Stanley Fischer appointment violates due process of law to Nils Hakansson and others

April 27, 2014

The appoint of Stanley Fischer to Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve while he is currently engaged in a business conspiracy against Nils Hakansson and others violates due process of law and equal protection of law to Nils Hakansson and other victims.

Stanley Fischer is engaged in a buiness conspiracy to deny Hakansson credit for multiperiod portfolio analysis as well as to others. The Federal Reserve has been told this and presumably it was passed onto the Senate. The confirmation of Fischer while he is still engaged in the business conspiracy is a denial of due process of law and equal protection to those victims.

It is clear that Fischer intends to continue the conspiracy since he has not revised his book, made a public statement, given back his Ph.D. to MIT or surrendered his US citizenship based on that fraudulent Ph.D. Nor has he asked other institutions and individuals to likewise make public restitution to Hakansson and the other victims.

The class of victims includes not just academics, but business people, their employees, family members, investors, Chechens, Ukrainians, and others. The total damages are in the trillions of dollars.

Federal Reserve employees have a duty to bring additional facts they know related to this to the attention of their managers, the lawyers at the Federal Reserve, the FBI, DOJ and the Senate.

Negligence by Federal Reserve or other employees of the government in forwarding information to the Senate or the disregard by the Senate of equal protection and due process of law, or by the agencies themselves, does not excuse the liability that has accrued or will accrue under Stanley Fischer. Moreover, Fischer’s actions reinforce and supplement and preceded in many cases acts of federal employees in furtherance of these conspiracies under the supervision of profs at high level positions or by subjecting the federal employees to fear by academic institutions, journals, societies and others who influence and in fact control hiring and promotion of Ph.D. employees of the government.

The above are draft and preliminary. These are hypotheses and speculation. Comments and corrections welcome. All other disclaimers apply.


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