Putin willing to burn Snowden as an asset to use him for Russian audience

April 17, 2014

President Putin of Russia badly burned Edward Snowden as an asset for agitprop in the West. There were still many who believed he was a genuine whistleblower who ended up by chance in Moscow. This has been damaged beyond repair by Snowden’s naive question to Putin about whether Putin spies in Russia like the NSA does in the US.

Putin is willing to use up his assets now like Snowden. That shows Putin feels he needs to do so with his Russian audience. That means Putin is going to ask more sacrifice of them, ie he will continue his expansion into Ukraine.

Putin may also be burning assets in the US. Stanley Fischer put himself forward for Fed Vice-chairman when he knew his plagiarism and Russia’s use of it were out. Moreover, it was also out that this had been brought to the attention of the FBI, even if it had not succeeded. That could be seen on social media.

This makes it appear like Stanley Fischer is an asset of Russia. He may have been an agent provocateur in the mold of Edward Corson. Fischer was intended to trap Paul Samuelson to get a Nobel Prize nomination from Samuelson and also Arrow for Kantorovich of the USSR. Russia was in desperation to get such a Prize in econ because there were many former Russians who were winning in the US. Even Samuelson and Arrow were children of Russians who came to the US.

Communism needed to be bolstered in the 1960s and 1970s because it was in fact failing economically to deliver. So Russia was desperate for legitimacy for communism as an economic theory.

Stanford’s SIEPR Agenda day looks the same way. Stanford made itself obviously part of this. The combination of Stanley Fischer and Khan Academy pointed back to Russia’s kompromat on Darrell Duffie and Stanley Fischer. This makes sense if Putin was putting his chips on the table to retake Ukraine and possibly the Baltic republics and others as well. Even Belarus may be absorbed in the West and then the rest in the South and East.

Many of the profs who have spread plagiarism and implicated their university, journals, the NBER, and government agencies may have been agent provocateurs for Russia. They should all be reconsidered in this light.

The above is hypotheses, speculation and opinion. This is draft and preliminary. Please restate as questions. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.


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