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Senate Banking Committee enables and renews Putin’s kompromat on Stanley Fischer

April 29, 2014

The Senate Banking Committee by approving the nomination of Stanley Fischer renew the value of the kompromat that Putin’s Russia has on Stanley Fischer and thereby Obama. Russia has already used it to get IMF loans in the 1990s. Long Term Capital Management, LTCM, and DE Shaw traded Russian government bonds on that information. They covered it up during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay and DE Shaw paid Larry Summers 5 million a year for a day a week of “consulting”.

The responsibility for the violence in Ukraine is on the Senate Banking Committee. They have ratified Putin’s kompromat and given him the ability to take all of Ukraine and the Baltics.

It doesn’t matter that they know the truth about Stanley Fischer’s plagiarism or that it is on this blog. Putin lets Russians read the Internet. Putin knows what matters is what is on mass media. Until Stanley Fischer is fired and his plagiarism outed on mass media, it is a secret that can be used for kompromat. That is how Putin runs Russia and how it works in the US as well. MSM know that as does the Senate.

The above is draft and preliminary. All other disclaimers apply.


Senate Banking Committee recommends Stanley Fischer without objection

April 29, 2014

Without debate or meaningful discussion of any kind, the Senate Banking Committee recommended the 3 nominations for the Fed en banc, including that of Stanley Fischer. There was no objection.

Senator Charles Schumer indicated that he had a statement on Stanley Fischer that he wished inserted into the record. How one finds that record or statement is a good question.

This is democracy?

By approving Stanley Fischer’s nomination without debate or discussion after being notified of the consequences, they assumed financial liability for all the conspiracies that Fischer is part of. Fischer has no immunity for these. His actions as a government employee that further these conspiracies have no immunity.

The above is draft and preliminary. All disclaimers apply.

Stanley Fischer where is the conspiracy with Stanford Darrell Duffie and Moodys?

April 28, 2014

Is there a conspiracy between Stanley Fischer and Darrell Duffie of Stanford? Does that connect or reflect a conspiracy among their institutions? The institutions include MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, University of Chicago, Elsevier Science, the Econometric Society and so on.

Where is the conspiracy Kenneth?

The first conspiracy, the conspiracy against Nils Hakansson starts sometime before 1969 and continues to the present. That conspiracy involves Stanley Fischer and others involved. That might include everyone involved before and after in keeping Nils Hakansson from getting credit. It includes Janet Yellen as a critical person in keeping Nils Hakansson in a state of fear at Berkeley to come forward during all these events including the IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s.

Russia was getting IMF loans in the 1990s from Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers. Summers was the nephew of Paul Samuelson who was part of the ongoing conspiracy against Nils Hakansson. Russia knew of this conspiracy and used it as leverage to get IMF loans. They likely used Andree Shleifer as a go between with Summers. We know that the Steklov Institute in Moscow gave a math Ph.D. in 2003 to Harvard J.D. Jonathan Hay during US v Harvard from 1997 to 2005. This would be an indication that the Russians wanted to signal to Shleifer and Summers that they too had a Snowden’s run escape route ready for them too. Putin offered to get a job for Stanley Fischer while Fischer was at the IMF, so that would have been Stanley Fischer’s Snowden Run in 2001. Instead Fischer went to Israel as his run. But then he came back. Possibly, someone told him to.

At ASSA meetings Shleifer was given support and many chances to speak on the schedule to signal that the establishment of econ was backing Shleifer, and also Summers and Fischer. The MIT 1969 group was also given prominent positions at the ASSA meetings during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay. This includes at the January 2005 ASSA meeting in Philadelphia. The MIT group was being backed by the econ establishment during US v Harvard which was pending up to August 2005. This was even more critical in January 2005 because of an adverse ruling in 2004. Some people mistakenly think that adverse ruling was the end of the case, but it was not.

So we see that the academic side is intertwined with the legal case US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay from 1997 to 2005. This also covers part of the period of the IMF loans to Russia. Conspiracy to obstruct justice, witness bribery, etc. are the basic stuff of legal cases of conspiracy in the courts on a routine basis. We see that in this case.

