Stanley Fischer where is the conspiracy with Stanford Darrell Duffie and Moodys?

April 28, 2014

Is there a conspiracy between Stanley Fischer and Darrell Duffie of Stanford? Does that connect or reflect a conspiracy among their institutions? The institutions include MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Cornell, University of Chicago, Elsevier Science, the Econometric Society and so on.

Where is the conspiracy Kenneth?

The first conspiracy, the conspiracy against Nils Hakansson starts sometime before 1969 and continues to the present. That conspiracy involves Stanley Fischer and others involved. That might include everyone involved before and after in keeping Nils Hakansson from getting credit. It includes Janet Yellen as a critical person in keeping Nils Hakansson in a state of fear at Berkeley to come forward during all these events including the IMF loans to Russia in the 1990s.

Russia was getting IMF loans in the 1990s from Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers. Summers was the nephew of Paul Samuelson who was part of the ongoing conspiracy against Nils Hakansson. Russia knew of this conspiracy and used it as leverage to get IMF loans. They likely used Andree Shleifer as a go between with Summers. We know that the Steklov Institute in Moscow gave a math Ph.D. in 2003 to Harvard J.D. Jonathan Hay during US v Harvard from 1997 to 2005. This would be an indication that the Russians wanted to signal to Shleifer and Summers that they too had a Snowden’s run escape route ready for them too. Putin offered to get a job for Stanley Fischer while Fischer was at the IMF, so that would have been Stanley Fischer’s Snowden Run in 2001. Instead Fischer went to Israel as his run. But then he came back. Possibly, someone told him to.

At ASSA meetings Shleifer was given support and many chances to speak on the schedule to signal that the establishment of econ was backing Shleifer, and also Summers and Fischer. The MIT 1969 group was also given prominent positions at the ASSA meetings during US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay. This includes at the January 2005 ASSA meeting in Philadelphia. The MIT group was being backed by the econ establishment during US v Harvard which was pending up to August 2005. This was even more critical in January 2005 because of an adverse ruling in 2004. Some people mistakenly think that adverse ruling was the end of the case, but it was not.

So we see that the academic side is intertwined with the legal case US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay from 1997 to 2005. This also covers part of the period of the IMF loans to Russia. Conspiracy to obstruct justice, witness bribery, etc. are the basic stuff of legal cases of conspiracy in the courts on a routine basis. We see that in this case.

Long Term Capital Management traded Russian government bonds in the 1990s as if on inside information one book said. Robert C. Merton was part of it and he was a suitemate of Stanley Fischer in the 1960s when Fischer copied the discrete time version of Hakansson in Fischer’s thesis and Merton did the continuous time limit as the time interval shrinks to zero. The same functional forms come through in the continuous time limit. The Ph.D.s at LTCM knew this and they were the traders.

DE Shaw also a firm with Ph.D.s did the same trading in Russian government bonds. They lost money too. LTCM needed a bailout arranged by the fed by the major investment banks. They also had Ph.D.s and profs who knew this.

DE Shaw then later hired Summers at 5 million a year for one day a week of “consulting”. Summers contribution was ridiculed by the employees at DE Shaw as useless. But this gave Summers a legal defense fund, a stay at home version of Snowden’s run for the powerful and connected.

Summers was then appointed by Obama in 2009. Obama was from University of Chicago as an employee and his wife was paid over 300k a year by University of Chicago. University of Chicago was involved in both physics and econ plagiarism kompromat cover ups. It conspired with other universities to withhold info on the Fock letter about Corson in 1947 in the later FBI investigation of Corson for atomic spying. They also had communist issues with the Cowles Commission and Econometric Society starting in the 1940s. Many of their fellows got positions at RAND that required security clearances. University of Chicago and the Econometric Society concealed info from the FBI about plagiarism kompromat, communist tendencies, etc. Paul Samuelson was a member and part of that.

Stanley Fischer was nominated to be Vice Chairman of the Fed in 2013/2014. He is involved in all these issues since 1969. He has been a major participant and was openly offered a job in Moscow by Putin while still at the IMF. Hay then received a Ph.D. in math from Steklov in Moscow while US v Harvard, Shelfier and Hay was pending.

Darrell Duffie repeated the same events of 1969 with the Ph.D. thesis of Jun Liu at Stanford in 2000. That copied an improvement to the work of Hakansson and Merton’s continuous time version that had been given to Karl Shell. Shell had the Hakansson paper at MIT in 1966 from public records. So Duffie duplicated that.

Follow on conspiracies were done against the same victim of Duffie starting approximately in 1990. This involved multiple universities and journals and the Econometric Society and so on.

Duffie is head of the Moody’s MIS committee which rates the bonds of the US government, Russia and Ukraine as well as mortgages, derivatives, and securities underwritten and traded by the same investment banks. Moody’s has lowered the credit rating of Ukraine more and ahead of S & P and Fitch. Moody’s has trailed S & P in the last few weeks in lowering the rating on Russia’s bonds.

The investment bank partners of the universities are aware of this record and can get ratings benefits for bonds and securities and mortgages their banks trade that Moody’s gives ratings to.

Russia posted the kompromat document on Duffie in December 2005. This was after the January 2005 meeting in which the econ establishment backed Shleifer, Summers, and the MIT diaspora. That was while US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay was pending. That settled in August 2005. Duffie joined Moody’s a few years later.

The academic, Wall Street, government employment events and timelines are intertwined. One can keep doing the above for other legal cases, e.g. involving antitrust, as well as the bailouts of 2008 and subsequent years under Ben Bernanke whose thesis was chaired by Stanley Fischer and where Bernanke cited Samuelson but not Hakansson or even Fischer. So Bernanke knew about this the whole time he was on the Fed. His bailouts were done while Wall Street knew of Fischer’s legal liability. Summers was also in government and part of the bailouts in 2009.

So the conspiracy is everywhere. The same people are intertwined with the universities backing them up and concealing info from the FBI in background checks. When Fischer left Israel, MIT made him an emeritus professor, which is his status today.

The above is draft and preliminary. Restate as questions. Comments and corrections welcome. These are hypotheses and speculation. All other disclaimers apply.


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