Moody’s targets Independence for Scotland while under pressure from US, UK

May 5, 2014

Moody’s has threatened Scotland with a downgrade by 2 levels of its credit rating if it become independent. S & P has not made such a threat.

Moody’s has warned that an independent Scotland would have a lower credit rating than the UK after suggering a double downgrade.

Moody’s said a vote in favour of independence Scotland would likely mean the country would be given an investment-grade A rating – below the UK’s current Aa1. The ratings agency also warned that banks and insurers that have their headquarters in Scotland, such as Lloyds Banking Group, Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Life, were likely to move out of an independent Scotland.

Moody’s added that Scotland could improve its rating over time, while an independence vote could improve the credit rating for the rest of the UK.

It said: ‘While there are significant uncertainties associated with Scottish arrangements post-independence, an ‘A’ rating is perhaps the most likely at the outset, but with risks tilted to the downside.

In a massive blow to the credibility of the No Campaign’s scaremongering, the credit rating agency Standard & Poor’s released a report yesterday, clearly stating that an independent Scotland would be an investment grade economy.

The FBI and MI5 and the politicians in Senate Banking Committee and the Conservative Party in the UK are aware that Russia has posted kompromat on Darrell Duffie of Stanford, the head of the MIS Committee of Moody’s. Duffie plagiarized a 3rd party who improved the work of Hakansson Merton on multiperiod portfolio analysis. That was in succession to the plagiarism by Stanley Fischer and Paul Samuelson of Hakansson with Merton working in the same office as Stanley Fischer doing the continuous time version of Hakansson and getting the same results, and similar formulas.

Obama has become a co-conspirator to the coverup of Russia using academic kompromat to get IMF loans in the 1990s from Stanley Fischer and Larry Summers, nephew of Paul Samuelson. The Duffie plagiarism is a continuation of this.

Russia has posted kompromat online proving Duffie’s role in the second round of plagiarism. (3rd round if you count a first round in the 1950s for the start of portfolio theory, although this requires further investigation.)

Stanford and Moody’s can be sued by investors in securities claiming misratings. Investment banks are aware of this history and get ratings benefits from Moody’s.

Moody’s has resisted following S & P in downgrading Russia and has led S & P in downgrading Ukraine.

Thus Moody’s, under pressure from the US and UK, has downgraded an independent Scotland to try to fix the vote on Scottish Independence in September 2014. Polls are close with some showing it neck and neck between independence, Yes, and dependence, No.

The Conservative Party in the UK is organizing the opposition to Scottish Independence. This includes scare threats similar to by Moody’s.

There may be a corrupt bargain. Cameron knows and has evidence to use against Obama, Stanley Fischer, Larry Summers and Moody’s in regards to Russia’s use of plagiarism kompromat in the 1990s and currently. The UK may also have given a partial warning on the Boston Bombing based on their combining this information and Berezovsky’s links to Chechens. In exchange for silence on this, the US puts pressure on Moody’s to double downgrade Scotland ahead of the Independence vote.

This is a corrupt bargain. It denies a fair vote to Scotland.

The above is a sketch of the issues. Details supporting this are scattered over several websites, as well as material submitted to Stanford (Kenneth Singleton, John Shoven), MIT (Franklin Fisher) and Cornell (Karl Shell) universities among others. In addition this material was forwarded to the Federal Reserve to be used by the Senate Banking Committee in the confirmation process of Stanley Fischer as Fed Vice Chairman.

Introduction to Russia’s Plagiarism Files.

Thomas C. Reed former Secretary of the US Air Force and a nuclear weapons designer linked to this blog on Russia and China using plagiarism kompromat to get atomic know how.

A valuable place to get started is to read small snips of Russia’s comments on plagiarism by profs.

Most of the material on Darrell Duffie, Stanford and Moody’s is at another blog.

Darrell Duffie Moody’s

A request has been made to Stanford to investigate Duffie’s actions including Russia posting kompromat on him and their benefits from Moody’s.

Moody’s has pushed down the credit rating of Ukraine before and more than S & P and Fitch. This is studied here:

The universities were requested to forward info to the Senate Banking Committee, Federal Reserve, FBI, and the Securities Exchange Commission. This was forwarded to the Federal Reserve to forward to the Senate Banking Committee. In addition short summaries were provided directly to the Senate Banking Committee including to Senator Chuck Schumer.

These were provided for the purpose of fighting Russia, not Scotland.

An atomic spy ring appears to have operated at University of Edinburgh in the 1940s. Max Born appears to have operated a spy ring there. Klaus Fuchs appears to have taught several Chinese scientists the details of the atomic bomb while they were assistants to Max Born at U Edinburgh or still in UK.

Max Born and his wife were both very left wing as indicated by his son Gustav Born’s essay on them which is linked at the above link.

The above is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. Please restate as questions. These are hypotheses and speculation. All other disclaimers apply.


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