Long Term Capital Management traded Russian government bonds in the 1990s as if on inside information one book said. Robert C. Merton was part of it and he was a suitemate of Stanley Fischer in the 1960s when Fischer copied the discrete time version of Hakansson in Fischer’s thesis and Merton did the continuous time limit as the time interval shrinks to zero. The same functional forms come through in the continuous time limit. The Ph.D.s at LTCM knew this and they were the traders.

DE Shaw also a firm with Ph.D.s did the same trading in Russian government bonds. They lost money too. LTCM needed a bailout arranged by the fed by the major investment banks. They also had Ph.D.s and profs who knew this.

DE Shaw then later hired Summers at 5 million a year for one day a week of “consulting”. Summers contribution was ridiculed by the employees at DE Shaw as useless. But this gave Summers a legal defense fund, a stay at home version of Snowden’s run for the powerful and connected.

Summers was then appointed by Obama in 2009. Obama was from University of Chicago as an employee and his wife was paid over 300k a year by University of Chicago. University of Chicago was involved in both physics and econ plagiarism kompromat cover ups. It conspired with other universities to withhold info on the Fock letter about Corson in 1947 in the later FBI investigation of Corson for atomic spying. They also had communist issues with the Cowles Commission and Econometric Society starting in the 1940s. Many of their fellows got positions at RAND that required security clearances. University of Chicago and the Econometric Society concealed info from the FBI about plagiarism kompromat, communist tendencies, etc. Paul Samuelson was a member and part of that.

Stanley Fischer was nominated to be Vice Chairman of the Fed in 2013/2014. He is involved in all these issues since 1969. He has been a major participant and was openly offered a job in Moscow by Putin while still at the IMF. Hay then received a Ph.D. in math from Steklov in Moscow while US v Harvard, Shelfier and Hay was pending.

Darrell Duffie repeated the same events of 1969 with the Ph.D. thesis of Jun Liu at Stanford in 2000. That copied an improvement to the work of Hakansson and Merton’s continuous time version that had been given to Karl Shell. Shell had the Hakansson paper at MIT in 1966 from public records. So Duffie duplicated that.

Follow on conspiracies were done against the same victim of Duffie starting approximately in 1990. This involved multiple universities and journals and the Econometric Society and so on.

Duffie is head of the Moody’s MIS committee which rates the bonds of the US government, Russia and Ukraine as well as mortgages, derivatives, and securities underwritten and traded by the same investment banks. Moody’s has lowered the credit rating of Ukraine more and ahead of S & P and Fitch. Moody’s has trailed S & P in the last few weeks in lowering the rating on Russia’s bonds.

The investment bank partners of the universities are aware of this record and can get ratings benefits for bonds and securities and mortgages their banks trade that Moody’s gives ratings to.

Russia posted the kompromat document on Duffie in December 2005. This was after the January 2005 meeting in which the econ establishment backed Shleifer, Summers, and the MIT diaspora. That was while US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay was pending. That settled in August 2005. Duffie joined Moody’s a few years later.

The academic, Wall Street, government employment events and timelines are intertwined. One can keep doing the above for other legal cases, e.g. involving antitrust, as well as the bailouts of 2008 and subsequent years under Ben Bernanke whose thesis was chaired by Stanley Fischer and where Bernanke cited Samuelson but not Hakansson or even Fischer. So Bernanke knew about this the whole time he was on the Fed. His bailouts were done while Wall Street knew of Fischer’s legal liability. Summers was also in government and part of the bailouts in 2009.

So the conspiracy is everywhere. The same people are intertwined with the universities backing them up and concealing info from the FBI in background checks. When Fischer left Israel, MIT made him an emeritus professor, which is his status today.

The above is draft and preliminary. Restate as questions. Comments and corrections welcome. These are hypotheses and speculation. All other disclaimers apply.

