Kapitsa Max Born Atomic Spy Ring cut and paste

April 24, 2014

Some materials related to the Peter Kapitsa, Max Born Atomic Spy Ring are gathered here. These are in cut and paste form so that they can be used in emails, text files or other materials. Please include the standard disclaimer.


Doctoral students

Victor Frederick Weisskopf
J. Robert Oppenheimer
Lothar Wolfgang Nordheim
Max Delbrück
Walter Elsasser
Friedrich Hund
Pascual Jordan
Maria Goeppert-Mayer
Herbert S. Green
Cheng Kaijia
Siegfried Flügge
Edgar Krahn
Maurice Pryce
Antonio Rodríguez
Bertha Swirles
Paul Weiss
Peng Huanwu[1]

These have links in Wikipedia table to their Wiki articles.

Some of his assistants include

Klaus Fuchs Born in Germany.
Edward M. Corson (Born in Long Island of Russian immigrants)
Leopold Infeld

Investigated by FBI as possible spies

Klaus Fuchs
Edward M. Corson
J. Robert Oppenheimer

Tried or subjected to a proceeding as a Communist or spy for Russia

Klaus Fuchs (Convicted)
J. Robert Oppenheimer (Stripped of security clearance)

Known atomic scientists for China

Cheng Kaijia
Peng Huanwu

Went to Russia or Eastern Europe after Klaus Fuchs arrest

Klaus Fuchs
Leopold Infeld

Went to Communist China before or after Klaus Fuchs arrest

Cheng Kaijia
Peng Huanwu
2 other Chinese.

Pre-emptively Discredited after WWII as witnesses by hate campaigns against them involving other Max Born assistants or known spies.

Pascual Jordan
Werner Heisenberg
Edward Teller

Plot to kill Heisenberg during WWII before he could testify

Victor Frederick Weisskopf
J. Robert Oppenheimer

More will be added to this page over time. It will be treated as a resource page to be added to and possibly edited.

The above is hypotheses or speculation. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.


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