the Volgograd terrorist incident from a group controlled by Moscow and possibly even some influence on Tamerlan Tsarnaev when he traveled through Russia.  If Snowden or his contacts had contact prior to Snowden coming to Russia, this also may have figured in Putin’s current plan.
  39. Putin now feels he has great leverage over Obama because Obama has appointed those involved in the coverup including Summers, Bernanke, Yellen and Fischer.

The above is hypotheses and speculation.  Restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.



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