It is because Stanley Fischer’s actions are so offensive that Russia has leverage

April 27, 2014

Stanley Fischer’s actions are far worse and more intentional and deliberate over time than those of the NBA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. Based on that one comment, Obama condemned Sterling.

How much worse and thus more leverage does Russia have over Stanley Fischer and Obama and the US government for Stanley Fischer’s actions? Particularly, since others have knowingly joined in them to their benefit under both the US government and private institutions.

Stanley Fischer has engaged in a long term business conspiracy to deny credit to Nils Hakansson. This included getting his Ph.D. student Ben Bernanke to cite the Paul Samuelson 1969 paper instead of Hakansson in Bernanke’s Ph.D. thesis supervised by Stanley Fischer. Fischer did the same in his book with Olivier Blanchard. Blanchard is now at IMF as Chief Economist.

A recent photo of Summers Fischer Blanchard Bernanke all together.…6632.7830.0.8004.….0…1c.1.42.img..

The conference concluding session featured (l-r) Larry Summers, Ken Rogoff, Stanley Fischer, Ben Bernanke and Olivier Blanchard (IMF photo)

IMF Brings Together Top Economic Thinkers to Debate Crises
By M. Ayhan Kose and Rafael Portillo, IMF Research Department

November 20, 2013

Larry Summers, Stanley Fischer, Ben Bernanke and Olivier Blanchard are all linked and their institutions have been engaged in a business conspiracy against Hakansson and others. [We are neutral on Rogoff in this article and Blanchard’s role is more limited than the others.]

Their actions are far more offensive than the NBA owner’s one off comments, if made by him. Obama has appointed and promoted some of them and after their misconduct has been posted and brought to the attention of the government. So Russia has far more leverage over Obama than if they secretly had this tape of the sports owner prior to its release.

This is the type of leverage that lets Russia take Crimea as it already has. It also lets it disrupt Eastern Ukraine as it already has. These have not produced meaningful sanctions.

Moreover, Russia has leverage on Moody’s and Ukraine’s credit rating fell more and earlier than from other ratings agencies, and S & P has lowered Russia’s credit rating earlier and more than Moody’s.

The above is hypotheses and speculation. Please restate as questions. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.

Comparison of sports owner alleged comments and Stanley Fischer actions

April 27, 2014

NBA owner Donald Sterling made comments widely condemned.

Obama called the remarks “incredibly offensive”.

How much more offensive is Stanley Fischer and the major institutions of society, government and private, subjecting Nils Hakansson and his family to a business conspiracy since 1969? Multiple persons victimized Nils Hakansson, most of them linked to MIT at the time and since then to the major institutions of society. This includes already US Treasury (Larry Summers) Federal Reserve (multiple profs such as Bernanke and Janet Yellen), IMF, Citigroup, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, SIEPR, Nobel Prize, Econometric Society, CFR, etc.

This has gone on for decades. Those engaged in the misconduct and the witnesses have been rewarded and promoted. Those who subjected Hakansson and other witnesses and victims to fear are rewarded and promoted. That includes being rewarded and promoted by the US government on multiple occasions.

Many of these business conspiracies have an ethnic, religious or racial dimension to them, although the victims tend to be White Christians such as Nils Hakansson. But that doesn’t make it right, not even unto PC laws as they exist now.

The above is draft and preliminary. Please restate as questions. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.

Stanley Fischer appointment violates due process of law to Nils Hakansson and others

April 27, 2014

The appoint of Stanley Fischer to Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve while he is currently engaged in a business conspiracy against Nils Hakansson and others violates due process of law and equal protection of law to Nils Hakansson and other victims.

Stanley Fischer is engaged in a buiness conspiracy to deny Hakansson credit for multiperiod portfolio analysis as well as to others. The Federal Reserve has been told this and presumably it was passed onto the Senate. The confirmation of Fischer while he is still engaged in the business conspiracy is a denial of due process of law and equal protection to those victims.

