Why Putin feels this is the perfect time to retake Ukraine

April 8, 2014

Putin feels that now is the perfect time to retake Ukraine because he has so many factors that have come together.

  1. Victoria Nuland and the US put Ukraine in play by their interference in Ukraine.
  2. This is true for the Russian, Ukraine and foreign audiences.
  3. Obama is the weakest US president in history to Putin and the Kremlin.
  4. Obama is also weak in the eyes of Europe and Ukraine itself.
  5. Obama’s team radiates corruption including at the Federal Reserve.
  6. Snowden has created weaknesses in the alliance.
  7. Snowden also created distrust between the US government and population.
  8. The American people realize the government is primarily watching them.
  9. The US is dominated by oligarchs who use immigration to keep wages down and jobs uncertain.
  10. The nomination of Stanley Fischer has given Putin almost perfect kompromat on Obama as well as on DOJ and FBI.
  11. The use of plagiarism kompromat started under Stalin, whom Putin admires.
  12. Darrell Duffie at Moody’s overseeing the credit ratings of Russia, Ukraine, US, etc. is also a major factor.
  13. Duffie, possibly working for Russia, has also implicated many institutions widely in plagiarism kompromat and misconduct.  This has created substantial potential financial liability for ratings misconduct litigation.
  14. The appointment of Stanley Fischer who plagiarized Nils Hakansson at Berkeley also implicates Janet Yellen and others at the Fed.  Jeremy Stein may have left because of this.
  15. There are other econ profs in and out of government who are linked to this.
  16. The Stanley Fischer kompromat links the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations.
  17. Other countries appear to have used it such as India and Pakistan to get benefits related to lifting sanctions on their nuclear programs.
  18. Putin models himself on Stalin as a great and strong leader.
  19. Stalin took Poland and the Baltic States while using plagiarism kompromat to get atomic secrets.
  20. Victoria Nuland the neocon types want to expand NATO and the EU into Ukraine.  This would be deep in Russia.
  21. This would allow the spread of Western influence and corrupting ideologies of PC, Diversity and Multiculturalism.
  22. Putin can flip a danger deep inside Russia to putting Russia back on the edge of Europe.
  23. This is what Stalin would do.
  24. It is also what former greats would do such as Catherine, Peter, and the Ivans.
  25. The biggest weakness of the US is financial and Russia’s kompromat is deeply embedded into the US financial, academic and regulatory system.  It is far more than just Duffie and Stanley Fischer.
  26. The expert witness firms for DOJ Antitrust Division Economic Analysis Group and similar regulatory profs are also linked to this as at least going along.
  27. That in turn casts doubts on the FBI, CIA and NSA as keeping silent to this over many years.
  28. The public has no trust for DOJ, FBI, CIA or NSA.  Nor for the Fed, SEC, Treasury, FTC, DOJ Antitrust, etc.
  29. Nor do they trust the universities anymore.  They are gauging them on inflation and are disloyal to the American middle class on know-how transfer to other countries including China that Americans consider a rival and enemy.
  30. The universities and tech sector have humiliated America by transferring its tech production to other countries making the military supply chain dependent on China.  America depends on Russia for its space program.
  31. Thus the US government is weak and has broken faith with its own people.
  32. Russia’s advantages including kompromat match the weaknesses of the US government.
  33. If Putin hesitates, the US, EU, and IMF can try to rebuild Ukraine and make it an agent of influence deep in Russia to spread hostile propaganda and networks.
  34. Putin also remembers that Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers were both agents of corruption and undermining post Soviet Russia.  He doesn’t trust them and any administration that employed them.
  35. The DOJ and FBI have tolerated open obstruction of justice by Harvard and MIT in US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay and subsequent background checks.
  36. Russia knows LTCM and DE Shaw traded their bonds using insider information on kompromat and that DOJ and FBI have let them get away with.
  37. Russia has real contempt for the integrity and competence of the organs of the US government and society.
  38. They know they have to take their chance when it comes or they will face the turn of the wheel of fate.
  39. The neocons and Victoria Nuland types will be at Russia’s throat to destroy it as a people of Russian ethnicity if they can.  So this is a struggle for survival of the Russian and even Slavic Orthodox people.
  40. Putin sees the West as genuinely diseased as a culture and society that spreads decay and intends to spread it through Ukraine to Russia.
  41. Putin will cement his place in history if he retakes Ukraine.
  42. Putin is old KGB and believes that kompromat such as he has on Stanley Fischer, Darrell Duffie and others is what works.  He finds he understands America and that gives him confidence to defeat it at a moment of weakness.
  43. This is also a unique opportunity to undermine the expanding NATO.   Putin knows he has this chance just once.
  44. The corruption and cover up extend far beyond Obama or the executive branch. The two parties, the Congress and even parts of the media are corrupt.
  45. Putin has seen the information and evidence of the kompromat and the obstruction of justice by Harvard and MIT and Stanford put on the internet, sent to journalists, posted on media webpages.
  46. Throughout this the FBI and DOJ and SEC have ignored it. This shows America is morally corrupt.
  47. To Putin as an old KGB hand, the corruption of FBI and DOJ is of special importance.  If even the FBI is corrupt and incompetent, it shows to Putin that he can act safely and take the chance history has given him.
  48. The FBI and DOJ acquiescence  to the obstruction of justice in US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay and then actual rehiring of known criminals and liars such as Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer after their crimes were exposed on the Internet is of especial importance to Putin as an old KGB hand and having living through these times.
  49. The Stanley Fischer nomination, his obvious concealment to the Senate hearing, the posting of the truth on webpages and the FBI and DOJ ignoring it prove to Putin the total corruption of the US.
  50. Stanford SIEPR Day of paying Stanley Fischer 100k the day after the Senate hearing where he concealed info on this proves the corruption of the US government and society.
  51. The people in these institutions, including FBI and DOJ, obviously don’t care.  They are apathetic to open lies and corruption.  They fail to investigate or to follow up.  They are morally degenerated by the moral degeneracy of American society.
  52. Not only do US institutions lie, but obvious networks of Russian spies linked to the New Economic School Moscow are inside the Federal Reserve itself as well as major universities and financial institutions.  The FBI does nothing.  To Putin this type of apathy shows perfect degeneracy of America.
  53. Thus Putin can seize the moment and take Ukraine and the Baltic states.  This will undermine NATO and stop its expansion.
  54. This will also start a counter movement of an expanding bloc under Putin that can expand in Asia possibly around the world.


The above is hypothesis speculation and opinion. This is draft and preliminary.  Restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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