Legal liability of Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Moodys for Russia wars in Ukraine

April 7, 2014

The universities Stanford, MIT, Harvard and their partners like Moody’s and investment banks have financial liability for Russia’s actions in Ukraine.  This is because the universities had prior knowledge that their actions had helped Russia advance its ends, and they knew that their current actions would have that effect as well.  They did it anyhow knowing the consequences of helping Russia advance its war agenda in Ukraine.

Prior times the universities helped Russia that they know about and further arguments are given below.

  1. Russia used plagiarism kompromat to help gain atomic know how.  An example is the Fock Letter about plagiarism by Corson.  That was in 1947, the start of the Cold War and while Fuchs was still giving atomic know how to Max Born assistants in England and Scotland.
  2. The universities withheld info about the Fock Letter from MI5 and the FBI following the arrest of Klaus Fuchs and the investigation of Edward M. Corson by MI5 and the FBI.
  3. The universities nominated Soviets for the Nobel Prize in physics and economics because Russia had kompromat on the universities including plagiarism kompromat but also university involvement in covering up atomic spying.
  4. The universities nominated Kantorovich for the Nobel Prize in econ in 1975 based on plagiarism kompromat Russia had on Paul Samuelson, Stanley Fischer, Robert C. Merton (and he was the son of Robert K. Merton), and David Levhari and TN Srinivasan.  This was done at MIT and Stanford and a Harvard journal was instrumental in its involvement.  They were the group that duplicated different parts of Hakansson’s work before its delayed publication in 1969 and 1970.
  5. The universities nominated Peter Kapitsa in 1978 for the Nobel Prize in physics.  Kapitsa started plagiarism kompromat for Russia in the 1920s.  Kapitsa founded MIPT, Phys Tech which is the school that Sergei Guriev got one of his degrees in the 1990s with a thesis on portfolio theory ie the same subject as the Hakansson work that was pilfered by MIT and Stanford.
  6. Boris Berezovsky reused this kompromat in the 1990s on Larry Summers, nephew of Paul Samuelson, and Stanley Fischer at IMF to get IMF loans.  These were then diverted in Loans for Shares.  This funded Yeltsin and led to the rise of Putin who was picked by Berezovsky to succeed Yeltsin.
  7. The universities thus stopped Russia’s chance of real democracy.
  8. The IMF loans funded the 2nd Chechen war in 1999 in the view of Chechens and thus funded what Chechens consider the Chechen genocide.
  9. Russia continued to have this kompromat in the 2000s.
  10. Putin appears to have decided that the 2nd Obama administration would be a time of maximum weakness.
  11. Obama had hired Larry Summers in 2009 after DE Shaw, one of the trading firms that traded Russian government bonds in the 1990s using this know-how it appears had paid Summers 5 million a year.
  12. Harvard at that point had concealed info from the USAO Mass and FBI in the investigation from 1997 to 2005 in US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay.
  13. During that time, Hay who had a law degree from Harvard, was given a Ph.D. in math by the Steklov Institute in Moscow in case he lost his law license it appears.
  14. Obama covered that up for his university allies and appointed Summers and others complicit in this history such as Janet Yellen and Ben Bernanke as well as Jeremy Stein most likely.
  15. Putin thus felt he had maximum advantage over Obama in the second administration and that he could use this to take back Crimea.
  16. The universities have assisted in this by concealing information from the FBI and other parts of government including Federal Reserve Board, Securities Exchange Commission, US Treasury, DOJ Antitrust Division Economic Analsysis Group, FTC, Senate, House, etc.
  17. SIEPR Agenda Day at Stanford March 14, 2014 was the payment of 100,000 to Stanley Fischer the day after Fischer concealed information about this from the Senate on March 13, 2014 in his testimony before the Senate Banking Committee.
  18. This gave Russia leverage during the Crimea Crisis.
  19. This has also set up Russia to invade the Eastern part of Ukraine and possibly other areas as well.
  20. The universities have been advised throughout this period by emails of Russia’s use of these tactics and of Russia’s past benefits from using them.
