Stanley Fischer Federal Reserve Litigation Issues

April 26, 2014

The appointment of Stanley Fischer to be Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve raises litigation issues. Stanley Fischer is already part of a business conspiracy against Nils Hakansson. The actions by Darrell Duffie and Stanford can be viewed as part of the same conspiracy through Karl Shell, Journal of Economic Theory, Cornell, Elseiver, American Economics Association, Econometric Society, and American Finance Association.

Fellows of the Econometric Society are a major part of the business conspiracy against Nils Hakansson and third parties. Stanley Fischer is one of those. Fischer got an award from the American Economic Association recently after his nomination. The leadership group involves someone who is part of the business conspiracy against a 3rd party.

The Federal Reserve itself has been part of a business conspiracy against a 3rd party and that is already linked to Stanley Fischer and the business conspiracy against Nils Hakansson.

The Lin Chen 3 factor model paper at the Federal Reserve was part of a business conspiracy against a 3rd party but also part of putting pressure on Stanley Fischer at the IMF in the 1990s to keep the loans going to Russia. That was cited in the 1999 Shiryaev book as an act in the conspiracy.

There have been further acts at the Federal Reserve against a 3rd party and that is ongoing.

These all link through Duffie to ratings by Moody’s. Investment banks have Ph.D.s and even part time profs as managers and employees who know of this and are part of it. They get ratings benefits from Moody’s and regulatory benefits from the Federal Reserve.

Janet Yellen and George Akerlof are already part of this, but Stanley Fischer is even more part of it with better and stronger evidence.

Can the Federal Reserve or US Treasury be sued by investors in bonds or mortgages or securities or derivatives rated by Moody’s? If so, this could be trillions of dollars in losses.

If interest rates rise on US Treasury bonds, can the Federal Reserve be sued for the drop in price? This can be trillions of dollars in losses.

Does the Fed become liable for losses to investors in Russia? So the Fed has to make good on losses to investors in Russian government bonds as well as other investments in Russia? Russia or oligarchs linked to it may have already analyzed the law on this.

Does Congress need to pass special legislation that the US government can’t be sued for these types of losses due to the appointment of Stanley Fischer? As well as the Janet Yellen and other appointments? [Note this is irony. Such a special bill would violate equal protection, due process and bill of attainder against the victims starting from Nils Hakansson if not earlier.]

Moody’s, Stanford, MIT and Stanley Fischer can be sued in London or another country. Their actions cause losses to investors in other countries and they can be sued there. Stanley Fischer is part of the business conspiracy before he reaches employment at the Federal Reserve. So he has no immunity either in the US or in other countries.

In addition, if the Senate votes to confirm Stanley Fischer after they already know of his involvement in these conspiracies that can be taken by courts as indicating the United States government assumed the liability for every conspiracy Stanley Fischer is involved in. Particularly, since it knew the conspiracies would continue and even increase with his appointment at the Fed.

For example, Federal Reserve Board employees afraid to cite Hakansson or a 3rd party in journal publications would feel even more that way after his appointment. That is used by Ph.D.s at investment banks to get ratings benefits from Moody’s or regulatory benefits from the Federal Reserve. Those are one unified conspiracy. Investors in the bonds or derivatives can then sue the Federal Reserve and Moody’s for their losses arising from this conspiracy. By confirming Stanley Fischer the Senate indicates it assumes this liability.

These losses can be in the trillions because Darrell Duffie of Stanford is chairman of the MIS Committee of Moody’s that in effect rates almost every security and through counterparty ratings every derivatives contract in the world. This can then easily lead to liability in the trillions of dollars.

Duffie joined the conspiracy against new 3rd parties to the conspiracy against Hakansson by using Stanley Fischer’s involvement against Hakansson as leverage over Karl Shell, Journal of Economic Theory, the Econometric Society, etc. Stanley Fischer knows this and has not acted to withdraw from the conspiracy against Nils Hakansson.

Fischer is part of the conspiracy against Hakansson by not admitting his plagiarism, by his book with Blanchard continuing to give credit to Samuelson for the multiperiod portfolio part, for his membership in the Econometric Society which is part of the conspiracy against Hakansson and a 3rd party, and for many awards to those involved including by Wall Street type associations.

Fischer in his thesis copied the second order conditions of Hakansson in the multiperiod investment decision. Samuelson didn’t do those second order conditions at all. Fischer knew this. In his book, Fischer gives credit just to Samuelson when he knows Samuelson never did the second order conditions. Fischer knows this well because Fischer went through the second order conditions in his thesis.

In 2003, Duffie was awarded the SunGard/IAFE Financial Engineer of the Year Award from the International Association of Financial Engineers.

This award was by those involved and their institutions. They get regulatory benefits from the Federal Reserve and they get ratings benefits from Moody’s.

The board members of the IAFE are involved in both the academic conspiracies, in concealing information about them, in subjecting current Federal Reserve Board members to fear not to cite the victims, and in getting regulatory benefits from the Fed and ratings benefits from Moody’s.

If Federal Reserve Board employees are afraid to cite a person in their submissions to these journals, which are a major factor in their promotion at the Fed, then they are equally subjected to fear by the financial institutions that are linked to the same professors and journals subjecting the Fed employees to fear on their citations. This is admissible in court to prove that these financial institutions subjected the Federal Reserve employees who regulate them to fear. Fear is unitary. If a Federal Reserve employee is afraid of these journals, profs, universities and investment banks they are linked to then they are afraid on a unitary basis. So the fear covers not just citations in journals but also regulatory actions over these institutions.

Federal Reserve employee promotions are linked to publications and citations in outside journals. Fed employees maintain webpages the same as university professors with their papers on them. They have extensive interaction through the American Economics Association, American Finance Association and Econometric Society meetings.

Moreover, there have been acts there in furtherance of these conspiracies witnessed by Federal Reserve employees. The fear they are subjected to has delayed, impeded or obstructed their coming forward as witnesses to the FBI and DOJ over these conspiracies. This includes Russia and China’s use of them.

The above is hypotheses or speculation. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.


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