Senate Banking Committee should question following witnesses on Stanley Fischer

February 27, 2014

The following people should be questioned as witnesses in the confirmation of Stanley Fischer.

  1. Franklin Fisher, Stanley Fischer thesis chairman.
  2. Duncan Foley, the 2nd Fischer thesis chairman.
  3. Sidrauski is dead, but Martha Sidrauski his widow may be alive.  Duncan Foley tells us she was an extreme leftist.
  4. Karl Shell who shared an office with Franklin Fisher at MIT and had the Hakansson paper.
  5. Robert C. Merton
  6. Kenneth Arrow
  7. Larry Summers
  8. DE Shaw people.
  9. LTCM people.
  10. Ben Bernanke.
  11. George Akerlof.
  12. Janet Yellen.
  13. Peter Diamond.
  14. Martin Weitzman.
  15. Martin J. Beckmann
  16. Eugene Dynkin at Cornell University.
  17. Berezovsky coauthors in US and UK.
  18. University of Manchester Russians.
  19. Sergei Novikov at UMD.
  20. Some other Russians in US.
  21. Some Chinese in US.
  22. Daniel Rubinfeld
  23. Several other academics.

The above are hypotheses or speculation. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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