  21. The universities are aware of their own coverup and that Russia is on the march in Crimea.
  22. The universities are aware that the Obama sanctions are weak and ineffective.
  23. The universities and their partners are thus aware that they are helping Russia advance its agenda by war in violation of international law.  That includes a resolution by the UN General Assembly against Russia’s invasion of Crimea in violation of international law.
  24. Russia’s actions are undermining the credibility of NATO.  NATO is the most important organization for the stability of the current international regime and was developed out of experience of two world wars and the Cold War.
  25. The universities are providing material assistance to Russia to undermine the credibility of NATO by giving Putin leverage over Obama.
  26. This set of actions by the universities thus exposes them to legal liability for the consequences.
  27. The universities are aware of the damage as each damage is inflicted, e.g. invasion of Crimea, but persisted in their actions even after that.
  28. Stanley Fischer’s testimony March 13, 2014 and SIEPR Agenda Day at Stanford March 14, 2014 were after Russia invaded Crimea.
  29. These were intended to coverup and to intimidate witnesses including Federal Reserve Board employees from providing information to the FBI, Congress or even their superiors on these matters.
  30. One of the FRB employees was at New Economic School Moscow and has a 2 year gap in their resume for 1997 and 1998, years of Project 97-03 and of putting pressure on Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers for more IMF loans.
  31. Stanford knew that before, during and after SIEPR Agenda Day March 14, 2014.
  32. Stanford intended to coverup Russia’s use of plagiarism kompromat to get IMF loans in the 1990s and to intimidate the New Economic School employee at the Fed from telling what they know to their superiors, Congress and the FBI.
  33. Thus Stanford and MIT as well as Harvard and their partners intentionally acted to help Russia and cover up Russia’s use of these methods directly during the Crimea Crisis.
  34. This was an act with malice by Stanford, MIT and their university partners.
  35. MIT and Stanford acted to involve Leon Panetta, Condoleezza Rice and others in SIEPR Agenda Day to try to implicate them and thus implicate Obama and the GOP as well in these actions.
  36. Stanford knew this would help Russia substantially to prosecute its ongoing invasion of Crimea and of Ukraine.
  37. Stanford knew this and did this while NATO was being undermined and while the UN was condemning Russia’s invasion as a violation of international law.
  39. The vote was 100 to 11 with 58 abstaining.
  40. Stanford and MIT have intentionally undermined this resolution by the payment of the 100,000 to Stanley Fischer and not withdrawing the award to him.
  41. The award to Stanley Fischer covered his IMF period when he gave Russia IMF loans to cover up not just plagiarism but the universities more extensive role in atomic spying than the FBI knew of in the 1990s while many involved were still alive.
  42. Russia linked them in the Sudoplotov book intended to push the buttons of the atomic scientists in order to pressure the econ profs at IMF and US Treasury to give them IMF loans.  This worked.
  43. Moreover, the profs and Ph.D.s at LTCM and DE Shaw traded Russian government bonds to benefit from this.  That included Robert C. Merton at LTCM as well as Myron Scholes who won the Nobel Prize in 1997.
  44. They in turn got nominations from Paul Samuelson and others involved.
  45. The Nobel Prize has been used in this way almost continually.  The prize to Peter Diamond was while he was before the Senate and MIT, Harvard and Stanford were still concealing this information from the FBI.
  46. The universities have full liability for the Ukraine and Crimea Crises.  This includes all the costs of the US, NATO, the suffering of the Ukraine People, and the losses to investors in Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere.
  47. “The seizure of government buildings in East Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists is being orchestrated by Moscow to create an excuse for military invasion like Crimea, Ukraine’s prime minister said Monday.”

The above is speculation and hypotheses.   This is draft and preliminary Please restate as questions.  All other disclaimers apply.


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