It is clear that Fischer intends to continue the conspiracy since he has not revised his book, made a public statement, given back his Ph.D. to MIT or surrendered his US citizenship based on that fraudulent Ph.D. Nor has he asked other institutions and individuals to likewise make public restitution to Hakansson and the other victims.

The class of victims includes not just academics, but business people, their employees, family members, investors, Chechens, Ukrainians, and others. The total damages are in the trillions of dollars.

Federal Reserve employees have a duty to bring additional facts they know related to this to the attention of their managers, the lawyers at the Federal Reserve, the FBI, DOJ and the Senate.

Negligence by Federal Reserve or other employees of the government in forwarding information to the Senate or the disregard by the Senate of equal protection and due process of law, or by the agencies themselves, does not excuse the liability that has accrued or will accrue under Stanley Fischer. Moreover, Fischer’s actions reinforce and supplement and preceded in many cases acts of federal employees in furtherance of these conspiracies under the supervision of profs at high level positions or by subjecting the federal employees to fear by academic institutions, journals, societies and others who influence and in fact control hiring and promotion of Ph.D. employees of the government.

The above are draft and preliminary. These are hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.

Sanctions against Russian banks and the Stanley Fischer appointment

April 26, 2014

The US government is moving towards sanctions on Russian banks. However, Stanley Fischer is already involved in business conspiracies that involve banks and with Darrell Duffie of Stanford and through him with Moody’s on rating securities. By appointing Stanley Fischer vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, this opens up avenues for those who suffer losses to sue the Federal Reserve and US government because of its involvement in these conspiracies.

RACHAEL BADE | 4/24/14 5:17 PM EDT
The U.S. may have discovered a new secret weapon against Russia.

A quiet round of what some call unofficial sanctions are about to be lobbed on Russian banks, sending them reeling as President Barack Obama and top lawmakers this week discuss another sanctions round.

The legal basis for imposing sanctions on Russian banks is that the US government has clean hands. If it is itself involved in multiple business conspiracies from the small to the large, then its legal basis to engage in sanctions can be challenged.

Sanctions rely on an equity theory to be valid. If those engaged in the sanctions lack clean hands, they can’t seek equity. The US government is further putting itself in this position by appointing Stanley Fischer as Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Equity doesn’t mean that big organizations get to harm little people and say it doesn’t matter. Harming little people is sufficient to take away clean hands from the US government. That invalidates its claims to seek equity from Russia for Russia’s actions in Ukraine, which are in turn actions against little people.

Nils Hakansson may be a little person, but the Stanley Fischer business conspiracy against him has been going since 1969. He has been denied the recognition he deserves. Further acts of fraud against 3rd parties are linked to this. These are small in many cases but are large in others.

Chechens blame the IMF for funding the genocide of 200,000 little Chechens. This was while Russia was putting pressure on Stanley Fischer over Hakansson. But they and their allies in the US and Europe also acted against new 3rd parties to put pressure on Fischer and others to get the IMF loans and other benefits.

Long Term Capital Management invested in Russian government bonds as if on inside information one of the books said. That info was that Russia had this info on Stanley Fischer. Robert C. Merton was part of LTCM and he was one of the authors in 1969 using the Hakansson work and he and Stanley Fischer were suitemates at MIT while Stanley Fischer copied the discrete time version of Hakansson and Merton turned that into the continuous time version but preserving the same analytic functions as solutions. In terms of solutions, the Robert C. Merton formulas are the same as the Fischer and in turn Hakansson solutions.

LTCM got a bailout arranged by the Federal Reserve. The Fed was itself involved in a business conspiracy against a 3rd party at the time. The Lin Chen 3 factor model was a paper at the Fed. It was also a Harvard Ph.D. thesis while Merton was a prof at Harvard. This is why Shiryaev of Russia cited it in his 1999 book, to keep the pressure up and show Russia knew of new current cases not just old ones. The combination of old business conspiracies against Hakansson and new ones against new 3rd parties kept the old ones fresh and magnified both by synergy.

