Death of Pierre Wauthier, Zurich Insurance, Josef Ackermann Renova Group

June 3, 2014

Death of Pierre Wauthier, Zurich Insurance, Josef Ackermann Renova Group

Following is speculation or hypotheses. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.

I was employed at Zurich Insurance Group in 1997, 1998 in Zurich Switzerland. I knew Pierre Wauthier the former CFO of Zurich Insurance who committed suicide. I believe it is possible that the Russian government through Josef Ackermann gathered information about me at ZIG in 2012 and 2013. Ackermann now works for the Russian company Renova Group which is managed by Russian oligarch Viktor Vekselberg and whose vice chairman Alexander S. Zyurikov runs the Russian private security company Mangust, aka Mongoose aka Mongoose TOO aka Mongoose OOO. There are Mangust private security companies in Ufa Russia, Kiev, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Whether these are the same I don’t know.

I have been posting information on the Internet since 2006 about Russia’s use of plagiarism as kompromat against academic profs. Ackermann is linked to same of the same people or institutions including Anatoly Chubais and the New Economic School Moscow. My work has been cited by a former Secretary of the US Air Force in a book on nuclear spying by China.

Up to 2012, I was posting anonymously up to the fall. (Russia likely knew almost from the start who was doing it but by 2012 they definitely did.) Starting in 2013, I posted more intensively with my own name and revealed I had asked for investigations from MIT, British police and the FBI. This was prior to Wauthier’s death.

I believe that if Ackermann had asked Wauthier questions about me prior to this, he became fearful that Wauthier would look at my social media threads in my own name and see I was talking about the same people, Anatoly Chubais, and institutions, New Economic School Moscow, as were already linked to Ackermann on the Internet.

Wauthier could then put together that Ackermann was asking about me to give information to Russia. Since then Ackermann has in fact joined this Renova Group run by Russia. It is likely that Renova Group is fronting money for Putin. Thus if Wauthier revealed information about Ackermann, then that could lead to Ackermann revealing information about this group of people and possibly result to an exposure of Putin’s money connection to Renova Group which could then be subject to litigation by many parties around the world in multiple jurisdictions.

Wauthier was not a Swiss citizen, nor his wife and so Zurich Insurance Group likely had a copy of the key of his house. Russia or Renova Group or Mongoose may have made a copy and used that to plant electronic listening devices, tapped their phones, bugged Wauthier’s computer and then used that information to write the “suicide” notes which as far as the public knows are typewritten and unsigned.

His widow rejects that it was suicide and talked to him 4 hours before his death. She also said a cousin visited him as well with no outward signs of a problem.

The information I posted on the Internet related to information of how Russian oligarchs obtained their wealth through loan for shares. It revealed information that they may have used academic kompromat on Stanley Fischer in the 1990s to get IMF loans for Russia which were then converted in loans for shares to the benefit of the oligarchs who were involved. Vekselberg has a Ph.D. in math from a Russian university and he became wealthy in the 1990s. He thus may have been involved in this then and is helping to protect himself by hiring Ackermann after the death of Wauthier.

When I was at Zurich Insurance in 1998, Markus Rohrbasser was CFO and resigned for insider trading and was prosecuted in Switzerland. The day of his resignation announcement I was summoned to a meeting with the Chairman Rolf Hueppi, Rohrbasser and others and told that ZIG was setting up Rorhbasser in a company to receive funding from Zurich as part of his termination, as well as other things. I objected to this and was fired within 2 months. Russia might not know the details and hope that somehow I could be linked to some type of misconduct by Zurich Insurance in the prosecution of Rohrbasser.

Russia knew some of this from ETH professor Freddy Delbaen and Stanford professor Darrell Duffie. There are reasons to think both have a relationship of some kind with Russia and may have assisted Russia in the 1990s and since then. Delbaen may also have been consulted in the fact finding by Russia to determine whether to cause the death of Wauthier if that happened.

Josef Ackermann as chairman of ZIG could have questioned Wauthier about me, about Rohrbasser, about the group of people, about the Rohrbasser prosecution, etc. Wauthier was a lawyer and so would be of great benefit to provide some legal insight into how these could be viewed. As his boss, Ackermann could ask freely about such matters. Wauthier was one of the few people from that time who was left to answer such questions, but there may be others or others now in other companies. However, they might not be able to testify directly of Ackermann’s interest and thus place him at direct investigation risk as Wauthier could

Sergei Guriev around April 30, 2013 claimed to leave Russia out of fear. He however from his resume was likely involved in these matters for Russia. It is possible that he did an analyst report in the summer of 2013 on the risk Wauthier presented and of an investigation or litigation related to information Wauthier might provide and then that I might provide. That assessment would then have gone back to Moscow possibly with input from Vekselberg and Alexander S. Zyurikov.

