Russia’s 2012 to 2014 plan to take Ukraine

May 27, 2014

Possible actions to set up before 2013 in various countries.

Russia posts kompromat relating to Stanford professor Darrell Duffie in 2005.

Death of Aaron Swartz helped Russia by avoiding a trial over JSTOR which can be used to prove plagiarism by Stanley Fischer and then to show Russia used as kompromat.

A request is made to MIT to investigate Stanley Fischer plagiarism, Russia’s use of it and whether that factored into the death of Aaron Swartz.

A week after this, Stanley Fischer resigns suddenly as central banker of Israel.

Information is posted on social media on Russia’s efforts including the role of Anatoly Chubais, and on the above.

Death of Berezovsky when he was supposed to fly to Israel. Berezovsky could undermine Russia’s plan to use this kompromat on Obama.

Boston bombing by Tsarnaev brothers using multiple sophisticated bombs of different designs. Thought by FBI to indicate others made them.

Late April 2013 Putin brings up Anatoly Chubais after Boston bombing and says he was advised by CIA.

Russia exposed CIA chief in Moscow as well as CIA agent. Michael McFaul of Stanford is ambassador to Moscow.

Snowden flies to Hong Kong under cover of this distraction.

Snowden show takes place.

Fall Larry Summers possible Fed chairman candidate.

Janet Yellen instead.

Late 2013, Stanley Fischer proposed for Fed Vice Chairman.

Obama is helping act as accessory to obstruction of justice in US v Harvard, Shleifer and Hay, as well as other crimes.

Russia has leverage over Obama.

Russia invades Crimea while Stanley Fischer nomination pending.

Stanford SIEPR gives 100k to Stanley Fischer in award. Sergei Guriev former Rector New Economic School Moscow is guest and speaker.

Senate approves Stanley Fischer.

Russia continues to stir the pot in Ukraine.


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