Moody’s rates almost every traded security in the world. Darrell Duffie is a key player not just in an isolated act but in spreading culpability for misconduct to academic, government and financial institutions. This is a core part of how ratings and regulatory benefits are obtained for these institutions. They give money to the universities and hire their graduates at high salaries which fuels high tuition and donations.

By voting to confirm Stanley Fischer, the Senate joins in all the conspiracies he is part of and linked to. These are against little people but also the 200,000 Chechens, investors of all sizes and counter parties to derivative contracts unaware of these conspiracies. This gives the Federal Reserve dirty hands. It had them already, but magnifies it to a new level of extremeness. That in turn undermines the US claim to be doing equity for the little people in Ukraine while it is doing harm to the little people in the US and including investors all over the world.

The above is hypotheses and speculation. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.

Stanley Fischer Federal Reserve Litigation Issues

April 26, 2014

The appointment of Stanley Fischer to be Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve raises litigation issues. Stanley Fischer is already part of a business conspiracy against Nils Hakansson. The actions by Darrell Duffie and Stanford can be viewed as part of the same conspiracy through Karl Shell, Journal of Economic Theory, Cornell, Elseiver, American Economics Association, Econometric Society, and American Finance Association.

Fellows of the Econometric Society are a major part of the business conspiracy against Nils Hakansson and third parties. Stanley Fischer is one of those. Fischer got an award from the American Economic Association recently after his nomination. The leadership group involves someone who is part of the business conspiracy against a 3rd party.

The Federal Reserve itself has been part of a business conspiracy against a 3rd party and that is already linked to Stanley Fischer and the business conspiracy against Nils Hakansson.

The Lin Chen 3 factor model paper at the Federal Reserve was part of a business conspiracy against a 3rd party but also part of putting pressure on Stanley Fischer at the IMF in the 1990s to keep the loans going to Russia. That was cited in the 1999 Shiryaev book as an act in the conspiracy.

There have been further acts at the Federal Reserve against a 3rd party and that is ongoing.

These all link through Duffie to ratings by Moody’s. Investment banks have Ph.D.s and even part time profs as managers and employees who know of this and are part of it. They get ratings benefits from Moody’s and regulatory benefits from the Federal Reserve.

Janet Yellen and George Akerlof are already part of this, but Stanley Fischer is even more part of it with better and stronger evidence.

Can the Federal Reserve or US Treasury be sued by investors in bonds or mortgages or securities or derivatives rated by Moody’s? If so, this could be trillions of dollars in losses.

If interest rates rise on US Treasury bonds, can the Federal Reserve be sued for the drop in price? This can be trillions of dollars in losses.

Does the Fed become liable for losses to investors in Russia? So the Fed has to make good on losses to investors in Russian government bonds as well as other investments in Russia? Russia or oligarchs linked to it may have already analyzed the law on this.

Does Congress need to pass special legislation that the US government can’t be sued for these types of losses due to the appointment of Stanley Fischer? As well as the Janet Yellen and other appointments? [Note this is irony. Such a special bill would violate equal protection, due process and bill of attainder against the victims starting from Nils Hakansson if not earlier.]

Moody’s, Stanford, MIT and Stanley Fischer can be sued in London or another country. Their actions cause losses to investors in other countries and they can be sued there. Stanley Fischer is part of the business conspiracy before he reaches employment at the Federal Reserve. So he has no immunity either in the US or in other countries.

In addition, if the Senate votes to confirm Stanley Fischer after they already know of his involvement in these conspiracies that can be taken by courts as indicating the United States government assumed the liability for every conspiracy Stanley Fischer is involved in. Particularly, since it knew the conspiracies would continue and even increase with his appointment at the Fed.

For example, Federal Reserve Board employees afraid to cite Hakansson or a 3rd party in journal publications would feel even more that way after his appointment. That is used by Ph.D.s at investment banks to get ratings benefits from Moody’s or regulatory benefits from the Federal Reserve. Those are one unified conspiracy. Investors in the bonds or derivatives can then sue the Federal Reserve and Moody’s for their losses arising from this conspiracy. By confirming Stanley Fischer the Senate indicates it assumes this liability.

