If the Senate confirms Stanley Fischer Putin will take it as a sign to take Ukraine?

April 25, 2014

If the Senate confirms Stanley Fischer is that a sign to Putin that his kompromat leverage over Obama and the Council of Foreign Relations and US banks gives him the authority to take Ukraine?


The Senate Banking Committee will vote on Stanley Fischer on Tuesday. Fischer received the Kiss of Schumer at the hearings on March 13, 2014, the day before Stanford SIEPR Summit Agenda Day where Stanford gave Fischer 100,000 dollars for having not disclosed information on Stanford’s own misconduct linked to him.

To Putin SIEPR Day and the 100k check from Stanford to Stanley Fischer was an act in furtherance of a conspiracy between Stanford, MIT and Harvard as well as Darrell Duffie and Stanley Fischer. Russia has posted kompromat on Duffie that is also further kompromat on Stanley Fischer, Larry Summers and their institutions.

Long Term Capital Management, LTCM, and DE Shaw purchased Russian government bonds in the 1990s as if on inside information one book said on LTCM. After that DE Shaw hired Summers, paid him 5 million a year.

LTCM got a bailout organized by the Fed. Fischer joined Citigroup and earned millions. So these are all linked together in Russia’s kompromat files.

Obama was a paid employee of University of Chicago in the 1990s and his wife was as well, earning 300k a year at one point. University of Chicago hired Stanley Fischer in 1969 knowing he had plagiarized Nils Hakansson. U Chicago was also involved in concealing info from the FBI in atomic espionage cases as were the other universities.

Several professors in economics and finance have fanned the flames of plagiarism including Duffie and Fischer. So have profs at Cornell, Harvard, Princeton and University of Chicago. So have prior employees at the Fed such as Lin Chen whose Federal Reserve 1995 was cited in the 1999 Albert Shiryaev book on academic finance and which he received funding from the Project 97-03 of the Lyapunov Institute a joint venture at the time of Inria France and Russian institutes.

Moody’s lowered the credit rating of Ukraine consistently ahead of S & P and Fitch. S & P has lowered the credit rating of Russia itself ahead of Moody’s in this last week.


History of Russia’s credit rating by Moody’s, S & P and Fitch is here:


The site has not currently updated the S & P downgrade.


S & P after the downgrade is BBB- with a negative outlook.


S & P BBB- corresponds to Moody’s Baa3. Moody’s is still Baa1, 2 notches above the current S & P of BBB- equivalent to Baa3. Baa3 is worse than Baa1.

Russia has posted kompromat on Darrell Duffie of Stanford and Duffie is head of the MIS Committee of Moody’s which oversees the ratings unit of Moody’s. Moody’s also pushed down the Ukraine credit rating faster than S & P.

Putin has these files. A vote to confirm Stanley Fischer is a sign to Putin to move aggressively in Ukraine while he has this leverage.

Putin believes that Obama will blink. Putin thinks Obama is himself so personally tied up in this through the University of Chicago, Larry Summers and Stanley Fischer that Putin his the whip hand over Obama. Putin believes that if he invades Ukraine or pushes aggressively that Obama will do symbolic sanctions only.

If the Senate votes to confirm Stanley Fischer that may be all Putin needs to invade Ukraine.

The above is hypothesis and speculation. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.


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