The time to out Stanley Fischer plagiarism is before Ukraine is lost not after

April 22, 2014

The FBI and Senate seem to be in some sort of stasis over the Stanley Fischer nomination. Not a peep has been heard since his testimony and the Stanford SIEPR Agenda Payoff Day where he was given 100,000 dollars after concealing academic misconduct that implicates Stanford as well going back decades.

Is the FBI following up on this? Is the Senate looking over its shoulder? If so, the time to disclose Stanley Fischer’s plagiarism and Russia’s use of it to get IMF loans is before Russia takes Ukraine not after. Putin certainly thinks so.

Putin thinks his time is now. Putin believes he has maximum leverage over Obama to do nothing right now. Right now is when the Stanley Fischer nomination is in limbo.

Obama is implicated in putting forth this candidate despite his record and the record of Russia using his record to advance their own agenda. Questions would certainly be asked if Stanley Fischer’s nomination was withdrawn. If it is admitted
that it was because of 1) his plagiarism 2) Russia using it to get IMF loans and 3) Obama knew this and covered it up for Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer, then the question will be asked why?

Obama may have hoped Fischer would be confirmed and this would end the chance for an investigation. That would then prepare the way for Hillary Clinton’s nomination. The problem with this is that Russia already knows the truth and has the proof.

They have tape recordings, meetings, and agendas going back decades. This links to much else as well, including Communist party membership and past spying at the universities. Counting Russia out was a stupid mistake. Russia recognized it. That is why they are half way through Eastern Ukraine with nothing to oppose them.

If West Ukraine is to be saved or Estonia, the needle must be drawn now. Stanley Fischer’s plagiarism and Russia’s use of it must be made public and official. Obama’s plot to use this nomination to prepare the way for Hillary Clinton to be president in 2016 should also be admitted. That would mean his stepping down or impeachment if the US Senate and House still had integrity. Don’t hold your breath.

Their corruption and the FBI and DOJ going along with it have made the US establishment seem a paper tiger that Russia has by the tail. Putin will march on through Ukraine and the Baltics and then East.

The universities, Moody’s, the financial firms that benefit from this are all liable for the damages.

The above is hypothesis and speculation. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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