These losses can be in the trillions because Darrell Duffie of Stanford is chairman of the MIS Committee of Moody’s that in effect rates almost every security and through counterparty ratings every derivatives contract in the world. This can then easily lead to liability in the trillions of dollars.

Duffie joined the conspiracy against new 3rd parties to the conspiracy against Hakansson by using Stanley Fischer’s involvement against Hakansson as leverage over Karl Shell, Journal of Economic Theory, the Econometric Society, etc. Stanley Fischer knows this and has not acted to withdraw from the conspiracy against Nils Hakansson.

Fischer is part of the conspiracy against Hakansson by not admitting his plagiarism, by his book with Blanchard continuing to give credit to Samuelson for the multiperiod portfolio part, for his membership in the Econometric Society which is part of the conspiracy against Hakansson and a 3rd party, and for many awards to those involved including by Wall Street type associations.

Fischer in his thesis copied the second order conditions of Hakansson in the multiperiod investment decision. Samuelson didn’t do those second order conditions at all. Fischer knew this. In his book, Fischer gives credit just to Samuelson when he knows Samuelson never did the second order conditions. Fischer knows this well because Fischer went through the second order conditions in his thesis.

In 2003, Duffie was awarded the SunGard/IAFE Financial Engineer of the Year Award from the International Association of Financial Engineers.

This award was by those involved and their institutions. They get regulatory benefits from the Federal Reserve and they get ratings benefits from Moody’s.

The board members of the IAFE are involved in both the academic conspiracies, in concealing information about them, in subjecting current Federal Reserve Board members to fear not to cite the victims, and in getting regulatory benefits from the Fed and ratings benefits from Moody’s.

If Federal Reserve Board employees are afraid to cite a person in their submissions to these journals, which are a major factor in their promotion at the Fed, then they are equally subjected to fear by the financial institutions that are linked to the same professors and journals subjecting the Fed employees to fear on their citations. This is admissible in court to prove that these financial institutions subjected the Federal Reserve employees who regulate them to fear. Fear is unitary. If a Federal Reserve employee is afraid of these journals, profs, universities and investment banks they are linked to then they are afraid on a unitary basis. So the fear covers not just citations in journals but also regulatory actions over these institutions.

Federal Reserve employee promotions are linked to publications and citations in outside journals. Fed employees maintain webpages the same as university professors with their papers on them. They have extensive interaction through the American Economics Association, American Finance Association and Econometric Society meetings.

Moreover, there have been acts there in furtherance of these conspiracies witnessed by Federal Reserve employees. The fear they are subjected to has delayed, impeded or obstructed their coming forward as witnesses to the FBI and DOJ over these conspiracies. This includes Russia and China’s use of them.

The above is hypotheses or speculation. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.

If the Senate confirms Stanley Fischer Putin will take it as a sign to take Ukraine?

April 25, 2014

If the Senate confirms Stanley Fischer is that a sign to Putin that his kompromat leverage over Obama and the Council of Foreign Relations and US banks gives him the authority to take Ukraine?

The Senate Banking Committee will vote on Stanley Fischer on Tuesday. Fischer received the Kiss of Schumer at the hearings on March 13, 2014, the day before Stanford SIEPR Summit Agenda Day where Stanford gave Fischer 100,000 dollars for having not disclosed information on Stanford’s own misconduct linked to him.

To Putin SIEPR Day and the 100k check from Stanford to Stanley Fischer was an act in furtherance of a conspiracy between Stanford, MIT and Harvard as well as Darrell Duffie and Stanley Fischer. Russia has posted kompromat on Duffie that is also further kompromat on Stanley Fischer, Larry Summers and their institutions.

Long Term Capital Management, LTCM, and DE Shaw purchased Russian government bonds in the 1990s as if on inside information one book said on LTCM. After that DE Shaw hired Summers, paid him 5 million a year.

LTCM got a bailout organized by the Fed. Fischer joined Citigroup and earned millions. So these are all linked together in Russia’s kompromat files.