Guriev went to Stanford in March for the SIEPR Economic Summit that gave an award of 100,000 dollars to Stanley Fischer. Professor Darrell Duffie of Stanford was there. He also visited Zurich in 1997 and interacted with Delbaen. I by chance met him at the time. A professor Shiryaev of Moscow State University also visited Zurich in 1997 to 1999. He appears to help Russia analyze academic kompromat and was part of putting pressure on Stanley Fischer to get IMF loans.

Prior to Stanford SIEPR Economic Summit, the agenda of the summit created a signal pointing to webpages by me discussing Duffie’s possible role in this. This may have been intended as a type of internet suicide note so that if Duffie was found dead, people could say this was the reason. I noticed this prior to the Summit and contacted Stanford as well as US government investigators.

Another Stanford professor committed suicide in fall 2013 after information about him became public. Thus Duffie was set up. At the time I didn’t know that and was more concerned about a real suicide than a faked one. However, after studying more about Guriev and Ackermann joining Renova Group and their associated private security company Mangust it now seems plausible they were setting up Duffie for a fake suicide to eliminate him as a witness against ETH Professor Delbaen. Delbaen would lead further to Shiryaev and possibly Ackermann or Guriev.

Individual A refers to me.

Approximate Sequence.

Russia uses plagiarism where Individual A is a victim of said plagiarism to help pressure profs.

Individual A figures this out and researches history and finds other cases where Russia has done this.

Individual A publishes this anonymously on Internet. Russia likely knows who Individual A is.

Former US Sec of Air Force Thomas C. Reed cites Individual A’s webpages on this in book Nuclear Express and at Physics Today.

Russia knows Individual A worked for Zurich Insurance Group and that he was part of a team with CFO Rohrbasser. They know this from Delbaen and Duffie.

Russia knows Rohrbasser resigned for insider trading and was prosecuted in Switzerland.

Russia knows Zurich gave Rohrbasser a special deal when he left to get ten million dollars a year for a new company and other help.

Russia wants to know if this was obstruction of justice and if somehow Individual A was involved. In any case, they can spin it as if it was by learning the facts and then selective recounting.

Russia arranges to have appointed as chairman of ZIG there its own man whose links to them are on the Internet.

He asks the new CFO about Individual A. The new CFO knew Individual A and was part of the Rohrbasser team.

After this, Individual A starts posting on Internet in his own name that he has asked British police and US investigators to investigate Russia blackmailing profs to get IMF loans.

Russia realizes that the new CFO only has to search on Individual A’s name and the Russian associations of the new chairman to put together the new chairman was getting info on Individual A for Russia.

Russia then arranges for the new CFO to die and makes it look like suicide.

The chairman Josef Ackermann realizes that Russia decided to and did kill Wauthier, panics and resigns from Zurich Insurance and from Siemens.

A few months later he joins Renova Group which is run by a Russian oligarch in Switzerland. So does an executive from Siemens.

Most likely, the Renova group money is fronting Putin’s own fortune in Switzerland.

Putin had to eliminate the new CFO, Wauthier, to protect his own money in Switzerland.

So Putin has to order the killing of Wauthier to protect his own money.

Putin also liked that Vekselberg and Ackermann would be implicated in the death. If Vekselberg gets ideas of staying in Switzerland and keeping Putin’s money, this makes that much harder.


Obama took payments from U Chicago and later covered up for University of Chicago and people involved. that is ongoing. If University of Chicago is considered a co-conspirator with those involved in the death of Wauthier, then Obama can be charged as an accessory. Putin knows this.

Russia will not deport Putin to Switzerland, but the US might have to deport Obama. This gives Putin leverage over Obama. Obama is a lawyer and knows this.

Note that for Obama and Putin it is not a policy issue, but involves their own personal money. Putin’s money held by Vekselberg and Obama paid money by University of Chicago which was involved in the conspiracy from before he was hired to the present and ongoing.

Above is speculation or hypotheses. Please restate as questions. Comments and corrections welcome. This is draft and preliminary. All other disclaimers apply.


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