Comparison of sports owner alleged comments and Stanley Fischer actions

April 27, 2014

NBA owner Donald Sterling made comments widely condemned.

Obama called the remarks “incredibly offensive”.

How much more offensive is Stanley Fischer and the major institutions of society, government and private, subjecting Nils Hakansson and his family to a business conspiracy since 1969? Multiple persons victimized Nils Hakansson, most of them linked to MIT at the time and since then to the major institutions of society. This includes already US Treasury (Larry Summers) Federal Reserve (multiple profs such as Bernanke and Janet Yellen), IMF, Citigroup, MIT, Harvard, Stanford, SIEPR, Nobel Prize, Econometric Society, CFR, etc.

This has gone on for decades. Those engaged in the misconduct and the witnesses have been rewarded and promoted. Those who subjected Hakansson and other witnesses and victims to fear are rewarded and promoted. That includes being rewarded and promoted by the US government on multiple occasions.

Many of these business conspiracies have an ethnic, religious or racial dimension to them, although the victims tend to be White Christians such as Nils Hakansson. But that doesn’t make it right, not even unto PC laws as they exist now.

The above is draft and preliminary. Please restate as questions. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.


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