It is because Stanley Fischer’s actions are so offensive that Russia has leverage

April 27, 2014

Stanley Fischer’s actions are far worse and more intentional and deliberate over time than those of the NBA Clippers owner, Donald Sterling. Based on that one comment, Obama condemned Sterling.

How much worse and thus more leverage does Russia have over Stanley Fischer and Obama and the US government for Stanley Fischer’s actions? Particularly, since others have knowingly joined in them to their benefit under both the US government and private institutions.

Stanley Fischer has engaged in a long term business conspiracy to deny credit to Nils Hakansson. This included getting his Ph.D. student Ben Bernanke to cite the Paul Samuelson 1969 paper instead of Hakansson in Bernanke’s Ph.D. thesis supervised by Stanley Fischer. Fischer did the same in his book with Olivier Blanchard. Blanchard is now at IMF as Chief Economist.

A recent photo of Summers Fischer Blanchard Bernanke all together.…6632.7830.0.8004.….0…1c.1.42.img..

The conference concluding session featured (l-r) Larry Summers, Ken Rogoff, Stanley Fischer, Ben Bernanke and Olivier Blanchard (IMF photo)

IMF Brings Together Top Economic Thinkers to Debate Crises
By M. Ayhan Kose and Rafael Portillo, IMF Research Department

November 20, 2013

Larry Summers, Stanley Fischer, Ben Bernanke and Olivier Blanchard are all linked and their institutions have been engaged in a business conspiracy against Hakansson and others. [We are neutral on Rogoff in this article and Blanchard’s role is more limited than the others.]

Their actions are far more offensive than the NBA owner’s one off comments, if made by him. Obama has appointed and promoted some of them and after their misconduct has been posted and brought to the attention of the government. So Russia has far more leverage over Obama than if they secretly had this tape of the sports owner prior to its release.

This is the type of leverage that lets Russia take Crimea as it already has. It also lets it disrupt Eastern Ukraine as it already has. These have not produced meaningful sanctions.

Moreover, Russia has leverage on Moody’s and Ukraine’s credit rating fell more and earlier than from other ratings agencies, and S & P has lowered Russia’s credit rating earlier and more than Moody’s.

The above is hypotheses and speculation. Please restate as questions. This is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.


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