Jerzy Los Econ Conferences Poland 1972 and 1974

April 10, 2014

At 2 conferences in Poland in 1972 and 1974, Russia may have been able to put pressure on profs from the West to nominate Soviet Kantorovich of the USSR for the 1975 Nobel Prize. This may have been taped and then played back for Andrei Shleifer in the 1990s. The pressure was over the plagiarism by Paul Samuelson, Stanley Fischer, and depending on interpretation Robert C. Merton, TN Srinivasan and David Levhari. Franklin Fisher had a relationship with David Levhari, was chairman of the SF thesis, on the RCM thesis and editor of Econometrica when Hakansson’s 1966 thesis paper was published in 1970.

The Russians then would have pressured Samuelson and Kenneth Arrow to nominate Kantorovich. They were uncles of Larry Summers. Summers’ parents may have helped arrange this. Srinivasan and Levhari were at Stanford when their paper replicating part of Hakansson came out in the 1960s after 1966 and published 1969. The others were at MIT.

Mathematical Models in Economics, Proceedings … Feb.-July 1972 and of the Conference on Von Neumann Models, 10-15 July 1972

Jerzy Los, Maria W. Los, Symposium on mathematical methods of economics, Warsaw, 1972, Conference on Von Neumann models, Warsaw, 1972, Instytut Matematyczny (Polska Akademia Nauk)
North-Holland, 1974 – 483 pages

Computing equilibria: how and why : proceedings of the international conference organized by the Computing Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences, held in Toruń, 8-13 July 1974

Jerzy Los, Jerzy Łoś, Maria Wycech-Łoś, Åke E. Andersson, Polska Akademia Nauk. Centrum Obliczeniowe
North-Holland Pub. Co. : sole distributor for the U.S.A. and Canada, American Elsevier Pub. Co., 1976 – Business & Economics – 332 pages

1972 Conference some of those there

Martin J. Beckmann

William Brock

Eugene Dynkin for Russia (contributed paper) now at Cornell then at CEMI Moscow

Koopmans (deceased)

Quang, Hung Le, from Hanoi

Valery Makarov now president New Economic School Moscow and Head of CEMI in same building.

Lionel. W. McKenzie

R. Tyrell Rockafellar

Martin L Weitzman then MIT now Harvard.

1974 Conference

Martin J. Beckmann

Eugene B. Dynkin

Lionel W. McKenzie

Quang Le Hung


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