Sanctions against Russian banks and the Stanley Fischer appointment

April 26, 2014

The US government is moving towards sanctions on Russian banks. However, Stanley Fischer is already involved in business conspiracies that involve banks and with Darrell Duffie of Stanford and through him with Moody’s on rating securities. By appointing Stanley Fischer vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve, this opens up avenues for those who suffer losses to sue the Federal Reserve and US government because of its involvement in these conspiracies.

RACHAEL BADE | 4/24/14 5:17 PM EDT
The U.S. may have discovered a new secret weapon against Russia.

A quiet round of what some call unofficial sanctions are about to be lobbed on Russian banks, sending them reeling as President Barack Obama and top lawmakers this week discuss another sanctions round.

The legal basis for imposing sanctions on Russian banks is that the US government has clean hands. If it is itself involved in multiple business conspiracies from the small to the large, then its legal basis to engage in sanctions can be challenged.

Sanctions rely on an equity theory to be valid. If those engaged in the sanctions lack clean hands, they can’t seek equity. The US government is further putting itself in this position by appointing Stanley Fischer as Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Equity doesn’t mean that big organizations get to harm little people and say it doesn’t matter. Harming little people is sufficient to take away clean hands from the US government. That invalidates its claims to seek equity from Russia for Russia’s actions in Ukraine, which are in turn actions against little people.

Nils Hakansson may be a little person, but the Stanley Fischer business conspiracy against him has been going since 1969. He has been denied the recognition he deserves. Further acts of fraud against 3rd parties are linked to this. These are small in many cases but are large in others.

Chechens blame the IMF for funding the genocide of 200,000 little Chechens. This was while Russia was putting pressure on Stanley Fischer over Hakansson. But they and their allies in the US and Europe also acted against new 3rd parties to put pressure on Fischer and others to get the IMF loans and other benefits.

Long Term Capital Management invested in Russian government bonds as if on inside information one of the books said. That info was that Russia had this info on Stanley Fischer. Robert C. Merton was part of LTCM and he was one of the authors in 1969 using the Hakansson work and he and Stanley Fischer were suitemates at MIT while Stanley Fischer copied the discrete time version of Hakansson and Merton turned that into the continuous time version but preserving the same analytic functions as solutions. In terms of solutions, the Robert C. Merton formulas are the same as the Fischer and in turn Hakansson solutions.

LTCM got a bailout arranged by the Federal Reserve. The Fed was itself involved in a business conspiracy against a 3rd party at the time. The Lin Chen 3 factor model was a paper at the Fed. It was also a Harvard Ph.D. thesis while Merton was a prof at Harvard. This is why Shiryaev of Russia cited it in his 1999 book, to keep the pressure up and show Russia knew of new current cases not just old ones. The combination of old business conspiracies against Hakansson and new ones against new 3rd parties kept the old ones fresh and magnified both by synergy.

Moody’s rates almost every traded security in the world. Darrell Duffie is a key player not just in an isolated act but in spreading culpability for misconduct to academic, government and financial institutions. This is a core part of how ratings and regulatory benefits are obtained for these institutions. They give money to the universities and hire their graduates at high salaries which fuels high tuition and donations.

By voting to confirm Stanley Fischer, the Senate joins in all the conspiracies he is part of and linked to. These are against little people but also the 200,000 Chechens, investors of all sizes and counter parties to derivative contracts unaware of these conspiracies. This gives the Federal Reserve dirty hands. It had them already, but magnifies it to a new level of extremeness. That in turn undermines the US claim to be doing equity for the little people in Ukraine while it is doing harm to the little people in the US and including investors all over the world.

The above is hypotheses and speculation. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.


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