Issues in Switzerland investigation of death of Pierre Wauthier

July 13, 2014

In 1997, Stanford Professor Darrell Duffie visited the ETH in Zurich and gave a talk there. Freddy Delbaen presumably arranged the visit. Albert Shiryaev visited sometime in the period 1997 to 1999 and later.

This was the starting year of Project 97-03 of the Lyapunov Institute a joint venture of INRIA France and Russian institutes, going by memory Moscow State University and Steklov Institute.

Stanley Fischer was the Deputy Managing Director of the IMF and Larry Summers moving through the ranks at US Treasury, but always in effect in charge of US loans to Russia and the relationship to the IMF. These loans required additional funding from the US Congress. Fischer and Summers conspired to conceal from Congress that Russia had information on the plagiarism by Stanley Fischer and Paul Samuelson, uncle of Larry Summers.

Duffie and Delbaen seem likely to have helped Shiryaev on his 1999 book on Math Finance that was part of the Project 97-03.

Duffie had visited El Karoui in Paris prior to this. Agnes Sulem in Paris was part of the Project 97-03. She may have been co-director with Albert Shiryaev?

Duffie and Delbaen may have helped with parts of the Shiryaev book. This book showed exceptional knowledge of the intricacies of math finance and would have suggested to Summers and Fischer, Russia’s complete awareness of the rivalries and other acts of plagiarism in the 1990s which further implicated the same universities, including University of Chicago where Obama was then an employee. That became important later.

Duffie and Delbaen may have acted in furtherance of these conspiracies.

The IMF loans were used to fund the Second Chechen War in the view of the Chechens. They consider this a genocide. If this is correct in a legal sense, then all those involved can be investigated as co-conspirators in genocide.

This would apply later to Josef Ackermann, Viktor Vekselberg, Renova Group, Alexander Zyurkov, Mongoose Private Security aka Mangust and other names. It might include Zurich Insurance Group and Stanford University along with University of Chicago, MIT and Harvard. If Obama acted in conspiracy with these to cover up any aspect of this, then he may be a co-conspirator.

Mangust Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan may be involved in the Boston Bombing to prime Islamic front groups that interacted with the Tsarnaev family and/or the other “students” and persons involved.

Josef Ackermann also has a close relationship with Merkel. Merkel was active in East Germany before the fall of Communism there. So was Putin.

Ackermann has a Finnish wife and he may have been recruited by Russia as early as the 1970s. He is obviously working for Renova Group now. If Renova Group is fronting for Putin’s personal money, then he is looking after that. This is a close relationship.

The Swiss authorities may wish to contact the US, UK, French, and Germans. In addition, Shiryaev has been at conferences around Europe. Austria, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, and Sweden in particular may have useful information.

Sergei Guriev, Darrell Duffie, those linked to the Stanley Fischer thesis and other cases are all useful witnesses to contact.

Whether Moody’s has given better ratings to Russia than S & P and worse to Ukraine is also a subject of investigation.

The 3 “suicides”, Aaron Swartz, Boris Berezovsky, Pierre Wauthier may have been part of Russia’s preparation for 2014 and the invasion of Ukraine. So could the Boston Bombing. The resignation of Stanley Fischer and his subsequent elevation to the Fed also seems to be part of this sequence. This would seem to imply Stanley Fischer is working for Russia. It is always possible there was a deal between Israel and Russia on this.

Israel is likely aware of all this and deeply implicated. The Swiss can ask them for help as well as the Federal Reserve and IMF.

Paul Wolfowitz may have known some info on events prior to his father Jacob Wolfowitz’s death including the Stanley Fischer plagiarism and Russia’s use of it. Jacob W was active in operations research and may have learned of it and passed it on. Also of precursor incidents, possibly including Markowtiz thesis at University of Chicago in 1955 and possible failure to disclose by University of Chicago in a security check for Markowitz employment at RAND.

Kenneth Arrow should be interviewed before he dies. It is a miracle he is still around for this. A miracle that Eric Holder may be pressuring the FBI leadership to ignore. There are also Russian profs in the US and UK who can be interviewed including Eugene Dynkin at Cornell. The Russian profs at Uni Manchester and the Berezovsky Number profs in US and UK are also important.

The above is draft and preliminary. Comments and corrections welcome. This is speculation and hypotheses. Please restate as questions. All other disclaimers apply.


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