Obama was a paid employee of University of Chicago in the 1990s and his wife was as well, earning 300k a year at one point. University of Chicago hired Stanley Fischer in 1969 knowing he had plagiarized Nils Hakansson. U Chicago was also involved in concealing info from the FBI in atomic espionage cases as were the other universities.

Several professors in economics and finance have fanned the flames of plagiarism including Duffie and Fischer. So have profs at Cornell, Harvard, Princeton and University of Chicago. So have prior employees at the Fed such as Lin Chen whose Federal Reserve 1995 was cited in the 1999 Albert Shiryaev book on academic finance and which he received funding from the Project 97-03 of the Lyapunov Institute a joint venture at the time of Inria France and Russian institutes.

Moody’s lowered the credit rating of Ukraine consistently ahead of S & P and Fitch. S & P has lowered the credit rating of Russia itself ahead of Moody’s in this last week.

History of Russia’s credit rating by Moody’s, S & P and Fitch is here:

The site has not currently updated the S & P downgrade.

S & P after the downgrade is BBB- with a negative outlook.

S & P BBB- corresponds to Moody’s Baa3. Moody’s is still Baa1, 2 notches above the current S & P of BBB- equivalent to Baa3. Baa3 is worse than Baa1.

Russia has posted kompromat on Darrell Duffie of Stanford and Duffie is head of the MIS Committee of Moody’s which oversees the ratings unit of Moody’s. Moody’s also pushed down the Ukraine credit rating faster than S & P.

Putin has these files. A vote to confirm Stanley Fischer is a sign to Putin to move aggressively in Ukraine while he has this leverage.

Putin believes that Obama will blink. Putin thinks Obama is himself so personally tied up in this through the University of Chicago, Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer that Putin his the whip hand over Obama. Putin believes that if he invades Ukraine or pushes aggressively that Obama will do symbolic sanctions only.

If the Senate votes to confirm Stanley Fischer that may be all Putin needs to invade Ukraine.

The above is hypothesis and speculation. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.

Kapitsa Max Born Atomic Spy Ring cut and paste

April 24, 2014

Some materials related to the Peter Kapitsa, Max Born Atomic Spy Ring are gathered here. These are in cut and paste form so that they can be used in emails, text files or other materials. Please include the standard disclaimer.

Doctoral students

Victor Frederick Weisskopf
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Lothar Wolfgang Nordheim
Max Delbrück
Walter Elsasser
Friedrich Hund
Pascual Jordan
Maria Goeppert-Mayer
Herbert S. Green
Cheng Kaijia
Siegfried Flügge
Edgar Krahn
Maurice Pryce
Antonio Rodríguez
Bertha Swirles
Paul Weiss
Peng Huanwu[1]

These have links in Wikipedia table to their Wiki articles.

Some of his assistants include

Klaus Fuchs Born in Germany.
Edward M. Corson (Born in Long Island of Russian immigrants)
Leopold Infeld

Investigated by FBI as possible spies

Klaus Fuchs
Edward M. Corson
J. Robert Oppenheimer

Tried or subjected to a proceeding as a Communist or spy for Russia

Klaus Fuchs (Convicted)
J. Robert Oppenheimer (Stripped of security clearance)

Known atomic scientists for China

Cheng Kaijia
Peng Huanwu

Went to Russia or Eastern Europe after Klaus Fuchs arrest

Klaus Fuchs
Leopold Infeld

Went to Communist China before or after Klaus Fuchs arrest

Cheng Kaijia
Peng Huanwu
2 other Chinese.

Pre-emptively Discredited after WWII as witnesses by hate campaigns against them involving other Max Born assistants or known spies.

Pascual Jordan
Werner Heisenberg
Edward Teller

Plot to kill Heisenberg during WWII before he could testify

Victor Frederick Weisskopf
J. Robert Oppenheimer

More will be added to this page over time. It will be treated as a resource page to be added to and possibly edited.

The above is hypotheses or speculation. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.

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