Stanley Fischer witness Duncan K Foley New School New York

March 1, 2014

Duncan K Foley was the second chairman of the Stanley Fischer MIT 1969 Ph.D. thesis.  Duncan Foley became a sort of Marxist in the 1970s.  Foley and Fischer were close to Miguel Sidrauski at MIT. Sidrauski was a leftist and his wife was extreme according to Foley.   She was part of the Argentine left and knew people later disappeared.  Foley doesn’t say this, but she may have been in contact with Russia either to supply Russia information on what was happening at MIT or to try to get MIT entangled in plagiarism so Russia could use that to apply pressure to get nominations for the Nobel Prize in economics for Kantorovich.

Questions to ask Foley

  1. Did Stanley Fischer plagiarize Nils Hakansson?
  2. Did Fischer use the Nils Hakansson 1966 thesis aka Working Paper 101 for Fischer’s thesis?
  3. Did someone with access to the Hakansson thesis supply ideas to Fischer without Fischer knowing at first?
  4. Did Fischer learn that later if it happened that way?
  5. Were Robert C. Merton and Stanley Fischer working directly from the Hakansson papers in their shared office?
  6. Did Miguel Sidrauski tell Stanley Fischer he could copy from the Hakansson thesis?
  7. Who supplied the Hakansson working paper on uncertain lives from Yale to Fischer?  Was it you (Foley)?
  8. Did Franklin Fisher know what was going on?
  9. Did Franklin Fisher take over as thesis chairman because he was editor of Econometrica and knew what was happening to Hakansson?
  10. Because FF shared an office suite with Karl Shell and knew what was happening?
  11. Did Franklin Fisher try to do a limited recovery from plagiarism abetted by others?
  12. Did Paul Samuelson learn of what was happening sometime in late 1968 or early 1969?
  13. Did Samuelson decide to write his 1969 intertemporal paper to provide cover to Robert C. Merton out of respect for Robert K. Merton?
  14. Did you (Foley) get to publish oddball pieces (Marxist in nature) in Journal of Economic Theory (edited by Karl Shell) in part because of these events?
  15. Would you describe yourself now as a Marxist?  Leftist? Socialist?
  16. In the past?
  17. Was Miguel Sidrauski someone who might have had contacts with Russia?
  18. Martha Sidrauski his wife?
  19. What happened to Martha Sidrauski?  Did she marry?  Is she still in the US?
  20. Were there children?  Are they in the US?
  21. Did Paul Samuelson plagiarize Nils Hakansson in Samuelson’s 1969 dynamic portfolio paper?  Directly or indirectly?
  22. Did Robert C. Merton plagiarize Nils Hakansson, directly or indirectly in his 1969 paper on continuous time portfolios?
  23. Did Karl Shell ever say to you that he knew that Stanley Fischer plagiarized Nils Hakansson?  Imply it?
  24. Did Peter Diamond?
  25. Did Peter Diamond have a copy of the Hakansson thesis prior to August 1969?
  26. Who was on the distribution list for the UCLA working series that sent out the Hakansson thesis?
  27. Do you have a copy of the distribution list?
  28. You did an interview on the 1960s and wrote a paper on it.  May we have copies of each of these? “autobiographical essay The Ins and Outs of Late Twentieth Century Economics,” is one.  Microfoundations of macro was the big game in the 1960s?  Hakansson’s thesis was a core step and everyone needed it as a building block? For finance too?
  29. Stanley Fischer published a paper based on his thesis chapter 5 concerning uncertain lives.  This was left out of his list of paper on History of Economic Thought.  Is that because you knew it was plagiarism?
  30. Because you supplied the Hakansson Yale working paper on that to Fischer?
  31. Is there anything else about the History of Economic Thought pages you would like to call our attention to?
  32. Why is it offline now?
  33. Isn’t the HET one of your main contributions?
  34. Did Russia use this to put pressure on Paul Samuelson and Kenneth Arrow to nominate Kantorovich for the Nobel Prize in economics in the 1970s?
  35. Did they use Martin Weitzman as a relay?
  36. What about Martha Sidrauski?  Have you had contact with her?
  37. Are you familiar with comments Vainshtein made in translation in Matekon around 1970 claiming priority for input output for Russia?
  38. Did that amount to an implication of plagiarism by Leontieff?
  39. Samuelson wrote a paper commenting about Russian archivists changing the year of Leontieff’s birth.  Are you familiar with that?  Was that part of putting pressure on Samuelson, Arrow, etc. to nominate Kantorovich?
  40. Did Russia use this again in the 1990s to get IMF loans from Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers (nephew of Paul Samuelson)?
  41. Has Russia used it for something else?
  42. Was their an effort to keep this information from the FBI and USAO Mass during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay?
  43. Have others used this to engage in plagiarism?
  44. Have other profs used this to engage in sexual harassment?
  45. Did Dominique Strauss-Kahn use this to engage in sexual harassment at IMF?
  46. Does this history of kompromat and pressure by Russia undermine the credibility of the US in dealing with Russia?
  47. In what cases has that happened?
  48. Other countries?  China, India, Pakistan, Iran?
  49. Are you familiar with physics cases?
  50. Was their talk of prior physics cases of plagiarism and Russia using it to build their network, get Nobel Prize nominations in Physics, help manipulate atomic physicists?
  51. Was HET taken down because this webpage was put up in 2006?
  52. Because of the Hakansson family webpage put up?
  53. Because of a request in 2002 for investigation by one of the plagiarism victims to Elsevier and Journal of Economic Theory?
  54. Because Russia posted a document exposing a Stanford professor online in 2005?
  55. Did someone tell Foley to take it down for one of these reasons?  Or just someone involved in these cases?
  56. Did you arrange the visit to the New School in 2002 by Robert Rubin and Stanley Fischer? “The World Economy After the U.S. Recession: Bob Kerrey Interviews Robert Rubin and Stanley Fischer” “Tuesday, April 30, 2002, 7:00 p.m. Swayduck Auditorium, New School University 65 Fifth Avenue New York City Aired on C-Span on Thursday, May 30, 2002 at 8 p.m.

(This and other pages on specific witnesses will be added to.  Links to primary documents will be added. Readers may wish to post their own questions in the comments.)

This is speculation and hypotheses.  Please restate as questions.  All other disclaimers apply.


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